We had to do a review of the eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review. Why? The answer is because it is such a beast we just had to try it and tell you about it. With a price tag of under $45, it is the most affordable 200 watt mod. And it’s big. It takes 3 batteries and it is a serious handful! With three 18650 batteries you can get some serious mileage out of your vaping sessions with this new vape mod from eLeaf.

Part of the Joyetech family of vape companies, eLeaf is a prodigious producer of mods. We completed a full review of the iStick 30 watt mod and we also covered the iStick 60 watt TC mod and Melo 2 tank starter kit. The eLeaf brand is always improving and upgrading the iStick family of vape mods and the iStick 200 watt is the latest and the biggest! If you are familiar with the Rouleaux, the iStick 200 has a similar size and feel.

The iStick by Eleaf vape mod power supply is a 200 watt dynamo in black.

Each iStick mod fills a particular purpose and niche in vaping. We wanted to do an eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review because this is the first iStick mod that has reached the 200 watt mark. This one is about power, versaitility and longevity. Speaking of the versatility, I am talking about all of the different modes that the iStick 200 watt TC is capable of. It has a TCR mode as well as temp control compatibility with Ni200, nickel, Ti, titanium, and SS, stainless steel. Of course you can always use variable wattage, too!

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Direct Vapor is listing the iStick 200 at $44.95. In contemplating the iStick 200 watt mod review, I had to wonder about the firmware. Surprisingly, despite the low price, the firmware in the iStick 200 is totally up to date and cutting edge. I could not help but be impressed. A big kudos to parent company Joyetech. Once upon a time, Joyetech and iStick firmware would occasionally have a few issues but they have really worked things out. Now, Joyetech is a leader in quality firmware and it all adds up to better vaping and better performance. We can see some of that advanced, improved firmware in the new iStick 200 watt TC mod.

iStick 200 Watt TC Mod

the istick 200s advanced buttons, screen, and micro usb port specs

In the image above, you can see the dimensions of the iStick 200 watt TC mod. For those of us who prefer the Imperial system of measurment, the height is 3.3 inches, 2.2 inches wide and 1.45 inches thick. That just about the right size for a nice handful of vape mod. The appearance is fantastic. You can see the nice large fire button, a crystal clear screen, up and down buttons plus a mode button.

The mode button is something that I got used to very quickly doing the eLeaf iStick 200 Watt TC mod review. On most mods you have to press the fire button three times or hold the up and down button at the same time for three seconds to access the menu. The mode button simplifies the process. Some people don’t like too many buttons and I understand that but I did like the mode button on the iStick 200.

As mentioned earlier in the eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review, this bad boy will enable you to enjoy a wide range of vaping styles. You can use TCR, Ni, Ti, SS, and VW. The firmware can be upgraded to accomodate any new developments in vaping styles or technology that may occur in the future. Also within that firmware is dual circuit technology along with a whole host of battery protection and vaping safety features. Like we said, Joyetech has been making huge strides with its operating technology.

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Authentic iStick 200 Mod

The iStick 200 watt TC vape mod power supply comes with USB rechargeable cable.

The iStick 200 watt vape mod also has a spring loaded 510 connection enabling you to connect to all of your favorite vape tanks. The airflow channels ensure a breezy vape from adjustable airflow tanks. Not all vape mods have airflow channels anymore but they sure should! The connections are stanless steel, very durable giving the iStick 200 watt TC mod a very solid overall feel. There are not rattles or loose attachments. It is very impressively well constructed especially when you consider that this mods sells for less than $45.

Just make sure you get an authentic device. One very important aspect to take away from our eLeaf iStick 200 Watt TC Mod review is that you need to get authentic products. There are many in the vaping community who hold the opinion that clones are just as good. They are not. They use lower grades of stainless steel and other materials, they do not have reliable firmware for the most part, and they just do not measure up. Many are flat out unsafe.

