About Aspire

Aspire was founded in 2013 in Shenzhen China. They are a newer face in the vaping industry, however, they have made an impact with their tank and coil innovations. As a result, Aspire's in-house R&D team and local manufacturing facility, have brought them to the top of the vaping industry in a short time.

Top Mods

Aspire's mods are among the best-selling in the industry. The Archon is a double battery mod equipped with a password protected child-lock feature. A customizable 3-number password protects the device from being used without the owner's knowledge. Reflexively, the Breeze is an all-in-one mod with an internal tank. Its compact size allows it to fit in user's pockets and used discreetly. The Breeze's tank has an outer max fill line that helps prevent spilling and overfilling.

Best Tanks

Aspire may produce high-quality mods, but their most popular products are their tanks. For example, the Nautilus tank, was one of the earliest adjustable airflow tanks. Specifically, its dual bottom coil technology and 5.0ml capacity make it a high performing tank even by today's standards. Worth mentioning, the Cleito Exo tank has side air slots that allow a high amount of airflow adjustment via a rotating ring. This causes the Cleito Exo to produce impressive vapor clouds with lots of flavor.

Social Media

Aspire excels at engaging with its customers. They have a forum page on their website dedicated to helping their customers connect with solutions and the experience of others. Users can post questions, read product reviews, and have general discussions with other vapers about their experience. Additionally, Aspire has embraced social media on all major platforms as well. Specifically, they have frequently updated Twitter (@aspirecigs), Facebook, and Instagram (@aspirecigs) pages. Consequently, using these outlets are a direct and expedient way to get in touch with the Aspire team.


Aspire has made sure to make its customer service easily accessible. To be specific, their website has a live chat feature that connects users with a customer service representative directly.  Additionally, the Aspire support page contains instructional videos for their products. Furthermore, customers can use the site to download user manuals and firmware updates.

Phone Number: 253-236-5251

Support Email: [email protected]

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