What are vape pens? The electronic cigarette revolution is a fast moving train and things change in the blink of an eye. Ecigs have gone by several names from APVs to vaporizers to ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) to the good old and familiar term, ecigarettes. There are so many kinds of alternative smoking devices now it is hard to keep track. Vape pen is a word that is used to describe a number of these electronic vaporization devices.

There is a lot of overlap in the terms used for a wide range of electronic alternative smoking devices. Just as there are a number of names that have been applied to the industry itself. We usually refer to it as the ecig industry but it is also known as the evapor business among others. We are at the very beginning of a new era and an entirely new industry. There are not hard and fast rules. At this point, when deciding which terms apply to which devices, we have to go by an age old premise, majority rules.

Though similar at their core vape pens come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and qualities

The term vape pen has been used to describe a number of electronic cigarette devices as well as vaporizers. Okay, hang on, this is messy. In many circles, vaporizers refer to devices that are designed to vaporize dry herbal material. That said, vaporizers may also refer to conventional ecigarette devices that vaporize eliquid. So getting an answer to what are vape pens, vaporizers or ecigs often depends on who you ask.

There is a trend emerging and in time we will see the terminologies stabilize. What is happening now is that electronic cigarettes, ecigs, mods, vape gear and so forth refer to devices that vaporize eliquid. These are the devices that most people opt for when looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

On the other hand, vaporizers most often refer to a class of devices that vaporize dry herbs, waxes and concentrates. This is not a hard and fast rule but this is the way the wind is blowing.

So, electronic cigarettes, mods, mech mods et al are devices that convert eliquid into vapor. Vaporizers are devices that vaporize herbal materials, wax compounds and concentrates (sometimes called dabs). So by consensus, when someone asks what are vape pens, they are thinking of a small device that fits into the vaporizer category.


The difference between vaporized tobacco and smoke or combusted material shows a clear difference in what's left over and how the elements are consumed.

A vaporizer is a device that heats herbal material to the point where the ingredients of the herb actually vaporize. Often referred to as dry herb vaping, using a vaporizer does not burn the material and has been deemed by academic study to be safer than smoking. Some vaporizers use the same heating process to vaporize wax compounds and concentrated materials. Dry herbs are the most common materials that are vaporized by a, well, a vaporizer.

Herbal smoking is a common practice and is a traditional part of many different cultures. For example, Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn used to smoke a traditional Native American blend called kinnikinnick, which is a bearberry sometimes blended with tobacco. Many traditional healers felt that smoking certain herbs would relieve symptoms of a variety of conditions. Of course today we know better. Smoking is deadly. Inhaling the remnants of combustion is terrible for your health.

On the other hand, vaping herbs reduces the exposure to the toxins that are in smoke. In fact, when you use a vaporizer, what you inhale is comprised almost entirely of the actual ingredients of the herb. As a result, a vaporizer is more potent than smoking, more efficient and a lot less dangerous. You will instantly notice that using a vaporizer does not create the lingering smell and lingering smoke in the air. Vapor dissipates quickly and leaves little trace.

Many people are using vaporizers to vape organic, untreated tobacco as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The tobacco in cigarettes is treated with a number of toxic chemicals designed to make it burn faster and to accelerate nicotine absorption. As mentioned earlier, vaping is a totally different experience and process than smoking. In the comparison of vaping and smoking, there is no doubt that vaping is a risk reducer.

Today, one of the most popular uses for a vaporizer are the benefits experienced by medical marijuana patients. If you happened to see the CNN series hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, you would have seen the amazing benefits that many medical marijuana patients experience. More and more benefits are being discovered as medical science begins to truly study the subject. According to Dr. Gupta and other experts, the best way to benefit from medical marijuana is to use an herbal vaporizer.

What Are Vape Pens?

A vape pen is a self contained, often rechargeable vaping device which takes refillable or changeable cartridges.

So we have decided by popular demand that a vape pen fits into the category of a vaporizer. Which category? What are vape pens!? A vape pen is the smallest vaporizer in the three different types of vaporizers. Besides vape pens, the other categories of vaporizer are portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers.

A desktop vaporizer is the largest type of vaporizing device. It is made for home use. It typically sits on a table top and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Desktop vaporizers are large and generally very sturdy and powerful. You just can’t take them anywhere.

Time to get confusingly vague again. These terminologies are inexact. A portable vaporizer is usually a battery powered device that is small enough to be handheld and easily transported from place to place. Handheld is the keyword and it is true that some portable vaporizers can be large but as long as they can be held in your hand and it fits into the category.

Portable vaporizers often have a number of features like variable temperature control. They have a solid battery life and can get most people through a typical day.

