Phoenix, Arizona  –  This week we take you to Vape Escapes, a very popular Phoenix vape shop to see what is happening on the front lines of the vaping movement in America as more and more people are realizing that there is a smoking alternative out there that really works.

Located at 4667 East Cactus Road in Phoenix, Arizona, that’s between the Chipotle and the In-N-Out Burger by the way, Vape Escapes proudly wears it tropical tiki theme for all to see.

There is now a second location located at 19420 N. 59th Ave. suite H-815, Glendale, AZ 85308 (south of the 101 in the Citadelle center next to Zipp’s Sports Grill).

When you walk into Vape Escapes, you are not entering into some generic retail experience; rather you are entering a relaxed world of beaches, surfing and seashells. It literally is an escape!

Gazing upon Vape Escape’s merchandise, you may find the latest Joyetech technology on a shelf nestled atop the finest beach sands the Pacific has to offer. Throughout the store in and among the ecigs and e-cig liquid you will find all sorts of seashells as well as a sign warning patrons not to feed the sharks!

Phoenix Arizona is home to popular vape destination Vape Escapes.

I don’t believe that there are any actual sharks present in the store but having seen Jaws several times it is only reasonable to take precautions unless you have a really big boat. Anyway.

It is truly an awesome place to visit. Outside the door is Phoenix, Arizona, which is a long way from the ocean! Inside, however, you are transported to a Hawaiian beach villa complete with the sounds and images of crashing waves.

Looking for e-cig liquid? You will find the flavor and strength of your choice listed on one of Vape Escape’s surfboard menus. Dude, I am telling you, this place is gnarly! After you choose your liquid, you are free to kick back in Vape Escape’s tiki lounge and enjoy a relaxing vape.

So if you are sitting in the Phoenix area wondering if there are any decent vapor cigarette stores near me, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Best Electronic Cigarette

Finding the best vapor cigarette is no easy task. The market place is like the Wild West. According to some estimates, 10 new e-cigarette companies start up every month. Most of these brands are basically pre-packaged, generic products that function at a minimal level.

The e-cigarette industry is booming and a lot of people are out to cash in. The last thing you want is to make an impulse buy at a gas station only to end up with an e-cigarette that is basically junk.

Finding the best electronic cigarette for you is very much worth your while. The best e-cigs have the potential to change you life. The performance capacity of the top brands will make you a believer. The best ecigs have excellent battery life, ample vapor, satisfying taste, throat hit and nicotine satisfaction. They also use high quality e-cig liquid that is professionally blended with top grade ingredients.

Vape Escape is an immersive experience set up more as a hospitality setting than a sales floor.

When you visit Vape Escapes, you will find professional staff that are well-versed in the industry. They can guide you through the confusion and help you to find the model that is right for you.

If you are new to e-cigarettes, you probably have a lot of questions. There is so much misinformation floating around out there that anyone would be confused. Many people wonder about the basic questions like can I fly with an e-cigarette?  Or how do I pick the right nicotine strength? The list of questions is endless and they are all good questions! The answers are out there. When you talk to the folks at Vape Ecapes, you will find a helpful, knowledgeable source.

Trying to make the switch to vaping is a courageous decision and you have every reason to be hopeful. Talking to the staff at Vape Escapes is a great first step. The atmosphere at the vape shop is inviting and relaxed. You will be in good hands.

What’s Happening at Vape Escapes?

We wanted to get the inside scoop on what it is like to spend a day at the Vape Escapes vape shop. So, thanks again to Vape Escapes for sharing a glimpse of what is happening on the front lines of the vaping revolution.

We were lucking enough to have a question and answer with a manager and Technical Supervisor from Vape Escapes. Joel “Bish” Vinson shared a few moments of his time.

It should be noted that Bish is no stranger to vaping. In fact, he hosted one of the earliest vaping podcasts once upon a time. Here’s our Q&A with Bish as he shares his insights as a manager of Vape Escapes in Phoenix.

At Vape Escape all the flavors they stock are displayed on surf boards leant or mounted to the walls in front of panoramic scenes of light sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

Expert Vaping: What is the number 1 question that you are asked by new customers?

Vape Escapes: That’s a tough one, but I think I’ll go with, “Do electronic cigarettes work?”

