What on Earth do electronic cigarettes and autumn have to do with each other? A lot! First and foremost, both represent change. Autumn is a change of season, the time when summer has wound down, the pace of life slows, cooler temperatures replace the summer heat and fall colors reign supreme.

E-cigarettes also represent a colossal change. A change that our society has been longing for and needing for generations. For the billion plus people worldwide who are struggling with an addiction to cigarettes, praying for an answer that will give them better health and a chance for a tobacco free future all seemed hopeless, that is until recently.

For millions of people e-cigarettes have been a gift and an answer to their prayers. If someone asks me, what is an e-cigarette, my answer is that it is a game changer pure and simple. E-cigs, like the fall, are all about change!

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, e-cigarettes were a novelty. Someone walking around with an e-cigarette was a rarity. Now, electronic cigarettes are frequently seen and are becoming the norm. In fact, vaping is well on its way to establishing traditions of its own.

Best E-Cig Flavors For Fall

We've compiled a list of the best e-cig flavors for the fall season.

Autumn has been knocking on the door for a while and it is finally safe to say that it has fully arrived. Black Friday 2014 E-Cigarette deals are right around the corner! The kids are getting ready for Halloween, the malls are getting ready for Christmas and Expert Vaping has been putting together a list of the best e-cig flavors for the fall and for the holidays.

Vaping and fall traditions are on a collision course and the result is superior vaping for you!

The best-e-cig brands have developed e-liquid recipes that you can integrate to compliment your autumn and holiday traditions.

Integrating traditions is part of what makes the USA a great country! We are a melting pot.

The days that we circle on our calendar every autumn are all essentially an integration of traditions from all over the world. Let’s start with Halloween.

Halloween dates back centuries to Ireland.  At the end of the harvest and the latter half of the year when days were shorter and the darkness was longer, it was though that is was an easier time of year for spirits and fairies to be active. The burning Jacko O’Lantern was a representation of the souls of the dead and kept those pesky spirits in check.

Wearing costumes dates back to the 15th century and was practiced throughout Europe. Different cultures combined their beliefs and the idea of wearing a costume so that the vengeful souls of the dead would not recognize you and claim revenge was common.

In the US, the Cajuns began graveyard ceremonies on Halloween. Canada gave us trick or treating. Meshed altogether, we have Halloween 2014!

Thanksgiving is very famously an ideal example of the merging of 2 cultures at the dawn of a new world. We celebrate with the most bountiful meals of the year, and a whole lotta pumpkin pie.  It is also a time of year when we get to use the word bountiful so that’s cool. Of course modern Thanksgiving now also includes, you guessed it, football!

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The original Thanksgiving also involved tobacco. Thankfully, we have a replacement for tobacco thanks to e-cigarettes. Getting tobacco out of these special occasions and replacing them with the best seasonal e-cig flavors is where new traditions can begin. We’ll have more on that later.

Thanksgiving is also the official start of the Holiday Season. It begins a month long build up of anticipation for what Andy Williams called, the most wonderful time of the year!

The Christmas TV specials begin; I mean you have to watch the Grinch every year, right? The shopping malls are packed, Santa Clausi are everywhere! All in all, it is pretty awesome.

Saint Nicolas was from Greece, the Christmas Tree as we know it today came from Germany, and Francis of Assisi in Italy brought us Christmas carols. Of course none other than Coca Cola brought the white-bearded image of Santa Clause to us!

The integration of tradition has shaped the holiday season. Those traditions become our own. We are always ready to welcome new traditions. How about Turducken? Talk about integration! Stuff a duck, stuff the duck into a chicken, stuff the chicken into a turkey …. And you have, ladies and gentlemen, Turducken.  Now that is combining traditions!

Fall E-Liquid Recipes

We are entering the time of year where we slow down after a busy summer. We take moments to spend time with others and warm ourselves against the cool air. The 2014 Holiday Season is quickly approaching and it is time get warm and cozy and maybe, just maybe, start a few new traditions of our own.

One tradition you can certainly do without is going out in the cold to smoke a cigarette and then coming back in smelling like an ashtray. You don’t have to do that anymore thanks to electronic cigarettes and vaping.

