It’s become part of our everyday vocabulary when talking about vaping, but what is a mod vape for? Even within the vaping community, mod is a commonly misunderstood term. Mod identifies upgraded or advanced vaping devices with upgraded options such as more power or variable resistance. The electronic boxes with metallic tanks attached are one kind of vaping device referred to as a mod.

The Origin of Vape Mods

To explain, any vaping unit that has been improved over the original e-cig model is referred to as a mod. The term mod harkens back to early DIY power adaptations created by pioneering vapers. Specifically, the mod backstory refers to experienced users generating more power by modifying or modding high-power flashlights, or so the legend says. Modders constructed decks, or platforms where coils are mounted.

The powerful consumer vaping devices available widely can be traced back to this period of innovation. Were it not for these intrepid craftspeople, we may not have the tech we enjoy today. The question of what is a mod vape unit would not even be a discussion were it not for their contributions. Mods and vaping technology may look futuristic and complicated, but they’re actually just this same design created long ago with more options for a personalized experience.

The way users personalize their e-cig experience to their preferences is akin to choosing the wheels on your car or even a hairstyle. Form and function meeting seamlessly to fit our comfort and needs. They are just small ways in which things that we do, and items we use, become extensions of our personality.