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About Vaporesso

Vaporesso has its headquarters in the Bao’an District of Shenzhen China where the majority of e-cig companies are based. This region is known as the heart of e-cig manufacturing. Vaporesso was created as a division of Smoore, the first electronic cigarette manufacturer. As a result, Vaporesso's company focus has been on research & development. This concentration on innovation is to provide consumers with cutting-edge vaping products that deliver the best in technological applications. They hold over 300 patents in applicable technology that continue to grow as they develop more advanced e-cig technologies. Vaporesso prides itself on careful craftsmanship and brave designs workshopped by hundreds of in-house engineers. For this reason, Vaporesso focuses primarily on the quality and function of their mechanical parts. The attention to detail is how Vaporesso guarantees precision in both experience and functionality.


A History Of Vaping

As a subsidiary of the first e-cigarette manufacturer, Vaporesso has a sizable reputation to uphold. After all, to invent an industry and remain a successful name requires unparalleled integrity, optimal quality, and constant change. In effect, even though the vaping industry has evolved drastically since Vaporesso's founding, Vaporesso remains at the forefront of e-cig innovation and technology. Their innovative approach produces top products such as the Revenger, Tarot Nano, Switcher with NRG, and Target Pro.

Customer Service

Like many e-cigarette companies, Vaporesso offers an online authenticity checker through their website to confirm the manufacturing quality of their products. Consequently, this move to diffuse a growing market of low-price clones is helping to ensure customers receive quality vaping products from a reputable source. They offer online resources available for download including available firmware upgrades, user manuals, and MSDS, or material safety data sheets, on their vaping devices. As mentioned, Vaporesso is a descendent of the first e-cig company. For this reason, it's impressive to see it still making a mark as one of the companies shaping the future of vaping.

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