More and more vapers are moving toward the massive amount of vapor produced by mech mods. In the beginning of the vaping revolution, almost all of the electronic cigarettes available were cig-a-likes. Mods evolved based on modifications that were made to these early e-cigs that enabled them to produce more vapor.

Cigalikes, even the early incarnations, would limit battery output to the 4 volt range. Not enough for those with high vapor demands.

(By the way, what do you call it when a hillbilly is reincarnated – reintarnation! Sorry.)

The first mods that came into existence were often former flashlights that innovative vapers would connect to an atomizer and add then some e-juice. They increased battery capacity, more power, more vapor and had longer battery life. The downside was that there was no way to control battery stability. Unless the power source was withdrawn in time, it was easy to overheat an atomizer and give you a cloud of vapor, but with a burnt taste. When you overheat an atomizer you are actually vaping the metallic components as well as any e-liquid, the risk of overheating had to be taken into consideration.

Now, e-cig brands offer mods and various types of e-cigarettes. Modern mods are implement the best in new battery technology as well as possessing sophisticated microprocessors that prevent accidents. Modern cigalikes as well have far surpassed the performance of the early editions.

E-cigarette technology and gadgetry become part of the vaping experience for many and sometimes people want a little more. Extreme vapers want more vapor and do not want to be constrained by the built in safety features of most e-cigs. They want to control the battery, resistance, voltage and create enough vapor to block the view of Mount Everest. When that happens, a mech mod is often the choice.

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Mech Mod E-Cigarette

What begins as a journey to find a smoking alternative often becomes a passion and vaping is indeed a passion for many people. Often, the goal is the most possible vapor. Cloud chasing is even becoming a sport! A mech mod is specially designed to create massive clouds of vapor.

A mech mod is short for mechanical mod. Mechanical means just that, there are no wire, no microprocessors, no voltage regulators, it is all mechanical. The idea is that with no regulating electronics, the battery is free to heat the atomizer as much as the user wishes.

mechanical unregulated mod

The user has to be aware of the dangers of a thermal runaway. Lithium ion batteries pack a lot of punch in a small space.

The e-liquid can also be directly exposed to the heat source rather than heating a wick. More heat means more vapor.

There is a downside to this as dripping e-juice right onto the heat source may raise possible safety concerns. E-juice that is vaporized at high temperatures may generate impurities in the vapor. In addition, not regulating battery output can lead to overheating or even pose a fire hazard. The bottom line is this, before switching to a mech mod make sure that you know what you are doing.

Mech Mod Vaping

The key to knowing how to operate a mechanical mod is understanding resistance. Resistance is basically a measure of how much voltage passes into and through a conduit. Resistance is impacted by the material of the conduit and even by the size and shape of a conduit.

Resistance is measured in Ohms. Ohms refers to scientist Gregory Simon Ohm who unveiled his formula for electrical resistance in the early 19th century. Ohms law dictates that the resistance of a wire or coil becomes stronger when that wire is longer and less when the wire is wider. Mech users choose heating coils that suit their personal needs.

what is an unregulated mod

The material is also pivotal. A brass mech mod will operate differently than a stainless steel mech. We won’t go too far into the science because that is an entirely new chapter. Suffice to say that mechanical mods are gadgets that require some background knowledge of how they function. You should know all about batteries.

Many lithium ion batteries are self-regulating meaning that they cannot be pushed beyond their limits. Mech mod users often choose batteries that have no protection, no internal circuitry meaning they can be pushed as far as the user will take them.

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Make sure you know the chemistry of your battery and how it will interact with your resistance.

There is a danger here. Putting too much of a burden on the battery, or load, can cause them to overheat (or experience the aforementioned thermal runaway). If it gets too hot, and e-cig battery may even explode. Make sure you know the chemistry of your battery and how it will interact with your atomizer coil, that is know how the voltage and resistance will operate.

There are so many types of e-cigarettes. Mechanical mods are an option but they do require some operational knowledge in order to use them safely. If you simply want to vape, stick with cig-a-likes and regular mod e-cigarettes. If you want to push the boundaries a little, a mech mod might be for you.

I personally recommend keeping your vaping to 6 Volts or less. Over that, you can generate serious vapor but risk heating e-liquid to a point where the byproducts might not be as safe. It’s still better than smoking but with todays e-cig technology and top quality ecigs like the Apollo Endeavor you can get serious vapor at safer voltages.

Mech mods are usually adjustable to accommodate different battery sizes. This allows vapers to exercise even more control over their battery voltages and how much heat they can generate which equates to how much vapor they can create. Mech mods are sometimes homemade but the top e-cig brands have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Kamry K100

The Kamry K100 is a stylish mech mod with a telescoping body that accommodates multiple battery sizes. It will work with 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries. It has a unique appearance that certainly distinguishes it from run of the mill e-cig brands.

It is sturdy and easily portable which makes it a popular choice as a first mech mod for vapers who want to expand into the mech realm.

