Is the new iQOS device the next stage in vaping? The evapor revolution has been a fascinating one to watch unfold, at a relatively fast pace at that. From the three-piece cigalike, to the two-piece cigalike, and then to tanks and mods, this is an industry that is constantly changing. It does so with good reason, because one size does not fit all for traditional tobacco cigarettes smokers who are looking to make a switch. In a good way, it forces companies to rethink what evapor is and how they can come up with a product that will break new ground.

For the suits at Philip Morris International (PMI), the belief is that the newest part of the evapor revolution lies in the technology conveniently called “heat not burn.” PMI has a huge global reach as they are the company that markets Marlboro cigarettes everywhere outside of the United States. They were spun off from Philip Morris (owned by Altria) years ago, and now they’re trying to stake their own claim to fame by pushing forward with the iQOS device. We spotlighted the iQOS when PMI first revealed their plans in 2014 and they have come a long way since.

The iQOS dry herb vaporizer provides users with the heat to turn material into vapor without the burning of smoke and carcinogens.

The basic idea behind the iQOS is to take a cigarette looking thing called a Marlboro Heatstick, and stick it in a battery powered device that creates a sort of evapor. The difference here is that the evapor is supposed to be created from real tobacco, not eliquid. The point is to create a more authentic experience that is closer to smoking in both the taste and feel. While we can dispute if it is actually better than some of the top ecig products we rate, it certainly makes for an innovative idea in theory.

PMI’s iQOS Evapor Japan Experiment

Now theory has come into practice for the iQOS evapor device and after it has taken to selling it in Europe, and specifically in cities in Switzerland and Italy, Philip Morris International is setting their sights further. As far as the Far East one can say and into a market that has been smoking tobacco for longer than we have.

iQOS e-vapor is trying an experiment with Japanese consumers, trying to appeal to cigarette smokers.

The introducing of evapor to Japan isn’t new, as the local Japan Tobacco already has introduced some devices such as the Ploom. Now the heat but not burn iQOS device is set to take Japan by storm.

There already has been some experimenting with the device in Japan and the results were positive enough to call for a nationwide rollout of the evapor device. This would be the first nationwide rollout for iQOS anywhere, and is thus being watched closely by both PMI and its competition. Due to high demand and a shortage of supplies, the rollout date has been delayed several times and is now set to occur on April 18th.

President of Philip Morris Japan Paul Riley gives iQOS a push in an attempt to appeal to Japanese smokers.

This is just a part of the larger picture for PMI. As Philip Morris Japan president Paul Riley explained to Reuters, “We believe that the success of iQOS commercialization in Japan will accelerate its global expansion.” That’s putting a lot into the idea of iQOS being the leader of evapor, or really even taking it a step further than that. If the heat but not burn idea takes hold as a more successful one than the electronic cigarettes we are used to, it could usher in a whole new evapor revolution on the back of the one we’ve seen sweep across the world.

Yet millions of ex-smokers can’t be wrong in that ecigarettes can be incredibly helpful for those looking to make a switch. Electronic cigarettes have reached the level of performance where they can really provide the flavor and experience smokers are looking for. There is a good reason the evapor revolution up until now has been based on ecigs and the eliquid that is heated into vapor. We don’t think they’ll give up on their spot so quickly, but in the end what everyone wants is the best possible product regardless of where it comes from. So go right on PMI and show us what you got! iQOS?  The evapor revolution is rolling right along either way.