Kaos. The Alien, the Predator. This class of 200 to 220 watt mods is wildly popular. Well, there’s a new kid in class and the social order might be about to change. We’ll get to that. The ECCR Vaporesso Revenger 220 watt mod review will give you a proper introduction. The Revenger is operated by a brand new chip. The Omni 2.0 processor brings a full suite of vaping options including temperature control and something called “Smart Wattage”. Let’s get this show on the road.

The Vaporesso Revenger is available in a kit that comes with a color matched Vaporesso NRG vape tank. The NRG tank utilizes very large coils. With the kit, you will get a quad coil and an eight head coil. The NRG tank is a 26.5 mm diameter atomizer and has a 5 ml capacity.

the revenger mod is now available for purchase in seven colors

Spoiler alert: The Vaporesso Revenger and NRG vape tank review has a very happy ending. This is a great mod kit and I will certainly elaborate and tell you why. But I also want to do something a bit different. I want to also talk about where to buy the Revenger mod. The reason is that there are so many clones and fakes out there that I think equally important to if you want this mod is where to get it. I’ll have more on that later in the review. By the way, I will keep the review as brief as I can without sacrificing the major details.

The Omni 2.0 Processor In The Revenger Mod

The Omni boards in Vaporesso mods have an excellent track record. One thing that we do like is that these boards are upgradeable. You can get Vaporesso Omni board firmware upgrades here. This particular processor delivers a full compliment of all the vaping features. That includes variable wattage, temperature control, TCR, bypass and a SMART mode.

the black and red revenger include different screen features

We have tried these features on the Omni board before. We published a Vaporesso Tarot Pro review a few months back. The Tarot Pro is still going strong and the Omni chip is still delivering a responsive performance. I actually upgraded my Tarot Pro firmware about 3 weeks ago, not long before I started doing the Revenger mod kit review. Likewise, you will be able to upgrade your Revenger firmware as new features and technologies become available.

If you are sitting there thinking, I don’t care about these upgrades, I don’t want to bother. Let me say that I used to feel the same way but these upgrades are seriously easy to access and download. It’s simple and doesn’t take long. After you get your download, boom, you have the latest software and you didn’t need to buy a new mod to get it.

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Vaporesso Revenger 220 Watt Vape Mod Review

The Vaporesso Revenger mod is a 220 watt mod that operates at between 5 watts and 220 watts. The temperature control range is 220 F to 600 F. Or 100 C to 300 C. The Revenger stands 89 mm tall, it is 45 mm wide and 28 mm thick. It has an aluminum construction with glossy, black front and back panels. The panels do show your fingerprints which I don’t care about but I know some of you might. Besides, they wipe off easily. Overall is has a great look and feel.

The vaping performance is excellent. I love the new NRG tank but I know many of you have a number of atomizers that you enjoy using. Good news. The stainless steel 510 is simply excellent and very accommodating to a vast range of tanks and atomizers. The 510 is right at the center of the top of the mod. There is a gold plated center pin for a true connection with no arcing and corrosion resistance. The 28 mm thickness will let you use even large diameter atomizer tanks with no overhang.

The revenger mod is better than the NRG mini tank in all aspects

The diversity of the Revenger mod is something that earns a major plus and thumbs up from ECCR. The range of vaping styles that can be accommodated run the gamut. Including a bypass for you drippers! And yes the range of settings that you can dial in might be intimidating to someone who wants to enjoy advanced vaping but also wants ease of use. That’s what the SMART feature is for. The SMART feature will read your atomizer and automatically set up an ideal power output to match. Intricate made easy.

