Welcome to our Expert Vaping GTRS GT150 review. A 150 watt mod with a new design. How did we get here? Okay. Let’s cover the background. GTRS is actually Shenzhen GaoMeiTe Technology Company. A Chinese manufacturer located in the heart of global e-cig manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. At last count, there were 600 e-cig manufacturers in Shenzhen. Some of them are among the best in the world. Some make cheap clones. GTRS wanted to focus on quality. So how could they distinguish themselves from the competition?

GTRS wanted to emphasize high end performance and quality. They have the facility to produce a premiere quality product. So does Eigate, Kangertech, Smoktech etc. In order to find a way into prominence, GTRS plotted a cooperative course. They formed partnerships with US designers and a German software company, LIMOU.

gtrs ft150 150w box mod black

LIMOU is a high end technology company. You can find their chips and processors in the aerospace industry, medical equipment and more. The LIMOU chips are known for precise performance and power regulation. Partnering with LIMOU and US designers gave GTRS the ability to offer something unique to the vaping community. That brings us to the GTRS GT150 150 watt vape mod.

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GTRS GT150 Vape Mod

The GTRS GT150 mod has a built in, rechargeable battery. The battery is a two piece 28 amp lithium battery. The built in dual battery brings 6000 mAh of power storage so you will get more than your typical dual 18650 mod. This is a 150 watt mod that can operate anywhere between 5 watts and 150. In temperature control the range is 200 F to 600 F. Or 100 C to 300C. TC coil options are Ni200 (nickel), Ti (titanium) and SS (stainless steel).

gtrs gt150 150s box mod specs include tc vaping

I like the size of this mod. The shapes is rounded which will feel great in the hand. The height is 78 mm so it is actually a bit shorter than most dual 18650 mods. Using an internal battery gives GTRS more flexibility to design shapes and sizes. They do not have to design a housing for 18650 batteries so that leaves them more freedom in terms of how the designer can use space. The end result is a very good looking mod.

The GT150 mod does have a power curve. The power curve works in both variable wattage subohm vaping mode and in temperature control vaping mode. This will allow you to create a firing profile to precisely cusotmize your vapor production.

GTRS GT150 Review

So far what we have for you is an overview. The GT150 is available right now for pre-order. I have ordered one in order to come back and add a full review as soon as I get to test it out. Expert Vaping does get some products to review but we also buy a lot of them. We accept products for review but we do not actively solicit. Most of the well-known YouTube reviewers get all kinds of free products for review. We don’t ask for that. We keep our reviews for real and we do not want to be in a quid pro quo situation with anyone.

gtrs gt150 150w box mod diagram

The other advantage of being a neutral, unbiased reviewer is that we go through the entire experience that you do. That includes shopping dealing with customer service, the whole nine yards. When someone sends you a bunch of free stuff, you never have the customer experience. Forgive me if I’m wrong but the customer experience is kind of important for any product review! At Expert Vaping we keep it real.

By the way, if you are looking for something more basic, check out our vaping for beginners guide.

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The Expert Vaping Vape Review Process

I learned about the GTRS GT150 mod at a vaping trade show. I liked the idea and how hard they were working to do something unique. To do something to compete in a very competitive space. GTRS caught my interest because of the collaborative effort involving US designers and LIMOU the high tech chip company. Obviously their overall goal is quality and innovation. That get’s my immediate respect. And considering the quality and standards of the manufacturer, the award winning history of the US designer and ultimately the proven precision of LIMOU technology, this three way collaboration raises all kinds of positive expectation for a terrific vaping experience.

small 150w box mod by gtrs gt150

In other words, I think the GT150 mod is going to be pretty good! I like the look of it. I like how the 510 is recessed into the body of the mod. That will provide a level of tank protection and streamline the overall profile. I like the thumb fire button. It should feel very natural to hold and use. Of course we will put all of this to the test and bring you an updated review soon. But you can pre-order one now if you like. Just like we did.

Ordering And Customer Service

So we have pre-ordered from Heaven Gifts. I did some shopping online and some that it can be pre-ordered from a few places. But some of those sites we know do not have the best track record for authentic product or decent customer service. Heaven Gifts is a reliable source for good prices, great customer service, and most importantly, authentic products.

gtrs gt150 mod includes charger and charging cable

Heaven Gifts is always a great place to shop. The website is nicely laid out. They have good product descriptions and images. They have a live chat that is often available, too. Before I ordered the GT150, I had a couple of questions. I was testing them! Anyway, both of my emails were answered the same day. Very good customer service.

So for now check one out at Heaven Gifts. If you are not ready to buy then by all means check back here soon. I will be updating this GTRS GT150 review with more details shortly. As soon as I know, you will know.