The vapor revolution rolls along, despite critics and naysayers. We know this not only because we take part in it, but because we see how many more people are interested in electronic cigarettes. They’re coming here to Expert Vaping, or they are going elsewhere, but they are going somewhere to get information on vaping. Growth is still happening, even if it is now more evenly split among those who like cigalikes and others who are into vape tanks or mods. The excitement is still there, and the only real question that keeps coming up is the future of ecig regulation.

That’s where people usually pause, take a step back, and ponder what could happen to the vapor revolution if the wrong people start messing with it. Although FDA regulations on electronic cigarettes have been submitted to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget for final approval, that doesn’t mean it’s over. The vapor revolution has dealt with legal opposition and plenty of lies and distortions from anti-vaping activists, so we aren’t about to assume the battle is done. We know we’ll have to fight for our right to vape, absurd as that may be. Who will stand with vapers in the coming months and years?

New FDA regulations banning the use and carriage of e-cigarettes and vaping devices on airplanes has been submitted to the White House for executive approval.

In an election year such as the one we are in, everyone should be paying attention. That means vapers too, because the vapor revolution is at a critical juncture and now America stands to elect its 45th president. It’s true that electronic cigarettes as an issue don’t match up to larger topics like the economy, foreign policy, or social issues like abortion. But for us, this is a huge issue and in addition to the other important reasons to vote for or against one of the candidates running for president, we have to consider how this would affect our rights.

Our right to be able to vape could be heavily influenced by the next president. Will that be President Clinton? President Trump? How about Cruz or Sanders? And what will be best for us?

No Trumping The Vapor Revolution

President Donald Trump pleased vapers everywhere by firing the anti-vaping surgeon general Vivek Murthy.

This is exactly the question that V2 Cigs recently took up in a polling exercise to understand where the rank and file of the vapor revolution stand. It gives us an interesting insight into how vapers are thinking and how they might vote if ecigs were their most pressing issue. By polling 600 vapers around the country, the popular ecig brand was able to paint a picture as to which candidate ecig users think will be best for vaping rights.

In a nutshell, it was the controversial Donald Trump who clearly stood above the rest when it came to protecting the vapor revolution.

What this all could mean is really up to interpretation, but the actual data shows that 36% of vapers think Trump would be the most supportive of the vapor revolution. That was followed by Hillary Clinton at 28%, Bernie Sanders at 18% and Senator Ted Cruz at 12%. Adam Kustin, Vice President of Marketing at V2, broke this down by saying, “Trump is in favor of fewer government regulations in most areas and vapers are worried about e-cigarette regulations.” Kustin believes this stands as the most likely reason he led the poll. He also pointed out that California Congressman Duncan Hunter has come out to back Donald Trump.

If the name Duncan Hunter sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because he became an outright champion of the vaping revolution not long ago. He’s the politician who openly vaped on his own evapor device while fighting for ecig users’ right to vape on flights. That made him a superstar in the vaping community, so his endorsement could mean a lot.

California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter defended vaper's right to puff on planes speaking against an airline amendment banning them followed by his proud confession to be an e-cigarette user himself.

On the other hand, V2’s data shows that a huge 38% of vapers are Democrats. This wasn’t surprising to Mr. Kustin, who noted “Similar to our data, previous research has found that most smokers are Democrats,” and thus so are most vapers, since they are former smokers. Independents make up 27% of vapers and 24% identified as republicans. That could put a lot of people an interesting bind of voting either for the party they favor, or for a candidate who may best represent their vaping interests.

This is all, of course, speculation. We don’t really know how Trump or Clinton or anyone else will treat the vaping revolution. It hasn’t really come up as a popular topic for conversation. Maybe a vaper will be able to get in there and put a question in front of these candidates. Otherwise, you’ll have to go with your best guess and your gut this fall. Let’s hope the next president does the right thing and gets behind the vapor revolution!