South Beach Smoke has been a part of the ecig industry since the early days. They established a reputation of providing high quality electronic cigarette products at affordable prices. Expert Vaping decided to measure the progress of this progressive ecigarette company by completing a South Beach Smoke Thunder ecig review.

We have previously completed a South Beach Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit ecig review and the South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit.

While we were impressed by the original South Beach Smoke ecig, but after our South Beach Smoke Air ecig review we found that the Air ecig tank was not up to the standard that we expected.

Overall, we expect a lot from South Beach Smoke. We know that they are a quality ecig company and are associated with VaporFi, one of the leaders in ecig innovation and technology. With those expectations in mind, we decided to review a next level ecig offered by South Beach, the Thunder.

the sbs thunder is a very solid ecig that comes in both stainless steal and black colors

The South Beach Smoke Thunder features variable voltage and variable air flow functions. The ability to customize your vaping adds layers of versatility. It all comes down to function and quality. Let’s get into it.

The South Beach Smoke Thunder starter kit comes with:

1 – 1300 mAh variable voltage ecig battery

1 – Thunder adjustable airflow tank

5 – additional dual atomizers

1 – USB ecig battery charger

1 – wall charger

1 – instruction manual

The Thunder kit arrived in Classic South Beach Smoke packaging. As you can see in the unboxing portion of our South Beach Smoke Thunder video review, the packaging is compact, attractive and you get everything you need.

The Thunder battery is about four inches long and has about a 5/8 inch diameter. It is a nice, meaty size but not too big. Considering the fact that you are getting a 1300 mAh battery the size is just about right. It is very similar to a KangerTech Emow.

Another first impression, the inclusion of the five additional atomizers was great to see. In our experience, atomizers generally last between one and three weeks depending on how much you vape. Including extra atomizers is always appreciated.

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You can choose either a black or stainless steel option for your South Beach Smoke Thunder. We went with the stainless but both options are sleek.

The engineering is very good. Right away just by handling the Thunder you can tell that it is a solidly built ecig. The Thunder tank was easy to work with, the threading was perfect and attaching components was effortless. The same goes for changing atomizers.

Often, changing atomizers can be a challenge. If a product is well designed, it should be easy. The Thunder tank dual atomizer easily threads in and out of the tank.

The mechanical functions were all very good. So how does it work?

Battery And Charging Performance

the thunder has a powerful 1300 mah battery and has 3 variable voltage options

The South Beach Smoke Thunder battery is a 1300 mAh variable voltage battery. Most mod ecig batteries come it at either 650 mAh or 900 mAh so the Thunder is a more powerful, longer lasting battery that what is offered by most mod designs.

To activate the battery, you quickly push the power button five times. The indicator light will let you know that the power is on and the Thunder is ready. Pushing the power button five times is a safety feature to ensure that you battery is not accidentally activated.

Even though this is a variable voltage ecig battery, there is only one button and that single button controls all of the Thunder’s battery features.

To change the variable voltage setting, click the power button three times quickly. The power button light color indicator will tell you the voltage that you are set to.

There are three choices. The white light indicates that you are set at the highest range, 4.8 V.  The green light indicates that you are set at 4.2 V. The red light means 3.7 V. Very simple, no frills design.

You see a lot of VV ecig batteries with digital displays. Those digital displays look nice but they eat away at your available power. The Thunder’s variable voltage design actually saves battery power. Three settings gives you range while maintaining ease of use and power conservation.

For our South Beach Smoke Thunder ecig review, we tested for three weeks. The Thunder battery proved very reliable, as we did not experience any glitches at all.

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The Thunder battery provided 400 to 500 puffs consistently. That number will vary depending on how much you vape and what voltage setting you are using. The bottom line is that the battery life is very good and will get even a heavy vaper through a full day.

As you increase voltage, you increase the amount of vapor. The lowest setting, 3.7 V, does provide very good vapor and will give you the longest battery life as well as giving you more mileage for your ejuice. The highest voltage setting, 4.8 V, is going to give you the most vapor.

After three weeks of testing, we found that the 4.2 V setting was the sweet spot. At 4.2 V we experienced great vapor production and excellent battery life.

The recharge time for the Thunder battery is about 2.5 hours. That is a very good recharge time for a 1300 mAh battery and a string indicator that the lithium components of the battery are the highest grade. In other words, the South Beach Smoke Thunder battery is not cheaply made! It is an excellent quality battery.

Thunder Tank Performance

the thunder tank is very easy to fill and has 5 adjustable airflow settings

The Thunder tank is an adjustable airflow tank with 5 settings. By rotating the adjustor ring, you can expose between one and five airholes. It is very easy to adjust and responsive.

Some people like a stiff draw when they are vaping, others want an easy, airy draw. The Thunder tank can accommodate anyone’s preferences. If you want to change it up from one vape to the next, you can do that too.

To fill the tank, you unscrew the metal base, hold the tank upside down and fill. Make sure you put the ejuice dow the sides of the tank because you don’t want to accidentally get any eliquid down the center. It is a very standard filling process.

Also, don’t fill the tank beyond 75% otherwise eliquid will drip out of the mouthpiece. Pretty basic.

