This has been a great weekend for Labor Day eCig sales. If you haven’t taken advantage yet you still have today to save up to 30% on some of the best ecigs you can get. This is the perfect time to try vaping, try something new or stock up on eliquids and accessories. If you use Expert Vaping’s coupon codes, you just might save even more!

I was at a vape shop and a mall kiosk today checking up on the prices of ejuice. I didn’t know the brand or who made it. More importantly they couldn’t tell me how they made it. And they were charging way too much. If you need eliquid, you can get it at a much better price from a leading American brand that blends eliquids in a professional, lab setting. It’s a no brainer! Stock up on ejuice right now from VaporFi, Apollo or Halo and know that you are getting the best. Plus you will be saving money.

Happy Labor Day from the capital of the free vaping world.

UPDATE: Click below to be taken to the updated Labor Day vape sales for 2017. There you will see the latest sales and discount deals.

If you want to upgrade your ecig, you have a ton of options. VaporFi has something for everyone including some new subohm ecig kits that are easy to use and priced right. Apollo has a new mod called the Reliant that will fire down to 0.06 ohms. These companies have leading ecig technology. Don’t let anyone tell you that American companies can’t compete.

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Let’s take a look at some of the choices you have. Remember, today is the last day to get Labor Day electronic cigarette discounts.

Apollo eCig Labor Day Sale

The Apollo VTube 4.0 sub ohm vape mod kit including the Phazer atomizer tank and choice of e-liquid is the next step in vaping technology.

Subohm vaping is hot right now. When you use an atomizer with less than 1.0 ohms of resistance, you draw more power from the battery and get more vapor. We are talking about a lot of vapor. At Expert Vaping, we covered the release of the hand-crafted Apollo Solare 75 watt DNA mod.

The VTube 5 kit is a leading edge variable wattage and temp control tube ecig. The VTube 5 starter kit comes with everything you need to get started subohm vaping and now you can get it for less with theApollo’s Labor Day ecig sale.

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If you want a mod that is capable of seriously advanced vaping, the Apollo Reliant mod will fire an atomizer down to 0.06 ohms. It is a 60 watt mod and the kit comes with everything including battery, charger, Phazer tank and eliquid. Take advantage of the Labor Day sale and get this new must have vape kit.

If subohm vaping is not your thing, then you need to see the Apollo Endeavor. The Endeavor is incredibly consistent and the starter kit comes with two batteries and two tanks. This is perfect for new and intermediate vapers. The value is phenomenal and the performance is even better. Don’t buy some Kanger EVOD from a vape shop when you could get a lot better product and better value with the Endeavor.

The Apollo Endeavor fine vaping devices are among the best in class and a high class device.

Apollo eLiquids are among the best in the business. Apollo is totally transparent about how their eliquids are made. This is a breath of fresh air at a time when the ecig industry is being plagued by subpar ejuice vendors. You have to be careful. Apollo ejuice is blended by professional chemists in a lab setting that exceeds food industry standards. Not to mention the fact that the ejuices themselves are awesome.

Apollo has three lines of eliquids. They have their base line available in dozens of flavors and mixed with a 50 / 50 ratio. These eliquids will get the best performance out of your ecigarette devices. If you are a subohm vaper or dripper, Apollo also makes two lines of Max VG eliquid. Both Fa-Q and Lindbergh are max vg eliquid options designed for delicious flavor and huge vapor clouds. It’s time for you to try out Apollo eliquids.

Apollo Coupon Code:  LABOR30

Halo Cigs Labor Day Sale

The Halo G6 Triton starter kit comes with two e-cigs, three replacement cartridges and USB charger modules.

Halo Cigs is famous for the Premium eLiquid. The reason is because it is simply a superior product. This is one of those cases where a company has staked its reputation of quality and excelled. Halo made a choice to be better and then they went to work.

Early on in the ecig revolution, Halo decided to make an investment in order to take eliquid manufacturing out of garages and back rooms and bring it into a modern lab setting where every aspect quality control could be monitored and perfected.

