Big vape tanks that can be vaped at very high wattages and make enormous clouds of vapor are the trend. VaporFi went there with the VaporFi Vulk vape tank. The Vulk is a monster. Not only can it be vaped up to 200 watts, it is genuinely tough. The Vulk is designed to stand up to the day to day, real world wear and tear that you go through. You don’t live in a bubble. The Vulk has the toughness to go where you do. It is not finicky. The Vulk is a workhorse that doesn’t complain, doesn’t need to be babied, it just does its job.

vaporfi vulk tank silver and black colors

Let’s talk coils. Vulk coils are big. They are designed for maximum sub ohm vapor and flavor. The 0.2 ohm coils are Kanthal and have a tri-parallel configuration. They can be vaped at up to 200 watts. The 0.6 0hm ceramic Vulk coils have what VaporFi calls a “sandwich” design. The coils are wrapped in such a way to accentuate the flavor and can be vaped up to 100 watts. Both of the Vulk coil options are also designed to last a long time and that means better value for you.

The VaporFi Vulk tank is priced at $39.99 so it is right in the same price range as similar tanks in its niche. The advantage is that the Vulk is coming to you directly from a US company. That means US based customer service, no worry about getting ripped off by a clone and future advantages like a rewards program so you can save on replacement coils. There are real advantages to buying from VaporFi. Okay now let’s move on and get into what the Vulk is all about.

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VaporFi Vulk Review

The VaporFi Vulk is a top-fill sub ohm vape tank with a 5 ml e-liquid capacity. This is a 26 mm diameter with dual bottom adjustable airflow. The construction material is stainless steel. There is a stainless steel sleeve that protects the glass tank. The Vulk is simple and tough.

The extra wide bore heat resistant drip tip is bigger than the typical 9 mm bore 510 drip tip. If you prefer a 9 mm drip tip, the Vulk comes with an adapter so you can use your own preferred 510 drip tip.

vaporfi vulk fill cap in silver .2 ohms coil

A locking top-fill port ensures that your Vulk top cap does not come open accidentally. You know how many top-fill caps come open and spill your juice, well this one won’t. A 1/8 inch twist is all that it takes to open and lock the top fill cap. The vape juice refill port is wide enough to make refills a quick and clean process. Also of note, it became clear to me doing the VaporFi Vulk review that the top fill seal is designed to last. No constant o-ring or seal replacement will be needed.

VaporFi Vulk Specs

  • 26 mm Diameter
  • Top Fill Tank Design
  • 1/8th Turn Lock Ring Keeps The Top Fill Secure
  • Dual Fill Port, Extra Durable
  • 5 mL Vape Juice Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Steel Sleeve To Protect The Glass
  • Three Auxiliary Wicking Holes On The Coils
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow

Vulk Coils

  • VaporFi Vulk 0.6 Ceramic Ohm Atomizer
  • Coil Material: Kanthal
  • Wattage Rating: 50 W to 100 W
  • (Expert Vaping recommends 65 to 75 watts)
  • Reverse Sandwich Style Coil
  • Ceramic Wicking Ports
  • VaporFi Vulk 0.2 Ohm Kanthal Atomizer
  • Coil Material: Kanthal
  • Wattage Rating: 60 W to 200 W
  • (Expert Vaping recommends 75 to 95 watts with occasional visits to 150 plus because why not!)
  • Vertical Coil Orientation
  • Tri-Parrallel Coil Design (Per Coil)
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VaporFi Vulk Coils

Currently there are two coil options available for the Vulk. Each coil option has a distinct characteristic. The 0.2 ohm Kanthal coil is designed to produce massive vapor. Vulk coils allow for huge airflow to be drawn up through the coil center. Wicking is organic Japanese cotton. The 0.2 ohm is for the cloud chaser. With this coil option you can push your mod to the limits by vaping at up to 200 watts.

In testing for the VaporFi Vulk review, I found that Vulk coils are very durable. You will get a long life from these coils. Of course the usual variable apply including how high a wattage you consistently vape at and the quality of mod that you are using. A low quality or clone mod will probably be very inconsistent and imprecise putting more stress on your coils.

three head coil for vaporfi vulk tank

The 0.6 ohm coil is a ceramic sandwich design! This puppy is for flavor. The clean, sharp flavor that ceramic coils are known for. The VaporFi Vulk ceramic coils can be vaped at up to 100 watts. I found that 65 watts to 75 watts was my sweet spot for flavor and vapor. The ceramic coils are especially long lasting.

The easiest way to think of it is simply that the 0.2 ohm coils make vapor and the 0.6 ohm ceramics are for the flavor enthusiast. Replacement coils sell for $20 per pack of three.

Mod Recommendations

You will get the most enjoyment out of the VaporFi Vulk tank when you pair it with a good quality dual 18650 battery 150 watt to 200 watt vape mod. The VaporFi Vex 150 high performance mod is an excellent pairing. The Vex is also tough and can handle real world wear and tear. Plus the Vex is precise which will enhance both vaping and coil longevity. A good mod can pay for itself very easily with efficiency that saves on e-juice and precision power output that increases coil life.

Some other popular mods from Smok, Wismec, iJoy and other popular imported brands will work quite nicely. As long as you have an authentic mod and not a cheap clone. You have to be careful with all of the counterfeits out there. They are everywhere I hate to say. Some lesser known but very good quality mods would be the new Smoant Charon 218 watt and the Envii Loch Ness 150 watt mod.

vaporfi vulk tank airflow adjust and 510 connector

Note for new vapers:

Some of you folk might be looking for your first subohm mod. If you don’t feel you are quite ready for a cloud chasing atomizer tank, then take a look at our vaping for beginners guide.

