Kanger is a Chinese company but unlike many other manufacturers in Asia, they hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry.

As one of the first e-cig manufacturers, they have been delivering innovative products to the market place since 2007.

Recently, they released new e-cig kits that feature the latest and best technology available. Both of the Kanger ecig kits that we are featuring today are a fantastic compliment to the best e-liquids out there today.

Kangertech is a leading e-cigarette manufacturing company creating some of the highest quality vaping products on the market.

Kanger, or Kangertech in full, conforms to worldwide quality standards. For example, Kanger products are CE certified (CE stands for consumer electronics which sets the standards for safety and quality in the European Economic Union).

Kanger is also RoHS compliant. That means that the products have been extensively tested to ensure that there are no unsafe levels of toxic elements used in the product. You hear a lot about toys from China using toxic plastic or e-liquid containing contaminants. In the case of Kangertech, they are a cut above. They adhere to standards that would meet or exceed any American standards.

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It is because Kanger has focused its attention on quality that they have gained a loyal following of vapers in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Kanger products are solid and produce a lot of vapor.

With cigarettes being more dangerous than ever, getting away from tobacco has never been more urgent. The Kanger Esmart and the Emus may be an alternative for you or for a smoker in your life.

Expert Vaping’s expert and comprehensive ecig reviews are an invaluable guide to helping you make the best choice possible.

Best E-Cig Tank System

The UK Ecig Store offers the best in quality and price on all vaping tank systems.

When it comes to the best e-cig tank system, Kanger is always a contender. With top quality coils and wicks that are synchronized to work together efficiently, the consistency of vapor that you get from Kanger is impressive. The location of the coils and wicks is also ingenious and a dry puff (dry hit) is a rarity.

If you walk into any vape shop, chances are you will see a Kanger e-cig on display. Kanger is very popular in the vaping community. In fact, e-cig tank systems are leading the growth of the industry.

Buying online directly from an electronic cigarette company is the best way to get the best price and to protect your interests as a customer. What I mean by that is you don’t have to deal with a third party retailer if you have any problems. You will have access to the same people who shipped you your product.

Beware of buying any electronic cigarettes or e-liquids from E-Bay. You never know what you will really get and if you have any issues with your e-cig, good luck in getting a refund or warranty replacement. Stick to buying from a reputable online e-cig company. Vape shops are also a decent choice but the advantages of buying e-cigarettes online are plenty.

We will be taking a look at the latest offerings from Kanger starting with the new e-cig kit, the Kanger EMUS.

Kanger EMUS

The Kangertech EMUS starter kit is available in black and stainless and comes standard with USB charging units and replaceable atomizer coils.

Are you a fan of the Kanger EVOD? A lot of vapers are. They love the bottom coil design. The Kanger EMUS utilizes the bottom coil design but is smaller and more streamlined.

The EMUS also addresses a common bottom coil problem by making bottom coil atomizer head replacements incredibly simple.

The Kanger EMUS is probably the sleekest, most compact bottom coil electronic cigarette available right now.

There are several reasons to consider a bottom could tank design.

Number one, most vapers report that the flavors are much sharper and fulfilling.

Number two it is a cool vape. Top coil tanks tend to release warm or even hot vapor whereas bottom coils release cooler, more comfortable vapor.

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Three, bottom coil ecigs are convenient and easy to use.

The new kanger EMUS starter kit has been a smash hit. In fact, if you try and buy from Kanger directly you may find that it is sold out as they have had trouble keeping up with demand.

When we say that the EMUS is sleek, that may be a bit of an understatement. The thin diameter makes the EMUS the most portable, lightweight bottom coil out there. In no way does its small size compromise vapor production. There is plenty of punch in the Kanger EMUS.

When you buy directly from Kanger, you can expect to pay in the range of $50.00. Vape Shops will typically sell them for $40.00 to $50.00. In fact, even from the majority of websites, the lowest price you will typically find will be in the area of $40.00.

The EMUS electronic cigarette from Kangertech is the perfect upgrade for the vaper moving into mods.

No company offers a better price for the Kanger EMUS than Panda Ecigs. When you buy the Kanger EMUS starter kit from Panda Cigs you will receive:

  • 2 EMUS 320 mAh batteries
  • 2 EMUS 1.3 ml clearomizers with a 2.2 ohm resistance
  • 5 bottom coil heads
  • 1 USN charger
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 user manual

This is a very complete kit. It even comes with 5 replacement bottom coil heads. This ecig is very portable and it looks great.

As mentioned, Panda has some of the best prices that you will find in the business. Right now, if you act fast, you can actually get the Kanger EMUS starter kit for only $37.97.

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The length of the sale is contingent on how many are sold but given the fact that as we speak kanger itself does not even have any EMUS kits in stock it is very safe to say that if you want to get this price you need to take advantage now.

Once the sale ends, Panda will still have the best prices for Kanger electronic cigarettes so it is still to your advantage to buy online from Panda. The California based company offers excellent customer service and they make serving you a priority.

Click here to visit Panda Cigs and check out the Kanger EMUS starter kit.

Kanger Esmart

The Kangertech E-Smart starter kit is as easy to use as it is satisfying.

The Kanger Esmart e-cig tank system gives you all of the vapor of a standard eGo sized tank system but in a much thinner package. Also called a Mini MT3, this tank system is about the same diameter of a cig-a-like.

It is convenient, portable, stylish and efficient. The quality of the materials allow you to rest assured that this little ecig will pack a lot of punch when it comes to vapor production.

The Kanger Esmart proves that big things come in small packages! You don’t necessarily need some over-sized electronic cigarette to deliver clouds of vapor.

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The manual battery allows you to exercise more control over your vaping.

If you are used to automatic batteries there will be an adjustment but you’ll get used to it. You may even come to prefer manual batteries.

Though it may have a compact diameter, it is still very easy to use. The refill prcess is the same as with any eGo style ecig and working with smaller parts is a very easy adjustment. The 1.3 ml tank takes only moments to fully refill.

Kangertech's E-Smart revolutionary e-cigarette tank system offers an affordable vaping device with an easily refillable cartomizer reservoir tank.

The Kanger Esmart starter kit comes with:

  • 2 Esmart 320 mAh batteries
  • 2 Esmart 1.3 ml clearomizer tanks (1.8 to 2.2 ohm resistance)
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • User manual

The Kanger Esmart typically sells in the $50.00 range. You can sometimes find sales prices elsewhere online ranging from $30 to $40. Panda Ecigs has it beat! Plus you will be buying from a reputable company. All too often you see ecigs being sold by people out to make a quick buck and then disappear. Panda will be there for you tomorrow and they are fantastic to deal with should you have any issues or concerns.

Currently, if you buy online from Panda E cig, you can get the Kanger Esmart for only $28.97. Vapor stores can’t beat that price, it is hard to imagine anyone beating that price. If you would like to try the Kanger Esmart, here’s your chance.

Both the Emus and Esmart make a great gift and are ideal for autumn vaping.