The Kamry K100 activates at the touch of a bottom button that you activate with your pinky while inhaling. The button is removable so you will not have to worry about accidental activation.

kamry k 100 mech mod kit

The threading of the K100 accommodates 510 clearomizer cartridges. This includes eGo clearmizers. The Kamry K100 start kit comes with:

  • 1 – K100 Telescopic Mech Mod available in blue, gold or bronze
  • 1 – 510 Kasbah style drip tip
  • 1 – clearomizer sleave
  • 2 – 510 blank cartomizers
  • 1 – 18650 2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 1 – 18350 900 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 1 – universal battery charger
  • 1 – carry case
  • 1 – free floating pin
  • instructions

This kit comes with everything that you need. It will work with the e-liquid of your choice. This kit normally sells for $80 to $100 at vape shops  but it is actually available online right now for $49.99 from Panda E-cig. (Link provided below.)

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Black Hawk Panzer Clone

The Black Hawk Panzer clone has been highly anticipated for quite some time. It looks powerful and sturdy. Many vapers refer to it as a beast! It’s named after an attack chopper and a tank so ‘beast’ seems pretty appropriate!

It accommodates 18650, 18500 and 18350 batteries. Two threaded extension rings adapt the Black Hawk Panzer to each battery length.

black hawk anzer mech mod clone

The Panzer has no circuits; it is very much a full mech mod. It works with 510 compatible atomizers and comes with a 510 telescopic pin.

The firing button is located on the bottom and it is fully locking so you can make sure to avoid any accidental activations.

The Black Hawk Panzer clone usually sells for $69.99 but is currently available for $44.99 from Panda. You really do get the best deals when you buy e-cigs online.

Stingray Mod

The Infinite Stingray mech mod has proven to be a very popular choice. Fitted with standard 510 threading it is compatible with the majority of available components.

It comes in a black or copper finish and it certainly has a way of capturing attention with its impressive look. It comes with extra extension tubes which gives you multiple battery options.

stingray mech mod with rta

Here’s an interesting feature, the bottom cap has a magnetic switch with adjustable firing.

Some of the other features include:

  • Floating positive pin.
  • Low voltage loss.
  • Silver plated copper contacts.
  • Copper tubes with matching serial numbers.

The Nemesis Clone is offered by a number of retailers but you can pick one up online for $41.99 from Mt Baker Vapor.

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Choosing a mech mod should not be an impulse decision, all aspects should be seriously considered. It is a growing trend but it definitely has its pros and cons. If you have friends who vape and are into mech mods, you may feel like in order to keep up you should move into mech mods as well. Make sure it is your choice.

In the vaping world, mech mods are labeled “advanced e-cigs”. Now,when someone sees the word “advanced” it automatically evokes words like superior or state of the art. When I think of that well, hey, I want to be associated with the best and be on the leading edge therefore I better try this otherwise I’ll be viewed as less than. It’s not a competition. I am telling you don’t think that way. Don’t give those labels any power over deciding what is right for you.

In this case, advanced is the term used as a reflection of the complexity of use. You absolutely do need to know how all of your mech mod components interact and the actual function and use is more complex. If you want the complexity, it you enjoy vaping as a hobby then by all means. Pick a good brand and give it a whirl. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of options for vapers and the new technologies that have been introduced allow you to enjoy fantastic vaping at safer voltages with easy to use products.

If you ask many veteran vapers or vape shop staff, they may tell you that mech mods are the way to get serious vapor and satisfaction. That’s not true. They are thinking of the state of vaping in 2011, not 2015. Many of the best e-cigarettes produce excellent vapor at safer voltages and are easy as pie to use. All of that being said, if you really want to try a mech mod then there are some good choices.

You do need to be familiar with the components and how they will work together. We have mentioned a few brands and models that are popular and consumers seem to be very happy with. Explore your options.

mount baker vapor sells great mech mods

My recommendation when it comes to buying a mech mod is to buy from a reputable online vendor. You will get better prices and deal direct with a distributor rather than a retailer. This may seem minor but when dealing with issues relating to warranty or replacement parts it makes a difference. Bottom line, however, is to get the best price.

The two vendors that I recommend when you are looking for a mech mod are Panda Ecig and Mount Baker Vapor.

Both of these companies have excellent customer service and consistently offer the best prices. Mt. Baker Vapor is very well known and has a lot of fans in the vaping community. Panda E-cigs may not have the name recognition of Mt Baker but they are a hidden gem. Panda is like that restaurant in every city that may not get the attention of the fancy places but it is simply awesome food at the best prices in town. Well, that’s what we are here for at ECCR to let you know about all of your options, including the lesser known gems.

Panda E-cig is always running specials and sales as well. Mt Baker has a very good reputation in the industry and, like Panda, offers excellent prices. So, shop around but make sure you check out these two companies before making a final decision. In most cases, you will see that their prices and customer service are hard to beat.

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