If you were partaking in a New Years 2014 party this year that was indoors, you may have seen a water vapor cigarette or two filling the room with odorless vapor. With traditional tobacco cigarettes banned from indoor use in 28 states so far, we're seeing a big migration over to using a rechargeable electronic cigarette, also known as a vapor cigarette.

Vapor cigarette brands have been popping up left and right for years to meet the demand, but 2014 could very well set a new peak of interest.

The Vuse e-cigarette is the attempt of RJ Reynolds to recover the loyalty of smokers lost to vapor.

It is the time of year where new years resolution ideas are on everyone's mind, but for smokers it may be easier to decide on a #1 resolution for this year: making the switch to a rechargeable ecig.

We've seen many new vapor cigarette brands get in the game in the past year, and this coming year will likely be no different. Except for one thing – the high demand among smokers for a quality water vapor cigarette has driven the big tobacco companies to look at the bigger overall economic picture. Reynolds America got in the game by creating their own rechargeable electronic cigarette brand (Vuse) and the economic forecast points to this new venture taking the lead as their top revenue producer by 2021. That's a huge and fundamental shift in Reynolds America's business model in less than eight years.

RJ Reynolds has been making tobacco cigarettes for almost 140 years and in a mere eight years their primary revenue producer will take a backseat. That's simply a phenomenal change, all of which is fueled by the intense and rising demand by users that want the best rechargeable electronic cigarette they can find.

Consumer demand is cranking up the competition among vapor cigarette brands.

Some vape companies are trying out technology that limits usage of their products through biometrics to curb underage usage.

No longer can small and medium sized companies look to make a fast buck with an inferior product. The technology has gotten better and any user of a water vapor cigarette will be looking for more. Some companies are taking this to mean that consumers will want their rechargeable electronic cigarette to behave more like their other “smart” devices, such as Vapor Corp announcing a biometric feature.

We aren’t so sure that it covers the “more” that users are in need of. The demand for a quality water vapor cigarette in 2014 is driven by folks who are looking for a viable replacement for their traditional cigarettes, which means it needs to come closer to what they are smoking now. The focus will have to be on great flavor, a good throat hit, and longer battery life so smokers are never left having to purchase a pack of traditional cigarettes to fill their need.

If one of your new years resolution ideas is ditch smoking altogether…

One way to commit to the use of vaping over smoking is to commit your new years resolution to e-cigarettes.

You won't be alone in that very popular goal – over half of Americans trying to quit smoking are right there with you. And if you are thinking about a rechargeable electronic cigarette to aid you in achieving this, you'll find more and more smokers are coming to that very same conclusion. Whether you have tried other methods or not, e-cigarettes may very well give you that leg up to get where you want to go. We at Expert Vaping think there is a very clear reason for the heightened demand for e-cigs. They have proven to be life changing devices for many, and word is getting out much quicker because of that.

If you are new to the idea of electronic cigarettes, be sure to check out our overview of the different types of e-cigs that are out there for you to pick up.  Read: E-Cig Mods and Different Types of E-cigarettes

We also recommend that you take a look at our independent e-cig reviews to figure out which of the vapor cigarette brands fits you best. Vapor cigarettes are going to be in high demand in 2014, so make sure you do your research before diving in with your first rechargeable electronic cigarette purchase. But when you are ready, by all means dive in! You'll have lots of company with you this year 🙂

Good Luck This Year!