Vape facts are hard to come by in this day and age. Electronic cigarettes, eliquid brands and generally speaking, vaping, have set off a firestorm of controversy. Like any controversy involving billions of dollars, highly motivated special interests have become involved and muddied the waters. There have been millions upon millions of tax dollars spent to confuse the public about ecigarettes and the misinformation is working.

Harvard University recently completed an ecig survey and the results were disturbing. Americans for the most part are terribly misinformed about electronic cigarettes. The lies about ecigs addicting youth and ecig vapor being dangerous have been circulated for years and spread with million dollar campaigns funded by you, the taxpayer. Vape facts have been purposely skewed and one of the worst lies is the idea that ecigs do not help people quit smoking. Right now there are millions of American smokers who will not even attempt a less harmful alternative because they don’t see any benefit. As a result, they keep smoking.

According to a CDC study they are still unable to acknowledge that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking even in the face of irrefutable evidence.

This is reminiscent of the dark history of smoking. Lying about vape facts is just like how Big Tobacco used to lie about the harms of smoking back in the 40s and 50s. You see, Big Tobacco knew that cigarettes killed but they concealed that truth for decades. In fact, they continued to promote smoking as a stress reliever. It was not until 1964 when the truth really came out with the Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health. Well, this type of deception has now come full circle.

The CDC hates ecigs, make no mistake about it. They did not want you to know the real vape facts. Much like other organizations such as the California Department of Public Health that has actually spent millions of tax dollars to scare people about vaping. The CDPH has a website called Still Blowing and this website claims that ecigs are full of formaldehyde and won’t help smokers quit. Both of these dubious claims and more are designed with a clear intent to deceive and frighten. Big Tobacco could not ask for a better friend than the CDPH.

The California Department of Public Health continues to publish attack material aimed specifically at the vaping industry without acknowledging their contribution as an anti-smoking aid.

Despite the animosity that many publicly funded health bureaucrats seem to harbor, when pressed they will never actually say that ecigs are worse than tobacco. Even Tom Frieden at the CDC when pressed will admit that “stick for stick” ecigs are less harmful. Perhaps with the latest information coming to light, Dr. Frieden might even see the benefit of ecigs. Last week, the CDC released new data that shows the truth about vape facts. The data indicates that ecigs are helping in the fight against smoking.

Some have speculated that the CDC has known about this data for a long time and been suppressing the real vape facts because they did not mesh with their overall agenda. Wheteher or not this is true cannot be confirmed right now. What we can say is that as of now the CDC has released data that contravenes their previous position on vaping and it remains to be seen how the CDC will respond to this data and its attitude toward vaping.

Vape Facts : The Truth Comes Out

The percentage of people who have tried e-cigarettes compared to those who currently use them are inconclusive as far as the conjecture that e-cigs are a gateway to recruit lifetime smokers.

The CDC has now released data that exposes the truth about vaping and electronic cigarettes. The case against electronic cigarettes that the CDC itself has been pushing has been undermined by the CDC’s own data. In fact, the CDC ecig study data shows the incredible benefits of electronic cigarettes and the positive impact they are having in the fight against smoking.

The vape facts that the CDC has made public destroys the lies that the CDC has been inferring for years. Will they actually challenge their own assumptive ideas and ideology and focus on the welfare of the American people or will they ignore their own facts and continue to deride electronic cigarettes?

This will be the true test of character for the CDC and what they are really about. The fact that they openly published these vape facts is certainly a step in the right direction. We are waiting and watching to see how they choose to move forward.

Vape Fact: Vaping Does Not Attract Non-Smokers

First, the study showed that just 0.4% of regular vapers had never been smokers. 3.2% of never smokers have tried an ecig but only 0.4% actually become vapers. Vaping opponents have been trying to say that vaping attracts non-smokers. That is not true. This data clearly shows that vaping does not attract non-smokers.

Many have tried to claim that ecigs are attracting teens to smoking. The vape facts and evidence show that this is a total falsehood. In fact Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) and other health organizations have shown that virtually all teen vapers were previously cigarette smokers. Vaping attracts smokers who are looking for a less harmful alternative. That’s what they were designed for and that’s what they do.

Vape Fact: Vaping Appears To Help People Quit Smoking

The research shows that smokers who take up vaping have a better chance of quitting and never going back.

This is a very important finding. Ecig companies cannot discuss ecigs as a smoking cessation device because of certain rules and regulations. Some groups like the CDPH want you to believe that ecigs do not help people quit smoking. They want you on a pharmaceutical smoking cessation program. Well, the CDC data is telling us a very clear truth, people are quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes.

So far, 47% of smokers have at least tried vaping. Of all the people who have quit smoking in the last year, 55.4% quit while using electronic cigarettes. We do not know if they used any other means in addition to ecigs but we do know that electronic cigarettes were a part of the equation. This is groundbreaking news that should wake up health groups to the fact that ecigs work.

Quitting with ecigs is still not a slam dunk. There are a lot of low quality vaping products out there that don’t get the job done. Most of the low quality brands are the ones that they sell in the same places that sell cigarettes, namely gas stations and convenience stores. You have to get the best ecigs from leading vape brands online. That’s how you get the best products in the industry, not by buying retail.

While using vaping to aid in the fight to quit smoking cigarettes, it's still no picnic, while having a way to administer nicotine may ease the transition from smoking to vaping, it's still not a slam dunk.

Right now, we are seeing the lowest smoking rates that we have ever seen. Most of the people who are successfully quitting smoking are doing so with the help of electronic cigarettes. Vaping truly is the gratest ally that we have ever had in the fight against smoking.

The amazing thing is that this huge success was driven by everyday Americans with a passion to make a difference. It was driven by hard working entrepreneurs rather than people in lab coats. Vaping is an innovation and a force that came from independent Americans as opposed to the corporate establishment. No wonder vaping had so many enemies! Finally, the CDC is admitting the truth about vape facts and how people are quitting with ecigs.

Consumer advocate organization are trying to organize and get the facts to the people who need to hear the truth about vaping.

According to the CDC data, overall just 4% of Americans are regular electronic cigarette users.  That leaves many smokers still looking for an answer. Some of those smokers may have been turned off by some of the vaping myths that have been perpetuated. Myths like formaldehyde in ecigs  have previously been debunked and now the latest CDC study should help increase awareness of the true value of ecigs.

Hopefully, the real vape facts will get out there and replace some of the myths that permeate and undermine public perception. Perhaps the CDC will follow the path of Public Health England and actually recommend that people put down their cigarettes and try an ecigarette.  We still have a long way to go in the fight against smoking. We need to be exploring all options and that, clearly, should include vaping.