Are Vapes Cheaper Than Cigarettes?

Vapes can be more cost-effective than cigarettes for Canadians, especially considering the rising costs of traditional smoking. The question, “Are vapes cheaper than cigarettes,” is common and layered, involving various factors such as the excise tax, average price fluctuations, and individual smoking and vaping habits. This article will delve into the nuanced financial landscape of smoking and vaping, exploring the costs associated with disposable vapes, vape pens, and e-liquids and aiming to thoroughly analyze whether vaping truly offers a cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes in Canada.
The Cost of Smoking …

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All You Need to Know About Vaping

Vaping is widely known as a healthy alternative to smoking. It allows the user to intake nicotine without the risk of dealing with harmful tobacco. It is the process of inhaling vapor and producing puff through an electronic cigarette; vape juice is added to the vaping device, it heats the liquid, and that’s where the vapor forms. We suggest only getting vaping devices from the best online vape store Canada. They come in forms such as e-cigarettes and disposable vape pens.
It is less harmful than smoking
Vaping first became popular as a safe way for smokers to start quitting.
It has nicotine so it can still be addictive, but…

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Vape Liquids Guide For Beginners

To help you choose the best vape juice for your e-cigarette, read on through this post.
Before making any vape liquid purchase, please be reminded that under TPD (Tobacco Products Derivative) law, e-liquid products containing nicotine must not exceed 10ml in content for every bottle. 
4 Main Types of Vape Liquids

Regular 10mls: As its name suggests regular 10mls are vape liquids in 10ml bottles. This type of e-liquid often goes by the name TPD 10mls. 

TPD 10mls is vape juice combined with liquid nicotine. 

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Vape Kits Guide For Beginners

What is the Purpose of a Vape Device?
A vape device or also called an e-cigarette is essentially a device you use to inhale the vapor from your vape liquid. A vape device is also called a vaporizer; it is like a battery-powered mini kettle that boils the liquid and creates vapor upon a push of a button.
The Main Parts of a Vape Device
Here are a number of things you need to know first before purchasing your first vape device. 
1. Vape Liquid Tank or Cartridge
A vape tank or cartridge is the part that holds the vape liquid. …

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Vaping Guide For Beginners

Interested in vaping? Here are a few things you need to know first before getting into it. 
What is Vaping?
Vaping refers to the process of inhaling the vapor created by a vape device or also commonly known as an electronic cigarette. 
In order to vape, you typically need two things; a vape device or e-cigarette and a vape liquid or commonly called vape juice. 
E-cigarettes are electronic devices, thus, they come with rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, you can also purchase disposable e-cigarettes which include single-use batteries in them. …

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