Vaporesso Revenger Specs

black and red revenger with matching tanks come with matching tanks and a OLED screen

  • Display: 0.96’ OLED Screen. Easy to read.
  • Vaporesso Revenger Voltage Range: 0V to 9V
  • The Atomizer Resistance Range Is 0.05 to 5Ω
  • Temperature Control Vaping Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
  • Output Modes: VW(H/N/S)
  • CCW and CCT, which are custom power output settings
  • Variable Temperature Vaping With NI, TI, SS – nickel, titanium and stainless steel
  • TCR Temp Control (M1,M2) RTC
  • BYPASS Mode- like a mech mod. Preferred by many drippers
  • Battery: Dual 18650(Not Included)

The Vaporesso Revenger Compared To The Kaos, Alien and Predator Mods

The popularity of diverse, stylish dual 18650 mods is huge right now. The Smok Alien 220 watt mod was the first and, credit where credit is due, the trend setter. The Revenger is slightly larger than the Smok Alien. The Vaporesso Revenger is 5 mm taller and about 1 mm wider. The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is the same size as the Alien and has the same vaping functions. So the Revenger is slightly taller than both but overall pretty much the same size. All of the mods we are talking about have variable wattage and temperature control. The Revenger will do a couple of extra things that the Alien doesn’t.

The Revenger has bypass which converts the mod into a mech mod. In bypass, the atomizer will draw all the power it can as long as it can from your batteries. Bypass mode is for experienced vapers only. It is very easy to fry your coils in bypass mode if you are not careful. In fact, we don’t recommend vaping in bypass mode but we do like that the Revenger does give an experienced vaper that option.

The revenger kit comes with matching colored tanks

The other things that the Revenger has are more practical for everyday vapers. That is the CCW and CCT functions. More on those in the next section. But in a nutshell the CCW and CCT let you control the power output second by second of each vape. Similar to the Buck Boost on the Wismec Predator 228 watt mod. The Predactor and Revenger are about the same size, too. The Revneger has the edge in top end power though.

Which Mod Is Best? Depends.

So would I declare a winner as the best among all of these mods? No. I couldn’t. They have similarities and all vape amazingly. The Kaos and Alien mods might be a good fit especially if you like a futuristic look and cool lighting. If you like a firing bar instead of a button then maybe the Predator would be right. What I can say is that in terms of options, the Reevneger is bringing the most to the table. On top of that, the Revenger has the most top end power.

NOTE: To get the full top power output of the Revenger mod, we reccommend high amp high drain vape batteries.

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Using The Revenger Mod

If this is going to be your first advanced vape mod, I have good news. Most mods require you to push buttons in certain sequences to access menu options. Well, the Revenger cuts through all of that with a “function” button located in the center between the up and down buttons. With the function button, you can cut right to the menu.

The function button lets you scroll through each of the vaping options. That is variable power, temp control for each wire, TCR, bypass and system settings. System settings are where you can control screen brightness, get firmware upgrades and turn on the SMART feature. Use the fire button to lock down a setting.

blue revenger mod comes with a tank that can be disassembled for cleaning

The takeaway I want you to have from our ECCR Vaporesso Revenger review is that the function button makes accessing all of these features less intimidating for someone new to all of these functions. In my opinion, the Revenger is an excellent mod for someone to expand their vaping experience.

The final summary here is the the Vaporesso Revenger is easy to use.  It might be a bit slippery if your palms get sweaty so you might want to add some textured tape to one of the panels for grip. In fact, it’s fun to use. It is fun to scroll through the features and try different things. The fire button is designed for a thumb fire which is very natural. The Revenger handles very well.

CCW And CCT Vaping

Earlier in our Revenger vape mod review I listed out the specs. In the specs were two settings called CCW and CCT. These refer to setting up a custom firing profile. It simply works like this. You can set the precise power or temperature setting for each second of your vape. For example, in CCW (W for wattage) you can set the first second to fire at 75 watts, the 2nd second to fire at 65 watts, the third and fourth at 50 watts and so on. The end result is a vape that hits hard at the start and then mellows out. Or start it mellow and ramp up to a higher wattage. It’s up to you.

