Dry herb vaping technology is changing. Our G-Pen Elite review will cover how the newest vaporizer from Grenco Science is taking advantage of new technology to give you a better, more comfortable and more convenient experience. The famous Grenco Science G-Pen is a widely popular product for herbal vapers. If there was any issue is was that sometimes the materials could get a little singed because they would come in direct contact with the heating element. Not anymore.

The G-Pen Elite features ceramic heating technology so the dry herb never comes in direct contact with the actual heating element. This will go a long way to ensure that you are vaporizing your materials and not burning them! Along with the ceramic heating the new features of the G-Pen Elite include custom temperature control, longer battery life, a new mouthpiece design that does not burn your lips and a rounded form that is comfortable to hold and outstanding for portability.

Greco science elite herb vaporizer

The new vaporizers that we are seeing means that this is a great time for dry herb vaping. Recently we did a Pax 3 vaporizer review and we were very impressed by the latest from Pax Labs. Great vapor. And now we see some more new and innovative technology in the much more affordable G-Pen Elite review. Let’s get right into it.

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G-Pen Elite Review

Before we get too far into the G-Pen Elite review I wanted to give you a few specs and features along with the nuts and bolts. That way you can decide early on if this is the vaporizer for you and if it isn’t, I don’t want to waste your time. So, to be clear, the G-Pen Elite is for dry herb only, you cannot vaporize waxes, dabs or concentrates. It is not a dab pen, it is a dry herb vaporizer and a very good one at that. The heating element is 360 degrees encompassing the entire ceramic heating chamber. This means faster heat-ups than other ceramic vaporizers and very even, efficient use of your materials.

The G-Pen Elite sells for $149.95 with free shipping. You get the vaporizer, a charger, G-Pen tool, brush, G-Pen card and user manual. The chamber capacity is 0.75 grams so it is a much larger capacity than the typical 0.5 gram heating chamber. The 2200 mAh battery gives you ample battery life for a full vapor session rather than just a couple of hits.

grenco herb and wax vaporizer kit in black

Despite the larger capacity chamber on long lasting 2200 mAh internal vaporizer battery, the G-Pen Elite is so portable it could also fit into the vape pen category.

A bright, OLED screen gives you a constant read-out on your selected temperature and battery life status. The temperature control range is from 200 degrees F to 428 degrees F. For our international and metric leaning audience, that is 93 degrees C to 220 degrees C.

G-Pen Elite Specs

One of the biggest features here is that the Elite is a ceramic vaporizer. Many feel that ceramics are better for heating and vaporizing dry herbs. The reason is because metallic heating chambers may be more susceptible to burning and wasting your expensive materials. With ceramic heating, metal does not contact your material.

Greco g pen elite vaporizer kit black

The G-Pen Elite specs now presented to you in bullet point form! I know I already covered most of these but I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything.

  • G-Pen Elite Chamber Capacity Is 0.75 Grams
  • Remember! It Is Not Compatible With Concentrates / Liquids
  • Specifically Designed For Optimal, Efficient Dry Herb Vaping
  • Full LED Display Showing Temp And Battery Life
  • 3.7 Volt – 4.0 Volt Internal Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • The Battery Capacity Is 2200 mAh (Similar To A Full 18650 Battery)
  • All Ceramic Heating Chamber, Material Does Not Contact Metal Heating Element
  • 360 Degree Heating Element Surrounds Ceramic Chamber
  • Temperature Control Range: 200°F To 428°F Or 93 C To 220 C
  • 2A Onboard Charging (Can Charge Through USB Port)

Who Is The G-Pen Elite For?

The G-Pen Elite is an herbal vaporizer designed to vaporize the active ingredients of dry herb materials. Medical marijuana patients may benefit from using a dry herb vaporizer as opposed to smoking. A University of California San Francisco study found that the vapor produced by a vaporizer does not have the carbon monoxide that you get with smoke. In fact, they found that the vapor was comprised largely of the actual active ingredients of the herb. As a result, if you are a medical marijuana patient be aware that the vapor from a vaporizer delivers much more TCH than you will get in a puff of smoke.

heating screen sample from grenco g pen elite

When you smoke medical marijuana, you are still exposed to all of the byproducts of combustion. On top of that, combustion destroys most of the THC and or CBD. Combustion is also uncontrollable. Even when you are not inhaling the smoke and stink continues to emanate from a lit marijuana cigarette. As a result, much of your expensive medical marijuana simply, pardon the pun, goes up in smoke. With a vaporizer you get mush more mileage out of your materials.

You may also want to check the laws in your state or jurisdiction. For example, in New York State medical marijuana patients are not allowed to smoke but can use a vaporizer.