The majority of new consumers are very skeptical, and rightfully so. It’s no secret that quitting smoking is one of the hardest addictions to kick.  The general public has seen, and probably tried, the mainstream ecigs that you see in your convenience stores and Walmarts and from my experience the majority of the time people have had minimal success with those.

The cheaply made ecigs you find in mass merchandisers have poor juice quality, static low voltage, and short battery life are all contributing factors to consumers’ frustrations. Lump in ridiculous overpricing, and it’s no wonder why some people choose to continue smoking.

Expert Vaping: What are experienced vapers looking for in new electronic cigarette products?

Vape Escapes:  That really is subjective as everyone is different, or has different styles of vaping. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration.  I’ve seen all sorts of vapers come through our doors.

Some people just want something that’s reliable, no bells or whistles.  Some vapers are all about aesthetics, be it a cool looking mod/tank or something as silly as overly obnoxious cloud production. Obviously, trustworthy vendors with great e-cig liquid is a given for any experienced vaper. Versatility in a mod never hurts, either.

Vape Escapes welcomes visitors with brochures, demos and mementos from tropic locales as sweet smells of tropical fruit drifts through the air.

Expert Vaping:  Which ecig is your best seller?

Vape Escapes: Tried and true, the Ego-C-twist. It’s great for beginners and novice vapers. It’s not cumbersome and it has variable voltage.

For novice to advanced vapers, the Innokin MVP (V2) seems to be a must-have in most collections. People love the multi-functionality and it’s huge battery life.

For rebuilders, the Chi You mechanical (or it’s clone) seem to be popular.

Of course the Itaste 134 is the quintessential conversation piece!

Expert Vaping:  What e-cig liquid flavors are most popular?

Vape Escapes: For us, our top 3 would be Happy Hour (Candy Lime Martini), Blue Raz Cotton Candy (tastes like a blue ice), and our Western Blend (smokers and new vapers, mostly).

Expert Vaping: Are your customers successful in reducing tobacco use?

Vape Escapes:  Absolutely.  While in general consumers off the street are skeptical at first, hearing the disbelief and utter joy from repeat customers has become status quo for us. It never gets old, because they always remember the store.

We take the time to help them out, educate them,  and ultimately keep them off of cigarettes entirely.

I have a 70-something year old lady who comes into our store, hugs me, and kisses me on the cheek every time she walks in. She even calls me son!  When I asked her why she always does that, she said, “Because you saved my life, and I’ll never forget it”.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t get a little giddy inside.

Vape Escape is an immersive experience set up more as a hospitality setting than a sales floor.

Expert Vaping: Where do you see the industry going in the next 5 years?

Vape Escapes:  I see regulation, followed by revolution. There’s too many smart people in this community to let the smear campaigns from Big Tobacco , the FDA, and the uninformed masses demonize something that has changed so many peoples lives for the better.

And of course, the technology will get better.  Look how far it’s come already! Five years ago, you either had a 3.7-volt Ego battery with a 510 atomizer/cartomizer on it, or you were stacking batteries, I know, I know. DON’T STACK BATTERIES, kids!

Now days, newer vapers have so much technology available from Day One that makes transitioning so much easier.

Expert Vaping: What is your main concern about where the industry may be going?

Vape Escapes:  Government, the FDA, and Big Tobacco’s big push to “regulate”.  Their idea of regulation is anything that can make them money.

It makes me ill to think that when they see people suffering, their first thought isn’t “How can I help them?” Instead their first thought is, and always has been, “How do I profit off of them?”

At Vape Escape all the flavors they stock are displayed on surf boards leant or mounted to the walls in front of panoramic scenes of light sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

Thanks for your time and insights, Bish! Thanks also for helping real people finally find an alternative that helps them escape the terrible harms of tobacco.

If you live in Phoenix or are passing through, make sure to check out Vape Escapes. They have everything from eGo C twsits for beginners to the huge Kanger Giant AeroTank to box mods to mechs… you name it. Not to mention a huge selection of Vape Escapes ejuice.

That’s what’s happening in Phoenix! Expert Vaping will continue to check in with vape shops around the country to keep you up to date on what is happening on the front lines of the ecig revolution. Also check out our e-cig news section for the latest stories, specials and more. Until next time, happy vaping!