Are you looking for an advanced DNA 200 mod? You have come to the right place as out Lost Vape Triade review will give you the details and information you need to decide if this is the device for you. One thing is for sure, it looks gorgeous with a leather exterior that feels amazing. Some wonder if the leather will last. Even though I have only had my Triade for a month, there is no sign of wear and honestly leather is very durable. So if you like the look and feel of leather I think it is fair to say that the durability will be there.

I am also going to put something else out there. The Lost Vape Triade is perhaps the best DNA 200 mod on the market. After testing this mod out I planned on writing that it is probably the best DNA 200 mod. I thought I would be going out on a limb but after checking around with some other reviewers, they agreed with me. It is so well built and really lets you enjoy all of the benefits of the Evolv chip technology. It is designed in the USA and made in China. Really the build quality is something that really jumps out at you.

The Lost Vape Triade DNA 200 Kit comes in a matching carrying satchel case.

I am going to try and keep the Lost Vape Triade review as short and sweet as possible. I know that a lot of you reading this are already familiar with how DNA 200 mods operate so I won’t get too much into that. If you want to know more you can see the DNA 200 data sheet here. I do want to give you all of the great features because I really believe that this is a mod that is going to serve you well. At this point in the evolution of vaping, we may not see as many new devices coming out so in order to enjoy future advances and innovations in vaping you are going to be best served by high quality vape devices capable of accepting future firmware upgrades. The Lost Vape Triade fits the bill.

Lost Vape Triade Review

Lost Vape Triade DNA 200 mod is a trio of faux leather finishes on their power supply mods.

The Lost Vape Triade comes in three different leather finishes. You can choose brown leather, red leather, or yellow leather. Red leather yellow leather. Say that fast and repeat. That takes me back to acting class when we would drill by saying “red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather”! Good times! Or, we would say “Simple Caesar sipped his caesar squeezed his knees and sneezed!” A good speech workout for sure! Anyway, back to the Lost Vape Triade review.

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So yah, the leather is beautiful and the tactile sensation, the comfortable feel is just excellent. I think that the feel is even more pleasant than a wood mod like the Smok Treebox. In fact the Triade comes in spectacular packing in the form of a leather carry case. It’s vintage classy. I wanted to build a den and vape amid shelves filled with leather bound books. Even now I have an urge to wear and ascot and see if I can find a monocle somewhere. Anyway, everything involved with the Triade screams quality.

The Triade is a triple 18650 mod with all of the precision control that the Evolv chipset is justifiably famous for. You can download Escribe from the Evolv website and set up multiple pre-sets. Now these pre-sets allow you to customize your vaping to a finite level. This is especially true for temperature control. DNA 200 mods are exceptionally precise and really deliver an optimal temp control vaping experience. Add in the fact that you can customize to finite degrees and you can really ramp up your vaping enjoyment.

Lost Vape Triade Features

Triade by Lost Vape power mod comes in a variety of grip finishes including brown leather, yellow leather and red leather.

I want to keep it short, something I have a hard tome doing, but if I am going to give you an informative Lost Vape Triade review I do have to get into the features. Of course it is a DNA 200. I know, I mentioned that extensively already but the DNA seems to be the gold standard. A lot of companies are making amazing chipsets now like YiHi, Smok, Joyetech and others. There are some excellent vaping products these days. Ultimately, however, it always seems to be the case that an new chipset is judged in relation to the Evolv DNA chipsets. Like I said, it’s basically the gold standard for vaping technology.

In terms of size, it is 85 mm tall by 50 mm wide and 40 mm thick. It contains three 18650s and is an ovular shape. In comparison it is similar in size to the eLeaf iStick 200 mod or the Wismec Reuleaux. It is slightly taller than the Reuleaux and slightly slimmer. Overall it is a handful but still nicely rounded and comfortable to hold.

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The mod itself is constructed of die cast zinc alloy and a beautiful stainless steel 510 with gold plated connection. The battery connections inside the mod are also gold plated. The gold plating prevents arcing and is better for your batteries, device safety and performance. The battery venting ports are awesome. The ports are parallel openings that add to the look of the mod. They remind me of the grill on a car and give the Triade a unique look. There will be no mistaking the Triade for another mod.

The battery door features the leather exterior. The door connect with two magnets at the top and clips into place on the bottom. Once put into place the battery door is very secure. You might see a bit of a gap on the bottom but by no means is it loose. Nothing rattles on this device.

Vaping The Triade Triple 18650 DNA 200

Triade by Lost Vape battery chamber access panel with faux leather grip.

Vaping the Triade is a pleasure. It performs certainly as well as any DNA mod that I have tried. The chip comes with some pre-sets but I think that you will want to download the Escribe right away and create your ideal custom vape. You will find the perfect vape for you and be able to set it in stone and enjoy anytime. For my own tastse, I set up a cycle with a instant high ramp up temperature tailing down slightly over five seconds. It was perfect.

For the most part, during the Los Vape Triade review I was using it with the new Joyetech Ultimo atomizer tank. The Ultimo has a 22 mm diameter and the raised 510 connection can certainly handle a larger diameter. You can use any tank. There is some overhang beyond 25 mm but the central positioning of the 510 ensures that any overhang does not really affect feel or appearance.

Triade Triple 18650 mods by Lost Vapes in an assortment of colored leather finishes.

I have heard that some do not like the raised 510 but I love it. The durability and versatility of it alongside the fact that your connections are going to be rock solid make this one of the best 510 connections.

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There’s not much more to say about vaping the Triade! It vapes perfectly. It is a high performance device and you are going to notice the difference between vaping a DNA mod vs a bargain vape kit. You get instant response, the fire button click perfectly and is located in just the right spot for a thumb click. The feel is very comfortable and it looks great. You are going to enjoy leading edge vaping.

Is The Triade Mod Worth The Money

Triade by Lost Vape power supply mod side view in faux leather finish.

Is the Lost Vape Triade worth $169.95? The answer is yes. It’s worth that all day. This mod is going to last you for a long time. The construction quality is outstanding. The 510 connection makes this device capable of getting the most out of a huge range of tanks including some of the popular large tanks and RDAs that cloudchasers love. The 510 connection is built to last.

With the Evolv DNA 200 chip you will own the gold standard. The upgradeable firmware is a huge plus that is, in my opinion, essential for vapers who want to take advantage pf future advances in vaping technology. Just as an example, let’s suppose that an entirely new coil material emerges at some point in the future. Well you don’t have to buy a new mod you can simply upgrade the software and voila, you will be up to the moment with the best vaping technologies yet to be invented.

That’s about it for my Lost Vape Triade review!  There are cheaper mods that are very good quality but for demanding vapers who want the best the Triade is an excellent choice. This is a versatile, high-end mod that will serve you well now and well into the future. The quality and performance factors make the Lost Vape Triade a solid investment in your vaping enjoyment right now and into the future.