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About Wismec

In 2014, Joyetech founded Wismec as a vaping company concentrated on producing  mods with crafted design and high power. Wismec's name is a portmanteau for "Wiseman Technology." Their products are designed in the US and manufactured in Jiangsu, China; where their main office is located.

Many of the company's employees came from Joyetech and had been active in the industry for many years before joining Wismec. This has allowed this younger company to become a leading innovator in the e-cig industry by combining new goals with past wisdom. Wismec's core goals as a company is making their employees happy. This is shown in the first sentence in their mission statement, "A company is more than a name, it's the people inside that matter." It's corporate ideals like these that continue to make them a highly rated and respected vaping company.


Top Products

Wismec is known for creating advanced high power mods like the Reuleaux RX2 and Presa. These products contain cutting-edge technology that protects against malfunctions, reverse polarity, and over-charging. Some of these mods are capable of up to 230 watts of power. Wismec has put a strong focus not only on the functionality of their products but on their looks as well. The company invited famous vape designers such as Jaybo, to create the look of their mod's. This has resulted in beautifully crafted vapes like the Sinuous Ravage.

Reward Program

Wismec offers a reward program that earns customers points for purchases they make. You can redeem your points at checkout once you have earned 200 or more. Every 100 points give customers $10 to spend. Members of the program can also earn points by inviting friends to join the site. Members can earn additional points if their referral results in a purchase. These points can stack up quickly, however, they expire after 1 year. To begin earning points customers need to create an account. Once created, members will earn points on purchases when they are logged into their account.

Phone Number: 844-632-5240

Support Email: [email protected]

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