Expert Vaping went looking for the best e-liquid flavors that blend old traditions with the new. We found several e-cig flavors that will take your holiday vaping to a warm place, away from the chill, and toward combining the most memorable holiday traditions with the vaping experiences that will accent your 2014 holiday season.

Green Smoke Mountain Clove Flavor

Green Smoke has created the perfect flavor for the fall in Mountain Clove, a spicy blend of cinnamon with hints of sweet citrus.

Green Smoke was recently awarded the honor of the best e-cigarette for 2014. There is a long list of reasons why. For one, the customer service is simply excellent. You will never feel like a number. You will develop a relationship directly with the company and never have to deal with a third party retailer … aka the infamous middleman!

The Green Smoke e-cig itself is second to none. The battery life is fantastic and it takes no time at all to re-charge. Both of these facts indicate the very high quality components used by Green Smoke. If you are interested in learning more about the exact performance of the Green smoke e-cig, read our Green Smoke review and watch our review video.

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Another factor that makes Green Smoke a perennial contender for best e-cig are the cartomizers and flavors. Green Smoke has developed Flavor Shield technology that keeps the flavor fresh and ensures the remarkable consistency that is the envy of the industry.

One of those flavors is Mountain Clove. Many e-cig brands have tried to capture a clove e-liquid flavor and some have done okay but none have really hit the mark. Well, Green Smoke has hit the bulls-eye. They have truly captured the flavor of the finest mountain cloves.

Expert Vaping’s Paul Rucci has prepared a video review of Green Smoke’s Mountain Clove e-cig flavor:

Like Paul says, Green Smoke got it right! Finally there is a clove e-liquid flavor that delivers.

The wonderful thing about cloves is the unforgettable taste. The warm spiciness of cloves brings a touch of warmth to any moment. Cloves are ideal for taking the edge off of the chill of a cool, fall day.

Enjoying the warming sensation of Green Smokes Mountain Clove e-cig flavor is a perfect compliment to the coziness of a warm evening at home while the cool autumn breeze brings a chill outside. Mountain Clove e-cig flavor is a must for autumn vaping!

We have an additional Green Smoke coupon code for anyone interested in purchasing a Green Smoke e-cig starter kit. This is a highly recommended e-cigarette and is worthy of your consideration. If you haven’t tried GreenSmoke give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Use Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping15 to save 15% off of your starter kit purchase.

Apollo E-Cig

The Apollo Pumpkin Pie e-liquid is a sweet taste of holiday flavor all year round.

The team over at the Apollo E-Cig e-liquid recipe lab is well known for creating phenomenal flavors. It is an ideal situation at the lab because Apollo e-liquid is blended using the best quality ingredients in their very own state of the art laboratory facility that meets the highest standards and it is all overseen by chemists who are also passionate vapers!

Most e-cig brands have a development team that comes up with an idea and then has to send their desired e-liquid specifications to a contracted lab facility for actual manufacture. Once complete, a sample is sent back for testing and determination as to whether or not to go forward with a new flavor is made.

Meanwhile at Apollo E-cig, the entire process is much more streamlined because they have their own facility. They are free to take the time to meticulously engage in a trial and error process to perfect the final e-liquid flavor. No wonder these guys come up with the most innovative and top e-cig flavors that you will ever find!

Speaking of those guys at the Apollo e-liquid lab, they clearly understand what autumn vaping is all about. They have combined autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas essentials and blended two amazing e-juice flavors to add an entirely new dimension to the traditions that we all know and love.

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The first fall e-cig flavor is Apollo’s Pumpkin Pie E-liquid. Pumpkin Pie is as much a part of autumn traditions and holidays as you can get! We are talking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner classics. Pumpkin pie has always been associated with the fall and the coming holiday season. It is perhaps the ideal fall e-liquid flavor.

Apollo E-Cigarettes did not stop with a Pumpkin Pie flavored e-juice, they went the extra mile for your holiday enjoyment and created Gingerbread E-Liquid! Just thinking of pumpkin pie and gingerbread brings a warm, cozy feeling to any fall day!

Both of these flavors are limited editions and both are available in five different nicotine options including no nicotine. They are here for the fall and the holidays and after that… they will be gone.  That is until next year.

A 10 ml bottle of Pumpkin Pie E-Liquid or Gingerbread E-Liquid costs only $4.95.