We recommend that you buy your iStick 200 watt TC mod from Direct Vapor. Direct Vapor has all of the latest products from manufacturers like Joyetech, Kanger, Aspire, Smok and the list goes on. They sell 100% authentic products direct from the manufacturers. They also have a low price guarantee, free shipping and warranty protection. If you buy your eLeaf iStick 200 watt TC mod from another source, make sure to check the eLeaf authenticity code.

eLeaf iStick 200 Watt TC Mod Review

The three port battery chamber for the 200 watt iStick power mod from Eleaf has an attached door for convenient charging and replacement.

In the image above, you can see the configuration of the iStick 200 watt TC mod battery compartment. The three 18650 vape batteries fit in very nicely giving the iStick 200 a rounded inside edge that is ergonomically freindly. The battery doors is very durable and well vented. You can charge the batteries throught the USB port but we recommend charging your batteries separately on a dedicated 18650 battery charger.

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The first thing I wanted to do in testing for the eLeaf iStick 200 Watt mod review was test the operating system and making adjustments to outputs. It will go all the way up to 200 watts! It is not too often that you need 200 watts, in fact that high of a wattage range is generally the realm of very sophisticated coil builds with ultra low resistance. The wattage adjusts in 1 watt increments.

With a tap of the ‘mode’ button, you can access all of the different vaping modes available. It is really easy and the dedicated mode button adds a layer of ease of use in my opinion. We tested all of the modes except TCR for the eLeaf iStick 200 watt TC mod review. All modes of vaping worked excellent without a glitch to report to you. I have to say it was comfortable to use. The location of the fire button is just perfect.

The istick 200s slick and handy dimensions

Oh, I did set off an alert while doing the eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review. I inserted the batteries incorrectly and right away the iStick 200 told me that I had mess up! This is a great feature because without that alarm you run the risk of damaging the batteries and / or the mod. I was alerted right away to my error and reinserted the batteries (minus, plus, minus) and all was well in the universe with no harm done. An alert will also tell you if the battery power is out of balance.

The user manual is vry easy to read and follow. Definitely one of the better user manulas that I have ever seen. I always read vape mod user manuals because they are so advanced today and do so many different things. Many have similar operating systems so it is tempting to disregard the manual but there are also often differences and getting to know your mod only takes a few minutes and will add to your enjoyment when using it.

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eLeaf iStick 200 Specs And Features:

  • iStick 200 Watt TC Mod Size: 57mm*37mm*84mm
  • Thread type: 510 thread, spring loaded pin
  • Cell type: High-rate 18650 vape battery cells (Continuous discharge current should be above 25A)
  • Output mode: VW/TC(Ni,Ti,SS,TCR-M1,M2,M3)
  • Output wattage: 1-200W (1 watt increments)
  • iStick 200 Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC modes)
  • 0.1-3.5ohm (VW mode)
  • Temperature range: 100-315℃/200-600℉ (TC modes)
  • Availabe Color Options: Black, grey, white

iStick 200 Watt TC Mod and Wismec Reuleaux Comparison

The iStick 200 watt power mod from Eleaf comes in an assortment of colors including white, gray and black.

The iStick 200 Watt TC mod and the Wismec Reuleaux are from the same parent company so many people will wonder about the differences of these two very similar looking mods. The both have a wider shape to work with three 18650 vape batteries. The iStick 200 is wider and shorter in length. The Reuleaux has a magnetic battery door vs the iStick 200’s latched and vented battery door.

Both the iStick 200 and Reuleaux are 200 watt temperature control vape mods, of course, but there are some operating differences. The main difference is the “Mode” button that we talked about earlier in the eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review. With the Reuleaux you have to hold the plus and minus buttons for three seconds to change modes. With the iStick 200, it is much easier with the mode button. The screen and display seem pretty much the same.

eLeaf iStick 200 Watt Mod Review

The ‘hump’ that accommodates the third 18650 battery contours very nicely in the hand giving the iStick 200 watt TC mod a very comfortable feel. It vapes very well! The iStick 200 does everything as designed, it is very versatile and is capable of great power. It is a fully modern and up to date 200 watt vape mod.

The most impressive factor in terms of our eLeaf iStick 200 watt mod review is the value. This is an excellent quality, multi-functional 200 watt TC mod for less than $45. At that price, it essentially sells itself.