What are vape pens? Well, these are the smallest type of vaporizers. Many of them look like pens. That is how vape pens got their name. They can be very small and they are easy to carry in a shirt pocket or purse. Vape pens have the advantage of being very discreet and giving you maximum privacy.

The limitations of vape pens are the small battery. They do not last as long as the larger portable vaporizer batteries. While they are not ideal for heavy use, they are perfect for occasional use, convenience and discretion.

You do have to be careful when you buy vape pens. Many of the options on the market are frankly not very good. We have heard about vape pens that actually burn the materials and that is what we are trying to avoid here. The better quality vape pens perform very well and do not burn your herb, rather they vaporize exactly as advertised and designed.

What Is A Vaporizer Pen?

A vaporizer pen is an electronic device that generates vapor either from atomizing liquid of vaporizing dry herb matter.

A vaporizer pen is the exact same thing as a vape pen. Vaporizer pen is just the longer form of vape pen. These are simply the smallest form of portable vaporizers that are designed to vaporize dry herbs primarily. Some vape pens do vaporize waxes and concentrates as well.

A wax is simply a compound that contains the desired ingredients that you want to vape. For example, some folks like to use a lavender wax to combat headaches. Waxes vaporize well but they do tend to be messier than dry herbs. I could be harder to clean and maintain a vape pen when used with waxes. Concentrates are essentially liquefied forms of herbs. These tend to be very potent.

Using dry herbs or tobacco with a vape pen is the easiest and most hassle free from of herbal vaping. What you do is insert your herbs into a heating chamber. Vape pen heating chambers are very small but here’s the thing with vaporizers, you get a lot of vapor out of very little herb. Vape pens are so efficient that very little material is wasted.

Once you insert the material into the heating chamber, you close it up and turn on the device. It will take a minute or so, sometimes less, for the oven to heat up. When it is ready, an indicator light will let you know when you can start vaping. You can enjoy the vapor for longer than you might think. It obviously varies but you really will be amazed at the amount of vapor that you will get out of a little bit of material.

Once you notice less vapor or a change in taste, you will know when you herb has been used up. You turn off the device and let it cool down for a while. When ready, you simply open the chamber and empty out the used herb. You will notice that it does not look burnt rather it looks dried out. That’s because while all of the ingredients have been vaporized, no actual burning occurred.

Most vape pens will come with a small tool that is designed to clean out the heating chamber after each use. It is very easy and takes no time at all. Vape pens are very easy to use and maintain.

Where To Buy Vape Pens

Now that we know the answer to what are vape pens, where do you get one? When it comes to where to buy vape pens, the same rule that applies to ecigs applies to vaporizers. That rule is that you will always get the best products and best prices when you buy vaping supplies online. Even better, buy direct from the vape pen company itself. When you buy direct from a company here in the US you avoid excessive markups. You also have access to better and more responsive customer service.

One example is buying direct from Pax Labs. The Pax is widely considered to be the best vaporizer that you can get. The best way to buy a Pax is to buy direct. Your shipment will be sent right from Pax Labs in the Bay Area.

Some of the best electronic cigarette companies also offer vape pens. Buying from one of these vape brands is a great idea because these are the companies right here in the US that innovate and have a total understanding of vaping. VaporFi and V2 Cigs are examples of vape brands that offer some terrific vaporizer products.

We’ll take a look at a few of these vape pens and then you can decide if you want to give one a try or to take a closer look. Vape pens are not expensive and you can get one for the $100 mark or even less. The best vape pens do cost more. The brands that we will cover all have warranties to protect your investment. Because vaporizes get so much out of very little herb, they pay for themselves very quickly and save you a lot in the long run.

The Pax 2 Vaporizer

The Pax 2 dry herb vaporizer comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, turquoise and red.

Pax Labs recently released the Pax 2 vaporizer. The original Pax is the best selling vaporizer ever so far. The Pax 2 features several improvements and is quickly becoming the top choice of the vaping community. Most have it at the top of the vaporizer ratings charts.

The reason for the success of Pax is the incredible design and technology. Designed by graduates of the Stanford School of Design, the Pax vaporizers not only look great, they are easy to use and absolutely phenomenal performers.

We completed a full Pax 2 vape review and I tell you, ray from Expert Vaping put it through a range of tests and the Pax 2 exceeded all expectation. The quality is impeccable and the performance is amazing. The vaping experience is brilliant.