There is a big difference between cheaply made ecig tanks and quality tanks like the Thunder tank. The cheaply made stuff can be shoddy and leaky so you have to tighten everything to an almost extreme level. With the Thunder tank, you never want to overtighten anything, there is no need to.

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In three weeks of testing, we never had any leaking issues of any kind. You simply screw the complements together to a point where they are comfortably snug, never overtighten! These are precisely designed and machined components so overtightening can actually cause damage.

The quality of the design and the fact that you do not have to overtighten anything makes the Thunder much easier to use. You never have to worry about struggling to unscrew the base to refill your tank. Likewise, it is easy to swap out atomizers.

After using an ecig tank for one week to a month, depending on how much you vape, you may begin to notice a slight burnt taste. That is when you know that it is time to swap out the atomizer.

We vaped on the Thunder tank heavily for three weeks and never experienced any burnt taste and never had to switch out atomizers. Getting this type of life from an atomizer is a far above average performance.

The Thunder tank atomizers get a big A+.

not once over the course of 3 weeks did we have to switch out atomizers or have a burnt taste

The quality of the Thunder dual atomizers is something that you will definitely notice when you do not have to switch out atomizers all the time. The atomizer has a 1.8 ohm resistance and the dual design helps ensure excellent saturation which leads to consistent vapor.

Additional atomizers are available from South Beach Smoke in packs of five for $19.99. make sure to come back to Expert Vaping and get the latest South Beach Smoke coupon code to save on any future purchases.

The Thunder tank has a 1.7 ml capacity and a pyrex glass construction. The 1.7 ml capacity gave us 125 to 150 vapes with a heavy draw. We took big puffs! A more typical vaper should easily get 200 puffs from the 1.7 ml tank.

Expert Vaping Tip:  Keep your ecig tank topped up to avoid letting the atomizer dry out. By keeping your tank topped up you keep your atomizer saturated extending the life and making for better vaping. (Tweet your vaping tips to #eccrtips)

The South Beach Smoke Thunder tank is very good and operates as designed without a glitch. And we were looking for the glitches! We alaos want to touch on South Beach Smoke’s eliquid.

South Beach Smoke ejuice is made in the USA and adheres to the highest quality control standards. This is excellent eliquid.

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You want to buy an eliquid that is made to high standards and blended by capable professionals. Too many eliquids brands are blended by people who are unqualified to do so and we have seen problems with quality and too many cases of eliquids that don’t even have the right nicotine level.

South Beach Smoke eliquids are high quality, contaminant free and blended by qualified professionals so you can rest assured that the nicotine level on the label is actually what you are getting. That’s a bigger deal than you might think.

The flavor options are unbelievable. Not only do they have a huge selection of pre-made ecig flavors, you can also blend your own custom eliquid flavor using their online tool. There are 30,000 possible flavors.

South Beach Smoke eliquids offer five different nicotine levels. They come in 30 ml bottles and are blended in a 70 / 30 – PG / VG ratio.

The flavors are yummy and the vapor production is just right. You can use any ejuice with the Thunder mod but we wanted to let you know that if you haven’t tried South Beach Smoke eliquids you should give them a chance. The custom eliquid option is really fun and innovative.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

emailing south beach smoke is an option but the best way to get a hold of them is to call

We have been dealing with the folks at South Beach Smoke for quite a few years now and can say that they are a great group that really cares about customer service. We are confident that if you ever have a problem they will work hard to solve it and make sure that you are happy.

There are numerous ways to contact South Beach Smoke. You can email any of the departments but the best way is to call the toll free number Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

You order will be shipped in 5 to 7 business days. Once shipped, South Beach Smoke will email you a tracking number so you will know exactly when your vape mail will be at your door.

By the way, South Beach Smoke now ships worldwide!

Review Wrap-Up

the thunder is a great introductory vape and a nice backup for veterans

We did not experience any real problems with the South Beach Smoke Thunder ecig. After testing it for three weeks, we were very impressed with the function and ease of use.

While it is variable voltage and variable airflow, both of those functions are super easy to use making it suitable for first time vapers or anyone who wants to take it up a notch from a cigalike.

We recommend the Thunder to newer vapers looking for something that is reliable, sturdy, easy to use and, most importantly, provides a satisfying experience that helps you avoid tobacco.

If you are an advanced vaper, the Thunder might not be your ideal everyday vape but it would be a great choice as a sturdy, reliable back-up.

There are times and situations where making massive vapor clouds is not practical. For example, driving and vaping on a high powered, sub ohm mod is frankly not safe. You will make so much vapor that you can’t see where you’re driving! If you have ever been in the car with a sub ohm vaper, you know what we are talking about.

To sum it up again, the South Beach Smoke Thunder is an excellent, no frills ecig that offers you the ability to adjust voltage and airflow to suit your personal tastes. In several weeks of testing, we did not experience any problems at all. The Thunder has earned an Expert Vaping recommendation as a reliable choice for consumers.

If you have tried the Thunder out for yourself be sure to visit our South Beach Smoke consumer ecig review page and tell us your thoughts.