Purchasing a gas station e-cig, vapor cigarette, or smokeless cigarette – even if it’s one of those Walmart Murphy USA gas station e-cigarettes – can end up being a very convenient and quick way to waste time and money. Every day, smokers are taken advantage of when they step into a gas station.

The e-cig packaging has sweet advertisements mentioning every benefit that you would look for in a high end e-cig, but nobody is standing there warning you that they are among the thousands of scammers and china out-sourcers that slapped a name and graphic on the simplest e-cig build to make a quick buck. Gas station attendants often try to talk you into them as well, which is actually a shame as most haven’t even tried them.

Many disposable e-cigs being sold in gas stations are poorly made Chinese e-cigs or knock-offs.

Smokeless cigarettes are showing up everywhere now and people are buying them up like they’re going out of style – even when they were literally just introduced to them maybe that very day or a week or two prior. There is a frenzy surrounding ecigarettes at the moment and many of these fly-by-night companies are taking advantage of that by “chumming the waters” with cheap product that has fancy packaging.

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This is sad and it’s very hard to watch this happen to thousands of people every day.

Where does this happen the most? Retail Stores and Gas Stations

Vapor cigarettes, smokeless cigs, and e-cigarettes – they’re the same thing!

There are many ways to refer to vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, vapor, smokeless or heat not burning.

I’ve seen a lot of disposable e-cigarettes, with their labeling worded very differently just for the curious minded individuals who aren’t in the “know” about e-cigs. Ecig companies often present their product as e-cigs, vapor cigarettes or smokeless cigs – in very big print. There’s no difference between the three words. It’s a marketing ploy, and they’re trying to use your curiosity to trigger you to buy. We’ve out lined some e-cig buying tips in a recent e-cig news blog post that you can refer to should you need any further help with your decision 🙂

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So what’s the big deal?

There are a lot of faulty and crappy e-cigarettes out there in the gas stations and retail outlets. There are also a ton of fakes and clones being sold online through auction sites and other sources. We’re trying to bring your attention to this. When you purchase a smokeless cigarette kit, it should be of high quality, taste delicious, produce high vapor volume, and it should be a flawless adaption. You shouldn’t have any leaking or battery issues. If you purchase an electronic cigarette, make sure that you’re taking into consideration that this device is supposed to be your escape from tobacco cigarettes – you want it to work.

The people behind these companies are online perpetrators as well, which you can read more about in our blog post concerning free e-cig trials, and e-cig scams.

Why are we pointing this out?

Gas station e-cigs are affordable, cheaply made often disposable e-cigs made of inferior materials.

Well, we’re on a crusade to help people avoid these crappy products. Many consumers who have tried a crappy gas station ecig end up giving up on ecigs all together. This leads them straight back to the toxic smoke of regular tobacco cigarettes. This is a travesty!

Don’t fall into the traps these “under-performing” companies are setting up for you at the gas stations and retail outlets like Wal-Mart. If you see an e-cig on retail stores shelves, look up a review for it before you buy it. It could save you a lot of time and money. There ARE good brands out there that provide a premium experience, you just have to do your homework to find them.

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Like the many other consumers who have read our reviews and decided on a purchase, we hope you’ll take our advice and then come back and leave a consumer review on the particular e-cigarette you chose to purchase. This will help others see what you’ve experienced when you purchased the product. Our goal at Expert Vaping is to provide an honest flow of information on as many ecig brands and products as we can.

We’re here to help you….

Before purchasing e-cigs, it's important to do your research to make sure you get exactly what you need, do not overpay and get a quality product.

There’s a plethora of e-cig brands out there, and while we don’t review every single brand, we do have a good line up of e-cig companies that have been in the industry for at least a minimum of 2 years – some more than 5 years. You want to make sure that you get an e-cig from a reputable company and that’s why we’re here: we’ve extensively reviewed some of the most popular e-cigarette companies out there to make it easier for people like yourself who are willing to purchase an e-cig kit online. Some people want to purchase their refills at a local store and aren’t willing to order via online. (We have some thoughts on this, but we’ll save that for another blog…)

The sad news is… that other than Blu and a few other smaller companies, there aren’t many BIG players that carry high quality e-cigs looking to go retail just yet. They know it’s harder to control quality and customer service when consumers purchase through a “real-world” distributor. Plus, it’s more cost-effective for them to do everything online.

In summary, just be careful out there. Good research will save you a good amount of time and money in the end.

So… what are you waiting for? A great place to get started just so happens to be right on the front page of our website.

Check out our electronic cigarette review charts and dig in!