CCT is the same except that CCT applies in temperature control.  I like this feature a lot. For me, I love an initial hard hit that mellows after. The firing profile that I described above is exactly how I like it. You can create any firing profile, or curve as it is also called, that you will like. To get into the custom firing profile it does take a bit more button pushing. Hit the function button three times. This will get you to CCW or CCT. Then use the up and down buttons to pick your settings for the 1 second. Use the fire button to pick the desired power output for each second of your custom fire profile. When you are done, hold the function button down for a second and that will lock it in.

The SMART Function On The Vaporesso Revenger 220 Watt Mod

Now, let’s touch on the SMART settings. What the SMART settings do is read your atomizer and automatically set the Revenger mod to an appropriate setting. It will do so for both regular sub ohm vaping and temperature control vaping. SMART is very good for people who are not sure what appropriate settings are for any particular atomizer resistance. You can turn the SMART setting on or off in the system setting on the Revneger Omni board menu.

the red, blue and black revenger come with a big OLED screen

You are not married to the SMART settings. The settings are an appropriate baseline. You can adjust up or down from there to suit your preference. But if you are unsure about the safe limits of an atomizer, just stick with the SMART setting! It will deliver a very satisfying vape.

Vaporesso NRG Vape Tank Review

We are going to do a quick Vaporesso NRG vape tank review for you. This is a brand new tank and Vaporesso’s answer to the trend of larger capacity tanks with huge cloudmaking coils. I will tell you right off the bat that the NRG is magnificent for flavor. No surprise, Vaporesso is known for the vibrant flavors their hardware produces. This tank is no exception. Just totally phenomenal flavor.

Okay, in the image above do you notice the size of the drip tip? It is a very wide bore drip tip! It is not a standard 510 drip tip. In addition to the extra width, the NRG drip tip has a mesh screen to block any spitback. Take a look.

revenger ngr tank has mesh to block spitback

If you do have a 510 drip tip that you would prefer using, the Revenger / NRG vape kit will come with a 510 adapter. Slip in the adapter and then you can use any 510 drip tip. I liked the extra wide-bore tip and spitback protection. That said, I preferred using the NRG tank with the 510 adapter and my on 9 ml bore Delrin drip tip. I found that the draw felt smoother and I think I got a better flavor, too. But the NRG mesh drip tip also vapes very nicely. And never any spitback!

Capping things off the NRG has dual bottom airflow. The airflow is nice and smooth, folks. I was very impressed by the airflow variation. You can restrict the airflow for a tight draw. When the airflow is wide open the air movement is massive yet effortlessly smooth. The NRG tank is a top fill style. The top cap conveniently slides open so you can fill with your favorite e-juice.

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Vaporesso NRG Vape Tank Specs And Features

The Vaporesso NRG tank has a 5 ml capacity and a 26.5 mm diameter. It stands 52 mm tall. To compare, the NRG tank is about the same size as the TFV8 Cloud Beast. You can compare by checking out our Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast vape tank review. The NRG does have a slightly wider diameter. The NRG tank that comes with your Revenger Mod will be color matched. You can get kits in red, black or blue.

Another thing that is different about the Vaporesso NRG tank, and another major pro, is that the NRG has a Delrin base. The first of its kind. The Delrim heat resistant base helps keep the tank cool even during periods of heavy vaping at higher power outputs. Your NRG tank that you get with the Revenger kit will have an extra glass tube, the wide bore drip tip with mesh and a 510 drip top adapter.Here’s the rest of the list of NRG tank specs:

  • Vape Juice Capacity: 5mL
  • Powered by GT Cores Replacement Atomizer Heads
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 26.5mm
  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable Dual Airflow Ring (Perfect Tension Level)
  • Slide N Fill Top-Fill System
  • Heat Insulating Layer At Tank Base

Vaporesso NRG GT Cores (Coils)

Like the Cloud Beast or new Aspire Athos vapor tank, the NRG is bringing 8 headed coils to the table. You will get an octuple coil and a quad coil with your kit. They are called Vaporesso GT cores. And one way in which I think Vaporesso NRG coils are better is that they are stainless steel. With stainless steel coils, you can vape in either variable wattage or temp control.