VaporFi has a lot of good choices for both new and experienced vapers. For an easy to use all in one mod with subohm ability take a look at the VaporFi AIO mod with built in tank.

Whatever device you ultimately decide to buy, for sure you should consider VaporFi e-juice. VaporFi e-juice is made on-site in their US based FDA registered lab. The company published independent lab reviews of all of their e-liquid ingredients. Total transparency and that’s what we like to see. Plus we have a coupon you can use to get 4 bottles of e-liquid for the price of three.

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How To Use The VaporFi Vulk

The VaporFi Vulk is easy to use. The engineering and design are spot on. Everything assembles ultra smoothly, typical VaporFi. But first, if the Vulk will be your first high-performance vape tank, I want to make sure you are aware of something very important. I am talking about the importance of priming your coils before vaping. This goes for any coils but especially high end coils.

First, thread your fresh coil in place in the base of the Vulk tank. You do not have to overtighten. Simply screw it in until you feel resistance and that’s all you need. To prime your coils, you will need to place a few drops of e-liquid in each of the three juice ports on the coil. Then assemble your tank threading the tank to the base until you feel resistance.

accessories included with vaporfi vulk tank

Once the tank is assembled, turn the top cap 1/8 inch of a turn. Then flip open the top cap and fill the tank with e-liquid. Wait five minutes for the coil to become totally saturated. After 5 minutes, take a coupe of inhales from the drip tip without firing your atomizer. For the first few vapes, don’t go above 50 watts. Let the coil break in. Slowly increase the wattage as you are vaping. For example after a few vapes at 50 watts, try a few vapes at 60 watts then 70 watts. Increase wattage slowly until you reach your desired power setting. This will help you break in the coil smoothly and give you a better coil life and avoid that burnt taste.

Why Should I Buy The Vulk vs An Import?

If you are reading this, you are probably looking around for a vapor making tank that will let you push you mod to the limits. You have a lot of great choices! There is the Smok TFV8, the Sigelei Slydr, the TFV12, the Aspire Athos and all of these choices have the large coil design for max vapor. And all of these choices will let you push your 200 watt mods to the freaky edges. All of these tanks, including the Vulk, are within about $5 of each other and they are are massive vapor producers. So how do you choose?

vaporfi vulk tank black fill cover

If you are not sure which one to choose, that is a great problem to have that I can tell you! So I want to tell you about the advantages of buying the vs your other choices. The first that that pops into my head is that with the Vulk you are buying direct from an American company. That means jobs in America and you eliminate the risk of being ripped off by a cloned import vape tank. And believe me, there are a lot of clones out there.

So that’s two things. Buying from an American company that backs the products they sell and you get US based customer service. Plus you don;t have to worry about a clone. Next, you have the advantage of buying your coils from VaporFi and once again avoiding clones. Cloned coils are also a huge problem. On top of that, you can join the VaporFi rewards program and save money on future coil purposes.

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Vaping Comparisons

If we compare the vaping performance of the Vulk to the TFV8, Slydr etc I can say that in terms of vapor production the Vulk is right there with them. In terms of flavor, the Vulk with the 0.6 ohm ceramic coil delivers a terrific flavor. Crisp and clean. The Vulk 0.2 ohm coils makes huge vapor but perhaps not quite as good a flavor as the TFV8. Where the Vulk really distinguishes itself is toughness.

In my VaporFi Vulk review I found that this tank is not finicky, it performs. It is like the, pardon me, but the tank of vape tanks! It has a simplicity in its parts. The top fill seal does not warp, the dual bottom airflow is no nonsense. The stainless steel sleeve protects the glass tank against drops, bumps real world wear and tear. You don’t have to treat the Vulk with kid gloves. It can take what your day dishes out.

vaporfi vulk silver 510 connector and airflow adjust

Let me recap the advantages of buying the Vulk from VaporFi

  • Tough. Stainless steel construction and glass tank sleeve.
  • Simplicity, well-built and designed parts that work together seamlessly. Not a lot to go wrong.
  • Large vapor making coils coils and a ceramic coil option.
  • Buying from an American company.
  • You know who you are buying from and know that they back their products.
  • No worry about being ripped off by a clone.
  • VaporFi Loyalty Program so you can save money on vape juice and future coil purchases.

VaporFi Vulk Review Wrap-Up

That’s it for my VaporFi Vulk review! If you tend to be tough on your vape tank, if you have broken the glass more than a few times, like I have, then it sounds like you need something tough. If you need a performance vapor making tank that can take what your day dishes out, then I think you should definitely consider the Vulk. It’s probably the tank for you.

The durability is impressive. As soon as you take it out of the box you will feel it. You will feel that this is a tough customer. The vapor is massive. The flavor you get from the 0.6 ohm ceramic coils is really nice and crisp. The 0.2 ohm coils are for when you want huge vapor. And the 0.6 ohm ceramic coils are for when you want to savor the flavor. Or, for our Canadian, British and Australian readers…savour the flavour!

The top-fill with the locking mechanism is a great touch. Thumbs way up for ease of use. Easy, reliable and tough. That’s the three words that best fit the VaporFi Vulk vape tank.