Yolo County California bans ecigarettes in public places. Yet another ecig ban from politicians easily persueded by baseless headlines. The law is expected to be implemented in the next 30 days. After that, you will not be able to vape in workplaces, enclosed public spaces, county buildings and county vehicles. The Yolo County Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 in favor of the measure.

The lone hold-out on the board was Matt Rexroad. Although Rexroad has never smoked in his life, he is aware of personal stories of people who quit smoking with ecigs. Rexroad attempted to make his point to his colleagues prior to the vote but was unsuccessful. The other board members had already been convinced of the evils of vaping by a long list of ecigarette myths and outright falsehoods.

The Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency actually drafted the legislation. The cited the same tired and rehearsed lines. They told about studies that indicated toxins in ecig vapor. Although most of these studies have been discredited they reported them as though they were factually correct. The fact that this myth still has legs in spite of the massive electronic cigarettes study conducted by Public Health England that porves otherwise shows the continued ignorance of health officials to recognize the true value of ecigs and vaping.

The Yolo county Health and Human Services department has been at the forefront of the countywide vape ban.

Health and county officials also dutifully repeated the story that ecigs turn teens into smokers. In a widespread news story that has been published in thousands of papers and blogs from across the country, it was stated that ecigs lead to teen smoking. This conclusion was based on a survey of 728 young people between the ages of 16 and 26 years old. That’s right, many of the people involved in this survey were not even teens. This did now slow down the scary headline writers one bit. Facts seldom do.

Of those 728 young people, 11 of them tried an ecig before trying a cigarettes. Of those 11, six became regular smokers. Based on this data researchers concluded that ecigs lead to smoking. How they get away with such a dubious claim about the risks of teen ecig use is a quastion that you need to take up with the mainstream media. It is a very safe bet that not one member who voted for this ecig ban has any idea about any of the specifics of the study. They are simply swallowing the conclusion that they are being spoon fed by special interests.

Health officials figure that if they rig a study to justify their scare tactic that ecigs lead to smoking, they can successfully lobby for more oppressive government regulation. While their ethics leave a lot to be desired they cannot be faulted for their tactics. They obviously found a winning recipe and they are not concerned at all with facts or risking the lives of smokers to suit their own agenda.

Yolo County California Bans eCigarettes

The county of Yolo in Northern California has banned e-cigarettes in what may be an attempt to distance themselves from the acronym.

In the vaping community, we have come to expect reactionary legislators to quickly accede to the wishes of the establishment. This is what has happened to vaping in Yolo County. Special intersts rattle their sabre, scare some people, and suddenly an irrational law is passed.

There is an effect here. What this does is basically send the message to smokers that ecigs are just as bad as smoking. This is what certin people want you to think and it is dangerous.

The consenquence of this is giving permission to smokers to not bother exploring ecigs as an alternative to smoking because its the same thing as smoking anyways. This is a terrible, irresponsible and dangerous message.

When Yolo County, California bans ecigarettes, what they are actually doing is giving smokers permission to keep smoking cigarettes because the message is that ecigs are the same thing. In the history of mankind there has never, ever been a greater false equivalence than associating smoking with vaping. Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. It is estimated by experts around the world that vaping has the potential to save millions of lives.

What happens in Yolo County California to those fighting for their right to vape proves they know they'll only live once.

The reality is this, 450,000 people die every year because of smoking. This is a serious probelm and turning our backs on the lives of smokers or devaluaing their lives because they smoke is insidious. Smokers need help. Smokers need a safer alternative and alientating vaping as an equal vice literally puts lives in danger.

Yolo is something people say as short for ‘you only live once’. It is said to encourage people to sieze a moment, make the most of their life. The spirit of the term yolo is ironically about as far as you can get from what is happening in Yolo County. When Yolo County California bans ecigarettes, they are putting a stigma on a technological innovation that has helped 4 million Americans put down their cigarettes once and for all.