I really like that you will get stainless steel coils with the Revenger mod kit. Most kits come with tanks that have Kanthal coil wire. That is great but then you need to use a different atomizer to vape in temp control. With this kit and the NRG tank GT cores, you can do variable wattage and/or temp control vaping right out of the box. That is a major pro.

all the coils available for the revengers tank

The Vaporesso GT cores are major vapor makers. Seriously, the vapor is not only flavorful but dense, too. The organic cotton should be primed before you vape. Use your coils within the recommended range and they are going to last you a suprisingly long time. Doing the Vaporesso Revenger mod review I have been going through an average of 8 ml of ejuice per day and the GT8 coils I am using has lasted me two weeks and still going.  Another pro for the GT cores is the price. They sell for $3 or $4 each depending on which type you would like. Just don’t get ripped off by fakes. Always use authentic Vaporesso GT cores.

Where To Buy The Vaporesso Revenger Kit

It feels like everyone is trying to sell you something. I get that. At ECCR we do get commissions and frankly, we need them to keep the lights on! But you will not find a bad product appearing on our pages. We are proud of that. We take the electronic cigarette review process very seriously. For example, a lot of reviewers get a bunch of free products, do a glowing review, do giveaways…those reviews are what they are…promotions.We’re different. Not that we are above doing promotions! Heck, we love a great promotion. What makes us different is that we are customers, too.

We bought the Vaporesso Revenger ourselves, just like you would have to do. We didn’t get a bunch of them shipped to us free for promotional purposes. Companies know that you can’t buy an ECCR review. Ever. And we are interested in the entire customer experience when reviewing vapor products.

All the items included in the revenger kit in blue

We review authentic products. If you are interested in buying a vapor product, we want to guide you toward a 100% authentic product. The last thing we want to see is for you to get ripped off by a clone. This is where we get a bit more aggressive in providing you with authenticated vendors where you will get a genuine product. If you are interested in the Vaporesso Revnger mod and NRG tank, we strongly recommend Direct Vapor. A lot of places sell this mod and we can get a commission from any of them. This is not about that. Recommending Direct Vapor is about guiding you to the best customer experience. The same customer experience we go through.

Why Get The Revenger From Direct Vapor?

So, with Direct Vapor your sidestep this entire minefield of clones. As a customer, you want peace of mind that you are getting the real product, not a fake. Direct Vapor is the No Clone Zone. They sell authentic products direct from the world’s leading manufacturers. You also get warranty protection. That’s a big deal. If you buy at a shop or from a classified listing website you will probably be referred to the manufacturer for any warranty issue. Trying to handle a warranty issue with an overseas manufacturer? Good luck with that one. With Direct Vapor you will be dealing with an American company that will stand behind what they sell.

The red revenger mod comes with a replaceable front panel

Look, I am ging the Revneger and NRG tank a very, very well-deserved positive review and our ECCR recommendation. I take that seriously. That’s why I think it is so important that I also try and guide you to the best place to buy one. I don’t want to see you get stuck with a clone. If you buy a cheaper Revenger from some discount shop or something and it is a clone, it is going to suck. Then you will think my review was bs. My review is true.

Avoiding Fake, Clone E-cigs

Today, I was reading a forum post about unstable temp control in the iJoy Captain PD270 mod. The Captain has been reviewed by ourselves and others. The findings have been that the Captain temp control is reliable and stable. I’m not saying that the poster was wrong but I do suspect that whoever posted that was using a fake and not an authentic iJoy Captain.  I suspect that the poster found what he or she thought was a great deal and ended up getting stuck with a clone.

