In an announcement that’s shaking the vape industry, VaporFi, one of the most trusted names in vaping has released their biggest wattage mod yet in the new VaporFi V-Grip 220 TC Mod. This temperature control box mod combines the collective innovations of their history and packs them into a compact 220-watt device.

Why The V Grip 220w TC Mod Is Such A Big Deal

VaporFi has been at the forefront of the vaping industry since the popularity of their entry level ecig starter kit systems skyrocketed them into instant popularity. In the interim, they like many other companies made a grand entrance into advanced mods to give their customers the opportunity to upgrade their vaping experience while remaining loyal to a brand they’ve come to trust. As a result, we’ve been given an incredible range of meticulously designed products that deliver consistent vapor production with seamless function.

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However, up to this point their product variety has been limited to a handful of devices. One of the hallmarks of a company turning out a quality product is creating a small range of items produced exceptionally well. To explain, if you make a broad range of devices that don’t endure, the quality control is usually the first place where your integrity suffers. On the other hand, if you stick to a few products which retain the peak of craftsmanship, design and innovation, you become known for offering items that customers feel comfortable investing confidence as well as money in.

This has been the case with Vaporfi, and the V-Grip 220 TC Mod is an incredible improvement on the vape technology they have become known for. If you’ve been waiting patiently like the rest of us for this company to come out with a high-power temperature control device that reinvents their name as well as their status among the top vape brands, this is a pivotal moment for you. Check out our advanced Vaporfi V-Grip 220 TC Mod review and read all about what’s waiting for you in the future of feature-rich vaping from a company that puts quality and integrity ahead of their sales figures.