Going green and recycling just became worth while with Green Smoke! They have made it possible to recycle your old used up e-cigarette cartridges for a reward! While they’re still working on the recycling boxes, they are now accepting phone calls to their customer service for arranging the free shipping. I’m sure you guys want all the details right now this instant, but we’ve gotta clear something up first.

We recently did a blog post about Green Smoke launching their recycling program which out lined a bit of what we thought about the entire idea and how we’ve patiently been waiting for this opportunity to come. This is an enormous step in a very positive direction for Green Smoke. There are thousands of Green Smoke customers – they’re a very well known company.

Think of just how many cartridges that is! It sort of broadens the spectrum here.

Recycling E-Cig Cartridges for Free Fully Filled Cartridges

In fact Green Smoke offered program where they were rewarding people who recycled their cartomizers with free filled cartridges.

A few years ago, I would have never envisioned an e-cig cartridge recycling program. When I first started vaping Green Smoke, I had an inner gut feeling about throwing the cartridges away. I personally hate littering. I’m the type of person that will pull off the side of the road/highway just to pluck a bag of garbage out of the middle of the road or even just a fast food cup. So throwing away the cartridges even though I knew they were going into my trash….I also knew that they were going into the ground, it just wasn’t happening. Anyway, over the past few years these old used up stinky cartridges have added up.

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Summary: I have a nice zip-lock bag full of Green Smoke cartridges & I’m not sure if I want to keep them as novelty, or if I want to trade them in for some of their delicious FlavorMax cartridges. Only time will tell…

Green Smoke offered a program where vapers could trade in whatever e-cig they were presently using and upgrade for free.

Either way…for you, as a consumer, this is an excellent opportunity to cash in on some FREE cartridges 🙂 Keep reading….

Just old Green Smoke E-Cig Carts? Or other e-cig brands too? 

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Surprisingly, we get asked this question a lot. Green Smoke is allowing you to return ANY e-cig cartridge, no matter the brand, and it will count towards the cartridge requirement to get the reward offered. (Details below)

Green Smoke Customer Service (Toll-Free) 1-877-473-3676

What about old/bad e-cig batteries?

While it's true you can't always see the batteries in e-cigarettes, it's important that the lithium ion power sources that energize your e-cigs are appropriately recycled.

Any and all e-cigarette batteries are recyclable. Green Smoke teamed up with Call2Recycle to help breathe some life into this with this go-green e-cig project. Personally from my stand point, I think they’ve made it pretty simple for those of us who want to go that extra mile to try and save our eco-system. 🙂

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How the Green Smoke/Call2Recycle team-up works: (source: GreenSmoke.com)

Some e-cig companies trying to fight waste are offering a cartridge recycling program for empty flavor cartomizers.

1. Visit http://www.call2recycle.org to find the battery drop-off/recycling location nearest to you. Drop-off points are usually located in places you already visit, like office supply stores, gas stations, and grocery stores.

2. Drop off your used Green Smoke disposable batteries to dispose of them easily, efficiently, and properly. That’s it!

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So now that’s out of the way…we’ve got other great news for you. 

If you’re reading this blog post and you currently own a different e-cigarette, Green Smoke is offering customers of other brands the opportunity to upgrade to a Green Smoke e-cigarette absolutely free – no cost. Of course there is a catch, but it’s very simplistic. We’ve mapped it all out for you in the blog post below:

Green Smoke Offers Free Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Because e-cig parts can be reused and the lithium ion batteries should be recycled the best they can be, it's important that if you do use disposable items to make sure they are either taken to a facility that is able to separate the parts, or they are disposed of responsibly.

Whew! What an update. So now that you guys and gals know what to do… save those cartridges up and get yourself some free cartridges! We look forward to hearing from those of you who have taken advantage of this opportunity! Let us know by sending us a message via our contact page.

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