If you are not familiar with Apollo E-cig, take a moment to check out our Apollo e-cigarette review and review video. Apollo electronic cigarettes are among the best ecigs on the market. Likewise, Apollo E-Liquid is also among the very best.

Expert Vaping also offers an exclusive Apollo E-cig coupon offer. Just type in code Expert Vaping and you will save a whopping 20%. Feel free to use our Apollo e-cig coupon when you check out of the Apollo website.

Halo Cigs

Kringle's Curse by Halo Purity is the perfect peppermint blend for the holidays.

Halo Cigs is most famous for its incredibly high quality Halo Premium E-Liquid. Vape Shops everywhere are clamoring for Halo Cigs Premium E-Liquid and for good reason. People love it and better yet they love the quality. Here’s the thing, you do not have to drive around looking for a vape shop to enjoy Halo e-liquid.

You can buy directly from Halo itself! In fact, buying directly from Halo means that you will get the freshest product at the best price. We also have a Halo e-cig coupon that you can use when you make an online purchase. Keep reading to get the code!

Halo E-Cig goes the extra mile in ensuring that every step of eliquid production exceeds the most stringent standards in the industry. Halo sources all of its ingredients from approved facilities. Consumers can be sure that when they are vaping Halo e-juice they do not have to worry about impurities.

One thing to keep in mind, Halo does make perhaps the best e-liquid out there but they also make very high quality e-cigarettes. For example, the Halo Triton has to be considered the best or one of the best eGo style e-cigs available.

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You can get all of the details and see for yourself by checking out our Halo Triton e-cig review.

So that’s an overview of Halo. Now we get to the part where you see how all of this fits into the best e-cig flavors for the fall and the holidays. Halo has a flavor that covers the gamut of post fall equinox experiences from Halloween right up til Christmas. Ladies and gents, assorted other beings, we give you ….. Kringle’s Curse!

Halo Cigs Kringle’s Curse is a peppermint flavored e-liquid but with many accents. It has the essence of a candy cane with an intensity of sweetness that will give your fall vaping a kick up a few gears! Accelerate your vaping and weave in a new tradition with Kringle’s Curse Premium E-Liquid.

Remember, you can get Halo E-cig ejuice strait from the company. It will be shipped quickly and on your doorstep before you know it. Buy direct from the website and you will save money, too.

In addition to saving money by buying direct from the manufacturer, we have a Halo E-cig coupon that you can use to save even more. Just apply coupon code Expert Vaping5 and receive a discount on your final purchase.

Atlantic Cigs

Atlantic Vapor e-cigs sells a full range of devices and liquids including Bordeaux Bubbly.

Autumn is the lead up to a season full of joyous occasions. Whether it is gathering with family, celebrating the prospects of a new year or simply enjoying a warm, cozy fire all of these events are the stuff memories are made of.

They are also events that are traditionally celebrated with a little champagne! Why not incorporate the celebratory symbol that is champagne with the new tradition that is vaping? Thanks to Atlantic Cigs and their Bordeaux Bubbly champagne flavored e-liquid you can do exactly that.

Atlantic Cigs has 37 flavors! The flavor varieties are impressive. They have tobacco flavors, menthol flavors and specialty flavors that are truly one of a kind. There are also five different nicotine levels to choose from including a zero nicotine option.

The e-liquid blends are all manufactured to the highest standards and you can 100% count on a consistent vaping experience from the first puff to the last.

Make all of your autumn occasions memorable with Bordeaux Bubbly. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to propose a vape. Let’s raise our Bordeaux Bubbly vapor to making the fall of 2014 truly special as we go forward into the excitement of the upcoming adventures of 2015!

A 10 ml bottle of Atlantic Premium E-Liquid costs only $8.99. Atlantic is currently running a promotion where any purchase of three bottles of e-liquid will get you a fourth bottle for free. If you buy 10 bottles, you get an additional four for free.

In addition to these specials, you can also use Atlantic ecig coupon code ACEXPERTVAPING10 to save 10% and yes you can save 10% on top of any of Atlantic’s other promotions. No small print!

All of our autumn vaping recommendations are about accentuating your autumn traditions. This is a great time of year. Enjoy the moments and make sure you stay warm and cozy!