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Vaporizer For Smoking

Can you use a vaporizer for smoking tobacco or other herbs? Yes you can. Using a vaporizer for smoking is not as popular as using an electronic cigarette with e-liquid. Be that as it may, some tobacco consumers who enjoy the taste of real tobacco but want to avoid the combustion may find that using a vaporizer to smoke fits the bill. If you do use a vaporizer for tobacco, we recommend finding some organic, untreated tobacco. No sense vaporizing all of Big Tobacco’s chemical additives.

is the grenco science g pen elite fast

Herbal smoking goes back many generations in a variety of cultures. Herbs like lavender, lemongrass, sage and others have been used in ceremonies or for enjoyment. Using a vaporizer to enjoy a variety of herbs is preferred by many herbal traditionalists.

How To Use The G-Pen Elite

As I found out while testing for the G-Pen Elite Review, this device is easy to use and easy to maintain. I want to emphasize that the Elite is a high performance device. As such we recommend maintaining it by keeping it clean. You will also want to register your G-Pen Elite and take advantage of warranty protection. Enter the serial number of your device on the Grenco Science website. There is a one year warranty on the electronic components. Registering your Elite vaporizer is the first step in how to use the G-Pen Elite.

G-Pen Elite Step By Step Guide

  1. Charge your battery before using. The 2200 mAh battery will take about three hours to charge.
  2. After the G-Pen Elite is fully charged, take off the mouthpiece. Grip both sides of the mouth-piece and lift on one side. It will pop loose so you can easily remove.
  3. Grind your herbal material to a semi-fine or preferably a fine grind.
  4. Pack the ceramic heating chamber with your materials. Not packed super tight but fill it right to the top.
  5. Pop the mouthpiece back in place.
  6. Turn on the G-Pen Elite by clicking the power button 5 times. You will see the G logo light up when it turns on. By the way, you also press the power button 5 times to turn it off.
  7. Use the side buttons to choose the vaporization temperature that you want. You can change this on the fly. I recommend starting out at a lower temperature of 200 F to 250 F and increasing the temperature through the course of your session. We have found that this gradual temperature increase helps get the absolute most out of your herbal materials.
  8. Ultimately, you will be able to identify the temperatures that give you the most enjoyment.
  9. Hold the power button down for one second to start up the heating process.
  10. After you start the heating process, watch the OLED screen as it ramps up to your selected temperature. Once your temperature is reached it is ready to vape.
  11. After you are done empty the chamber and step out with the brush. Also clean the mouth-piece filter with the brush.

Easy To Use Vaporizer

That’s all there is to it. The Elite vaporizer will shut off automatically after not being used for 5 minutes. This preserves battery life and your material. If it shuts off automatic cal just push the power button 5 times to start it back up again. It is all very straight forward. A very easy to use vaporizer.

how to fill grenco science gpen elite

The ability to customize the vapor performance during the course of a vape session is very enjoyable. When you empty out the chamber afterward, you will notice that your materials have been thoroughly vaporized with no burning.

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G-Pen Elite Mouth Piece

The G-Pen Elite mouth piece has been designed to keep your lips cool even when the vaporization temperature is cranked up. The rubberized coating and partitioned design makes the vaping comfortable through out. We have heard that the rubberized mouth piece is subject to wear but we did not see that in the few weeks that we have been using it. In any case, we wanted to give fair warning that the mouth-piece may have to be replaced at some point.

Where to buy the grenco g pen elite vaporizer

Regardless of wear and tear, the fact that the mouth piece stays cool is a huge plus in our books. Most vaporizers do tend to get a little hot on the lips after a while but the Elite vaporizer stands out with its ability to stay cool.

G-Pen Elite Review Wrap-Up

The last word on our G-Pen Elite review is – fantastic! The rounded form is so comfortable. We like the portability factor. The Elite vaporizer is small enough to go with you anywhere and the battery capacity gives you the piece of mind that you will not need to recharge until you get home at the end of the day. Top marks for portability, form and longevity.

Grenco science g pen elite kit contents

Expert Vaping also gives the G-Pen Elite top marks for durability and build quality. Ceramic heating chambers are long lasting and the overall build quality gives us confidence that this vape will stand the day to day wear and tear. Grenco Science is also confident in the durability as evidenced by the 1-year warranty.

The other big plus points here are the ceramic heating and large heating chamber capacity. The 360 degree heating of the ceramic chamber delivers a very efficient, pure tasting vapor that hits the spot. You control the intensity by adjusting the temperature to suit your preferences. An excellent herbal vaporizer and great value. Greco Science sells the G-Pen Elite for $169.95 but we found it at Direct Vapor for a full $20 less. Plus Direct Vapor ships for free so even better.