Sometimes sitting and looking at one of my e-cig starter kits brings me back to a different place.

Everyone remembers his or her first crush. That puppy love that sweeps over us, causing us to be infatuated with someone, seeing them as the definition of perfection.

When we are young and things are new, we become certain that the feeling we have will last forever.

Nothing can taint it and certainly there isn’t anything that could significantly alter the way we view our beloved.

Vapers are attached to their first vaping kit

It may sound silly, but that puppy love is very much how many smokers felt when they were first introduced to an e cig starter kit that worked for them. Not necessarily the first one they saw, but the first one from the many e-cigarette brands out there that truly helped them make the switch away from analogue cigarettes.

If you were among that pioneer group of users who were exposed to e-cig starter kits when they first came to America’s shores, you know the journey this technology has taken.You may not have even liked the first electronic cigarette you tried, but you realized its potential from that first puff.

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The first e-cigarettes

Let’s be honest, back then there were a lot of crummy products in cheap e-cig starter kits made by fly-by-night e-cigarette brands. Batteries failed often and a lot of e-cig juice tasted like nothing you would ever want in your mouth. Some companies wouldn’t honor their warranty and others would charge your credit card for product you never wanted. If nothing else, it made us experts in reading the small print!

Small print had details on early e cigarette companies

Then it happened. That moment when you picked up an e-cig, took a drag, and you were blown away with how it made you feel. It would be the best e-cigarette you had had because tasted familiar enough, it had the throat hit you were looking for, and it felt like something of real value. The real love affair began when you kept going back to it, over and over again.

Very quickly, your lifestyle changed in a way you had only hoped was possible because you found the best e-cigarette for your needs. After trying other alternatives to smoking, this one actually stuck. It rendered your lighter obsolete, left only to be used at concerts when swaying your hand back and forth with the music. This was real change and it would only grow.

E cigarette users experience lifestyle changes

Former smokers who use e-cigarettes finally got everything they were looking for. Clothes didn’t reek of smoke and only now could you understand why that stench bothered people so much – it stinks! As time passed, food started tasting better as your taste buds were no longer stifled by tobacco.

Even your dentist noticed that when you came back for another cleaning, your teeth didn’t endure the effects of tobacco and they looked whiter than ever. More than that, you felt better.After a game of basketball you were no longer wheezing our out of breath like you had become accustomed to. If you have kids, running after them no longer seemed like running a marathon.

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Lifestyle changes

Still, there was more to your lifestyle change. Your friends noticed you no longer had to skip out in the middle of a joke to have a smoke. Yes, you found out exactly how unfunny they are! Harsh winters would come and the thought of braving the cold for a cigarette now seemed ridiculous when compared to staying warm inside with your e-cigarette.

It is safe to vape indoors

The same goes if you live in a hot weather area, as dripping from sweat just to have a few puffs became an arcane concept. The reality of planning your day around a pack of smokes was replaced by a lifestyle that allowed much more flexibility. All you needed was the best e-cigarette in your collection and some e-cig juice and you were set, regardless of the situation.

Just think of all the productivity you gained by eliminating all those needless smoke breaks! Chances are that your boss took notice and that bodes well for your future.

No matter how you started smoking or when, you probably didn’t imagine what it would to your lifestyle years down the line. It is hard to look forward that far and see what cigarettes can do to so many aspects of our lives. Once you realize it, it tends to feel too late to make that change. For a lot of smokers, e-cigarettes opened up that possibility for change.

A lifestyle change that at many points seemed out of reach immediately became realistic when dedicated e-cigarette brands entered the market. This is without a doubt a huge driving force for why the e-cigarette industry has blossomed at a dizzying pace.

E cigarettes are a lifestyle change

Finding an e-cigarette that you fall in love with is the key to it all, and that is why ECCR is here. We are proud to have so many pioneers on our staff, all of whom have the ultimate goal of helping you find the best e-cigarette for you and making you fall in love like we all did. From our e-cigarette reviews to our in-depth videos, we want to give you that opportunity that we had.

Back then we had to comb the internet for e-cigarette reviews to find some truth about these products and the brands that stand behind them. ECCR was established to make it easier for everyone with our unbiased reviews as well as features such as our live chat. Go ahead and explore, but know that we are here to help!

The e-cigarette revolution is our passion and we’re happy to have you aboard.

Vape on!