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Halo uses USP grade ingredients and their ejuice recipes do not contain the impurities and inaccuracies of the inferior ejuice currently on the market. Halo Premium eLiquid is always a contender for the best ejuice.

Halo eliquid offers a phenomenal throat hit and a nice, think vapor. When you think of Halo Cigs, you think eliquids and that is for good reason. That being said, Halo eCigs also makes some top notch electronic cigarettes.

Halo Purity Labor Day sale on all American made e-liquid.

The Halo Triton is an Expert Vaping favorite. yes, it has been around for a while but it is a tried, tested and true performer that stands the test of time. Halo has made upgrades over the years including offering a variable voltage battery and an increased number of atomizer resistance choices. At the end of the day though, the Triton works. It is easy to use and accessible to any smoker looking to make the switch. While a lot of ecigs are fads, they are here today and gone tomorrow, the Triton has outlasted all of them and stands tall to this day.

The Halo G6 electronic cigarette is a cigalike design and another proven performer. Listen, many people still want an ecigarette that looks and feels like a cigarette especially when first making the transition for smoking to vaping. The Halo G6 is one of the very best. The cigalikes that you see in retail stores, like Vuse or Mark 10, can’t compare with the quality of Halo. The long-term value of the Halo G6 is unbeatable. You pay only $2 per cartridge!

If you know someone who is still smoking cigarettes and can’t seem to quit, the Halo G6 starter kit just might change their lives. It is absolutely one of the best ecigs to help someone get away from tobacco and to get started in vaping.

Expert Vaping Halo Cigs Coupon: Expert Vaping5

New for Labor Day 2016. Halo is offering huge discounts on e-juice!

VaporFi Labor Day Sale

All Vaporfi mods, kits and accessories are on sale for Labor Day including the Rebel II.

VaporFi is probably the most complete ecigarette brand in the world. They do it all. VaporFi has cigalikes, mods, subohm tanks, dry herb vaporizers and more. One of our favorites is the VaporFi Rocket. The Rocket has advanced features but is easy to use at the same time.

With variable voltage and adjustable airflow, you can customize the vapor to suit yourself. It gives you a ton of vapor and flavor and is one tough customer. It stands up to wear and tear like few other ecigs can.

The VaporFi Rebel 2 is a big, powerful ecig with a telescopic body that lets you adapt to one of two battery styles. It is not a mech mod, rather it has an advanced chip that precisely control power output. The Rebel Tank  has adjustable airflow and adjustable eliquid flow.

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Another of our favorites is the Vox 2 mod. The Vox 2 is a 50 watt mod with precision technology. It is comfortable to hold and works with your favorite 510 threaded ecig tanks. When you buy the Vox 2 starter kit, you can choose from 2 different styles of tanks or get the Bolt RDA. The VaporFi Labor Day sale is a perfect time to get your hands on the Vox 2.

VaporFi also has dry herb vaporizers. The Stratus and the Orbit are both portable vaporizers that give you an herbal vaping experience better than vaporizers that cost a lot more.

Vaporfi full product line on sale for Labor Day including the Vox II power mod.

We’re not done yet. We could talk about the ecigs and vaporizers offered by VaporFi all day but we also have to talk about their eliquid. VaporFi eLiquid is made in an FDA registered lab and all of VaporFi’s eliquid recipes are registered with the FDA. They use only the best USP ingredients including flavorings. You will not find diacetyl in any VaporFi ejuice blends.

On the company website, VaporFi posts an independent lab report on their eliquid. Everything is transparent and professional. These eliquids are top quality and top performing. It gets better, how about 30,000 flavor options. You got it.

VaporFi lets you customize your own eliquid. You can choose from among more than 100 flavors or you can mix and match to create your own eliquid recipe. You do it all online and it is fun and easy. Try the VaporFi custom eliquid option and enjoy!

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So, hurry! Take advantage of these Labor Day ecig sales. Today is the last day so act fast.