I don’t want people running around saying we did not do our homework with any vape review. We do. I insist on it. And like I said, we do not get shipped a bunch of free stuff to buy one of our reviews. So when I see people buying clones and thinking that they have an authentic product it is bad for our industry. It makes us all look bad. Please, be aware and avoid the clones and counterfeits.

silver, black, blue, and red revenger tanks offer the biggest clouds

Direct Vapor has a low price. The entire Revenger kit is only $70. Free shipping. If you see a Revenger, or any authentic vape product being sold elsewhere for a lower price, they will match it. So you get authentic product, 60-day warranty, 15-day money back guarantee, low price guarantee and free shipping.

Look, let’s say in a couple of weeks it is time to buy some new coils for your NRG tank. You can order any quantity and get free shipping from Direct Vapor. No minimums. Even if you get one 3-pack for $9, doesn’t matter … free shipping. I think I have made my case.

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Vaporesso Revenger Mod And NRG Tank Kit Review Wrap Up

Time to put a lid on this Vaporesso Revenger mod and NRG vape tank review. It’s been a slice! This was a treat to test and enjoy. Very enjoyable vaping. As we wrap this up I will remind you that you can get this complete kit with free shipping from Direct Vapor for $70. This is what you get:

  • The Vaporesso Revenger 220 Watt Mod
  • Vaporesso NRG 26.5 mm, 5 ml Capacity Vape Tank
  • One GT8 0.15Ω  8 Core coil
  • A NRG GT4 0.15Ω Quad Core coil (Pre-installed)
  • 1 X User Manual
  • Vaporesso USB Cable
  • 1 X Replacement Glass Tube
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter

Is this a good value? Yes it is. Given the range of vaping styles you can enjoy, the quality of the construction, the accuracy and reliability of the Omni chip..this is no doubt a good value. Another reason that I am so comfortable recommending this mod kit is the ease of use. Normally I am very careful and like to make sure I send new vapers to our vaping for beginners page. In the case of the Revenger review, I found that it was super easy using the function button to access the menu and to input settings. A novice vaper could be fully comfortable operating and enjoying the Revenger and NRG tank.

the contents included with the revenger in black

Let’s get into the pros and cons then get outta here:

Vaporesso Revenger Cons:

  • Stylish, glossy black panels but fingerprint magnets.
  • Smooth and comfortable but might be slippery if you have sweaty palms.
  • Smallish thumb fire button. I’m used to bigger fire button. That said, the button is located perfectly for thumb firing. Subjective.
  • Batteries may rattle slightly from time to time.

Vaporesso NRG Tank Cons:

  • The extra wide bore drip tip with mesh spit back protection is a great idea. It works. I always like trying new things. But honestly I prefer the flow and flavor I get with a standard 9 mm bore Delrin drip tip. Kudos to Vaporesso for including a 510 drip tip adapter.

Vaporesso NRG Tank Pros:

  • Very well made take and outstanding flavors.
  • Delrin heat resistant base keeps this tank cooler than other vape tanks.
  • Excellent airflow control. Can be restricted or wide open.
  • Wide range of atomizer coils (or cores) available.
  • Stainless steel cores so you can enjoy temp control and variable wattage vaping.
  • Easy to change coils.
  • Easy access sliding top-fill feature.

four replacement tanks in assorted colors that match the revenger mod

Vaporesso Revenger Mod Pros:

  • New Omni 2.0 software, full suite of vaping options, upgradeable.
  • Diversity, diversity, diversity. Centrally located 510 handles huge range of atomizers, even large diameter. All the vaping options you want for variable wattage vaping, temperature control and bypass for drippers.
  • Very responsive. No lag time from button to vapor production.
  • Great in temperature control. Stable and consistent.
  • Major vapor production.
  • Function button makes menu access easier.
  • Custom firing profile or “Curve” function.
  • Attractive and comfortable.
  • Large power range from 5 watt to 220 watts.
  • Excellent value.

That’s it for the Vaporesso Revenger review and the NRG vape tank review. I went a bit longer than intended but I wanted to give you as much detail as I could. Hope this was helpful and thanks for taking the time to visit ECCR!