Our VaporFi Vox TC mod review details the attributes of probably the most solidly built 50 watt temp control mod on the market. Boom! I said it. I wanted to start out with a strong statement because if you are like me, you enjoy all of these new mods that are always coming out but none are really built to last. In time, magnetic doors start to weaken. Sliding battery doors wear out. They knick and get scratched and many are just plain fragile. Well VaporFi always goes the extra mile and they have done so again in designing the Vox TC mod.

This VaporFi Vox TC mod review actually follows in the footsteps of the previous VaporFi Vox tests we’ve take a closer look at and they seem to retain similarly solid designs. The larger version, the VaporFi Vox 100 TC mod, was released in late 2015. The Vox TC mod is a more compact option adjustable up to 50 watts but without compromising an iota in terms of temperature control options. With the Vox TC you can choose anywhere from 200 F to 600 F.

The Vaporfi Vox comes in three sizes of temperature control model in standard, 60 and 100 watt options.

VaporFi Vox mods are known for their precision technology. The accuracy of temperature, resistance or wattage readings is exact. The technology is also incredibly stable. Many TC mods have reported issues of randomly dropping out of temp control and switching to variable wattage. There are numerous Reddit stories about this happening to products like the eVic VT. When that happens, the wattage is often too high for the atomizer causing an instant burnout of the coils not to mention some terrible, burnt vapor. This does not happen with the VaporFi Vox line of vape mods.

VaporFi not only has superior technology, the durability is a breath of fresh air in a market filled with beautiful but fragile mods. This VaporFo Vox TC mod review saw a solid design with no sliding doors or magnetic battery covers. Instead, there is a threaded port at the bottom of the Vox TC that gives you access to the battery. The mod as a whole is a solid construction design. When you hold a Vox mod in your hands, you are going to notice the difference.

VaporFi Vox TC Mod

You can choose the VaporFi Vox TC in either black or silver. Unlike the Snow Wold Mini and many other kids, the Vox TC has airflow channels to accommodate a larger range of vape tanks. Now critics may assert that airflow channels at the 510 connection are passe. The truth is, however, that not everyone has a rebuildable drip atomizer set-up or some other sub ohm / TC vape tank that does not require airflow channels. It is better to have the channels because why not give yourself the maximum number of vaping options?

Our VaporFi Vox TC mod review discovered this device was able to extract an optimal performance from the best vape tanks on the market. It will fire atomizers as low as 0.05 ohms! And like I mentioned, the Vox TC mod will very accurately read the resistance of any pre-made coils or your own builds. If you are someone who has had trouble with the inaccurate readings that you sometimes get from cheaper mods, well get a Vox mod and kiss those days good-bye.

The Vaporfi Vox 100 watt temperature control mod the perfect marriage of beauty and brains.

Honestly, when it comes to vape mods, vape tanks and ecigarette technology in general, we live in a time where there is a wealth of riches! There are a lot of terrible products, a lot of cloned devices but generally we have a lot to pick from at a wide range of prices. You can find lower priced TC mods that are very good, there’s no doubt about it, but there are advantages to buying from an American company like VaporFi eCigs. First, the quality and durability of the VaporFi Vox TC mod is outstanding. The technology is impeccably accurate and built with cutting edge technology.

Advantages Of Buying From US Vape Brand

Next, you will be buying direct from one of the best American vape brands. You will enjoy direct access to American customer service reps and if you should have any problem, VaporFi will go the extra mile to resolve any situation to your satisfaction. VaporFi makes a huge array of the best ecig products including USA made ejuice. VaporFi’s ejuice is manufactured in an FDA registered lab and blended by professionals using the best ingredients at the highest standards. VaporFi ejuice never has any diacetyl or acetoin. This is not the shady ejuice they make in the back rooms of vape shops! This is the best of the best.

The Vaporfi Vox Tc 60 watt power mod comes in black or silver.

The VaporFi Vox TC mod is an excellent value. You will know that you are getting an authentic product and not a clone of a popular import. There are so many counterfeit vaping products these days it is truly a serious problem. When you buy direct from VaporFi, you avoid any of those pitfalls. So, get the best quality from a leading American vape brand!

