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Our vape news section brings you the latest news released via the interweb's information highway. Feeling connected to the latest news goes beyond your local shop and we believe it’s our duty to bring it to you.

Hot Juice - CBD vape Juice & Eliquid
Hot Juice - CBD vape Juice & Eliquid

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Many times, before the world’s conversations reach the vaping community, Expert Vaping's vape news section is here to bring you the breaking news, facts and rumors for the latest in government legislation, FDA regulations and the hottest new vape related technology.



On the cutting edge of e-cigs, we’ll consider all the latest research into the future of vaping. We'll dissect vaping on a molecular level and explore the possible health benefit analyses of its effect on society.  Home to the most detailed stories on the latest in scientific advancements and how they affect the vaping community at large. If an astronaut vapes clouds at zero gravity you’ll learn about it here.


Vape lifestyle will cover everything from where you can use your e-cig, to famous vapers blazing the trails of tomorrow. If it’s related to celebrity vapers, vape culture, or where you feel comfortable as a vaper, we’re going to discuss it. We'll welcome the community to join the conversation in the comments and chat about what you're #vapelife is like. Check out what’s hot, happening and exciting us about being part of the vaping community. We’ll highlight things like the best-selling new products and whether they’re worth the investment. Additionally, we'll have a directory of vaper gatherings and events.


Vaping is under constant threat by legislation to regulate it back to the golden age of tobacco. Expert Vaping knows you value knowing the future of your vaping rights as soon as they happen. From developments on government oversight, to which politicians are taking a stand for the vaping community. We’ll bring you the latest in what the bureaucracy is saying about e-cigs, or doing to try to suppress them and limit your freedoms.


Personal devices have grown ever more advanced and compact. As a result, it was only natural the vaping industry would devise how to apply the advanced developments of compact tech to e-cigs. We keep a close eye on the evolving technology of personal vaping devices, e-cigs, and batteries. Tech news will bring you all the latest advancements in compact electronics and growing functionality.


Who are the most pioneering brands creating new products? What’s the secret to creating a flavor craze? Are there any new flavors left? We’ll answer all these question and bring you the most up to date news on new products, new flavors and the most talked about advancements from tradeshows and conventions.

Contests & Giveaways

Frequently, we give away free stuff, not because it’s not good, because we appreciate you. We wouldn’t be here without you and we acknowledge it. As a result, we take advantage of any opportunity to reward our readers for their continued support and feedback. It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a part of our community. Here you’ll find the most current information regarding ongoing contests and online giveaways, both ours and others. What’s better than getting the best new vape tech that you'll love? Getting it for free! Know about a current contest we don’t have listed? Feel free to give us a heads up and post it in the comments.

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