A “Billion Lives” is a vaping documentary currently in production that will shine a bright light onto the misinformation and lies about electronic cigarettes. Film maker Aaron Biebert has investigated the true power brokers behind the war on e-cigs. With so many lives at stake the, attacking a smoking alternative that clearly reduces exposure to toxins defies reason.

Smoking is expected to claim a billion lives this century. This is a staggering number that leaves one sitting in stunned silence at the thought of such widespread loss, tragedy and sadness. It is almost impossible to fathom. As unimaginable as it is, it remains the sad reality nonetheless. With so much at stake, why would anyone discourage smokers from accessing a less harmful alternative?

A billion lives preview released

Especially mystifying has been the approach taken by many anti-smoking groups. With so many lives potentially hanging in the balance, why would anyone who supposedly wants to reduce tobacco harm fight to limit the options available to smokers? If tobacco control groups had their way, smokers would be limited to the same few smoking cessation methods that have failed to make any major impact into smoking mortality rates. Why would they want to condemn smokers to such limited options and bleak prospects?

Biebert wanted to get at the answers and share the truth about vaping. His vaping documentary will examine many of the lies being told about electronic cigarettes and expose the shoddy science behind behind negative ecig studies. The documentary will also delve deeply into who is behind electronic cigarette misinformation and why.

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A Billion Lives Preview

Biebert has identified Big Pharma, anti-smoking groups and government as the real forces at work to discourage electronic cigarettes and vaping. Biebert, who neither vapes nor smokes, was first drawn to the topic after reading about the famous ‘formaldehyde in ecigs’ claim. Beibert had friends that had switched from smoking to vaping and when he looked into the formaldehyde in ecigs study, the lie was obvious. That got him wondering.

Biebert explained “When the New England Journal of Medicine published that study showing how e-cigarette vapor had more formaldehyde than cigarettes, I took notice. I have friends that quit smoking after taking up vaping and I was concerned to see that e-cigarettes were worse.”

It was an aware electronic cigarette user who showed Bieber that the formaldehyde in ecigs claim was a lie. “After I mentioned that study to a vaper, they pointed me to one scientist’s rebuttal showing that the entire study was built on the false premise of overheating the liquid,” Bieber said. “The entire study was a sham.”

The vaping documentary will look at a number of similar false ecig studies designed to terrify people and keep them stuck on cigarettes.

Like most of the vaping community, Biebert believes that some regulation is necessary. We have serious problems with diacetyl in ecig liquid and unqualified ejuice vendors. Although some regulation is necessary, actively discouraging people from recognizing vaping as a less harmful smoking alternative is irresponsible and dangerous. Although the war on ecigs benefits Big Tobacco, he sees Big Pharma and its influence in the corridors of power as the real culprit.

a billion lives documentary director Aaron Beibert

Biebert interviewed a Big Tobacco executive who told him that his company would be willing to switch over completely to ecigs if it made money. Big Tobacco’s concern is money. That’s it. The war on ecigs will basically hand over more and more market share to Big Tobacco so they are covered regardless of the fate of vaping. So while the powers that be jockey for position and power, your right to choose a less harmful smoking alternative is a pawn in their game. With a billion lives hanging in the balance, there are fewer fights with more importance than sharing the truth about vaping.

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As of March 2016, A Billion Lives vaping documentary is in post-production. The release is expected soon. You can see the Billion Lives IMDB page for more.

When this vaping documentary is released, it will expose many people tothe truth about vaping for the first time. So many have been grossly misinformed to serve an agenda. In other parts of the world, the approach to vaping has been much more productive and considerate of smoker’s lives. In England for example, the main public health agency has found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. In fact, the British Prime Minister is a vaping supporter and smokers are actuallyadvised to vape instead of smoke.

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Perhaps a Billion Lives will serve as a catalyst to wake the public conscious to the true potential of vaping. The potential to save a billion lives.

For more information of Biebert’s vaping documentary, you can track the progress at www.abillionlives.com.