Vox TC Mod Features

  • Adjustable Power Output From 5 watt up to 50 watts in 0.1 watt increments
  • Temperature Control Range Is From 200 Degrees To 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Will Fire Atomizer Resistances From 0.05 ohm To 2.5 ohm
  • Capable Standard, SubOhm And Temp Control Vaping With Kanthal And Nickel Coils
  • OLED Screen
  • Variable Voltage Setting Range From 1.0 volt to 7.5 volts
  • The Input Voltage Range Is 3.2 v – 4.2 v
  • 510 Threaded Spring Loaded Center Pin
  • Device Lock Feature To Maintain Your Chosen Mode And Setting
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery (Included With The VaporFi Vox TC Mod)
  • Input High Voltage Warning Feature
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection For Battery Safety
  • Reverse Battery Protection And Over Heating Protection
  • The Vox Has Low Voltage And Low Resistance Protection
  • Temperature Protection And Vented Battery Casing
  • Input High Voltage Warning
  • USB Pass-Through Charging System – USB Charging Cable Included
  • Compact, Pocket Sized: 94 x 43 x 24 (mm)

VaporFi Vox TC Mod Starter Kit

You can buy the VaporFi Vox TC mod review setup separately or as part of a starter kit. When you buy the VaporFi Vox separately, you will get the Vox TC mod, IMR 18650 battery, USB charger and the user manual. If you decide to go for the VaporFi Vox TC Mod starter kit, you get a number of options to choose from.

The starter kit comes with the Vox mod as well as your choice from two vape tanks or an RDA. The total price of the VaporFi Vox TC starter kit is $127.49 so you do enjoy a discount when you pick up the starter kit not to mention that VaporFi vape tanks and RDAs are simply exceptional quality vaping products. We will also give you access to an exclusive VaporFi discount that will save you 10% to 12% on your VaporFi purchase should you choose to buy.

The Vaporfi Vox temperature control mod starter kit features the power supply mod and matching rebuildable atomizer or drip tanks.

You can choose the VaporFi Volt Hybrid vape tank. The Volt tank is an excellent option that is capable of standard vaping, sub ohm vaping plus you can build your own atomizer. The Volt tank comes with everything you need to try any of the forms of vaping, including the parts and tools to build your own atomizer. You can also get the vShock tank or the vSix tank.

Separate Vox TC RDA Option

The vBolt RDA is an advanced and rock solid rebuildable drip atomizer. It comes with the tools, kanthal wire and organic cotton you need to get started into the realm of coil building. If you use Nickel wire, the vBolt will become a temp controlled RDA. VaporFi offers top of the line nickel wire so you can push the boundaries of vaping with your own creative TC coil builds. Pick up a VaporFi coil jig for $7.99 to help you make perfect coils every time.

The Vaporfi Bolt is a rebuildable dripping atomizer tank with fireworks in every cloud.

If you want an advanced vape tank that instantly gives you access to the ultra constant and controlled vaping experience of temperature control vaping then you should choose the VaporFi vSix vape tank. The vSix lets you enjoy sub ohm vaping with 0.5 ohm or 0.25 ohm coils or you can use the temperature control mode with the vSix 0.25 ohm Nickel coils. If you want convenience and TC vapor, go with the vSix.

The Vaporfi Vox temperature control 50 watt vape mod is simple form, elegance and technology in the palm of your hand.

So that’s the VaporFi Vox TC mod review. Beautifully crafted with trademark VaporFi quality and durability.  When you buy your Vox TC mod, I also recommend picking up some VaporFi eliquid. It is simply amazing ejuice made to the highest standards. VaporFi even published independent lab studies that demonstrate the fact that their ejuice is pure and free of contaminants. So feel free to browse the VaporFi website and if you choose to buy anything, your discount will automatically be applied. It’s that easy!


VaporFi has drastically reduced all prices for 2017. Because more and more people are buying American and avoiding the risks associated with imported mods and clones, VaporFi’s popularity has been growing massively. The company has decided to give their customers the benefits of that success. Namely lower prices across the board. Take a look at the new lower prices. There has never been a better time get a classic Vox mod.