Many people consider the Pax 2 to be a portable vaporizer. Well it does fit into that category because it does have a longer lasting battery and variable temperature control. So if you ask what are vape pens many might not include the Pax 2 but I am including it as a vape pen because it is so compact. It is less than 4 inches tall and 1.21 inches wide. It easily fits in your hand or a shirt pocket. The Pax 2 provides ample privacy and the quality of the vapor is by all account, incredible.

The Pax 2 does have a $279.99 price tag but the technology is far and away above the competition. It is made of advanced materials and has an anodized finish that stands the test of time and can handle wear and tear. The vapor pathway is steel and sturdy. The battery is remarkably long lasting considering the size.

The Pax 2 has 4 different temperature control settings so you can customize the vapor output, flavors and sensations. The heat up time is very fast and the Pax 2 uses motion sensor technology to intuitively react to you. What do I mean? Well for example when you set the Pax 2 down, it knows that it has been set down. It stops heating and waits until you are ready. When you pick it up, it knows to heat up and make you some vapor.

The efficiency is superior to anything else on the market. You get the maximum from your materials. It is so easy to use and maintain. You activate the power by pressing on the mouthpiece and from there you can change temperature settings easily. Clean up is a snap. You also get a 10 year limited warranty. This is the best warranty of any vape pen. Yes the Pax 2 costs more than most other vape pens but you are going to have it for a long time. It’s simply the best.

V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 series 3 pro vaporizer offer a premium 3-in-1 vape technology.

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a vape pen, but it is also an ecig! The Pro Series 3 from V2 is capable of 3 different types of vaping. This is a versatile vape pen.

It works as an ecig. It works as a dry herb vape pen. It is also capable of vaporizing wax compounds.

There is a separate V2 Pro Series 3 cartridge that you simply pop in place to enjoy whatever form of vaping that you so choose.

Here’s how it works. There are three types of V2 Pro Series three cartridges. One is for eliquid. The Loose Leaf cartridge is for dry herb. The Wax Cartridge is for vaping wax compounds. Each cartridge is held in place magnetically. As soon as you insert a cartridge, a microprocessor will adapt the Pro Series 3 to work in concert with the particular cartridge that you have put into the device.

The V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 vaporizer is a unique device that gives you a lot of options. It is also very affordable. You can buy the V2 Pro Series 3 starter kit right now for $59.99. It comes with the eliquid cartridge so you will have to buy the Loose Leaf cartridge separately. The cost of the V2 Pro Series 3 Loose Leaf cartridge is $24.99. So your total will be $84.98 but you can save 10% off of that by using V2 coupon code STARTERKITS. That is going to knock almost $10 off the price so the total will be in the $75 range.

This is a terrific deal for a vape pen. The fact that you can also use the Pro Series 3 as an ecig is a bonus. So if you want to try a dry herb vaporizer without spending too much, the V2 Pro Series 3 is just the right fit.

Use V2 Coupon Code STARTERKITS to save 10% off any V2 purchase.

VaporFi Orbit

The VaporFi Orbit is a vape pen that is exclusively designed to vaporize dry herbs. It comes in at under $100 and is a very excellent quality device complete with warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. The powerful and long lasting 2200 mAh battery is reliable and provides fast heat up times.

Although it is a very compact vape pen, like the Pax 2, the Orbit also gives you multiple temperature settings. You can select from among three different temp settings giving you a level of customization that is not common in a vape pen.

The Orbit is also going to come with five silicon mouthpieces and five wire mesh screens. The screens will separate the herb from the heating element making sure that you do not accidentally burn your materials. You will also get a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. So you get a lot here in terms of accessories.

The Vaporfi Orbit dry herb vaporizer comes in red and black for a simple sleek and easy to use design.

The VaporFi Orbit is an attractive vape pen that comes in all black or a black and red finish. The Orbit vaporizer has been getting very positive reviews. It is getting a ton of 5 star reviews from VaporFi customers. The main theme of the reviews is the value. The quality you get for less than $100 is pretty spectacular. It is very reliable and provides excellent vapor.

VaporFi is a US brand with US based customer support. If you have any problem you can pick up the phone and actually talk to a real person who will help you out. You are also going to save 10% off of your VaporFi Orbit when you click the link below. That is because VaporFi is offering a 10% off coupon that will be automatically activated if you decide to buy.

When you go to the VaporFi website, you will find the Orbit vape pen listed under Dry Herb Vaporizers. Have fun shopping!

So these are prime examples of quality vape pens. What are vape pens? Well I hope we have answered that question!  Basically they are the smallest type of portable vaporizers many of which are not that much larger than a pen. Vaporizers provide another alternative to smokers looking for a less harmful option. In the end when smoking is finally wiped out, there is little doubt that ecig and vaporizer technology will have played a major role.