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About Apollo

Founded in 2010 Apollo E-Cigs was founded on the goals of customer satisfaction and vaping advocacy. Thus, they pride themselves on being able to create quality products at very affordable prices. Apollo makes this possible by owning their own research & development lab and integrated production facility.


As a result, having full oversight of these essential departments allows them to streamline the production process and save consumers money. Consequently, it's clear why Apollo has been a serious competitor in the vaping industry with top products such as the NEO Endeavor, VTube 5.0, Solare 75 DNA, Reliant, and Challenger Kit.


This Company excels at their e-liquid creation. They have product lines and flavors ranging from classic tobacco flavors to an entire variety dedicated to pie a la mode flavors. Furthermore, their delicious e-juice flavors draw from every flavor profile, in an attempt to bring vapers a seemingly endless offering of tastes. Apollo's juice creation takes place in their facilities located in Fremont, CA. In addition, all their liquid production takes place in ISO 8 certified cleanrooms that meet federal standards. This guarantees that all e-juice they produce is made under conscientious conditions to avoid any harmful contaminants.

Customer Service

Apollo believes customer service is key. As a result, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their electronic products. Their excellent customer response time and desire to better their product makes them standout among other manufacturers. Apollo's provided support email and active Reddit account grants consumers service access whenever a problem arises. Clearly, Apollo is a company that wants to know what their customers think. Unique to many e-cig brands, they are available on the weekends. In addition, part of the Apollo mission statement is "To value integrity and to believe in doing the right thing regardless of the consequences." This is an impressive commitment to providing the best customer service possible, presumably in the face of possible financial impacts on the company. To find this level of honor in any company is a rarity, let alone an e-cig manufacturer.

Phone Number: 855-227-6556

Support Email: [email protected]

Apollo ecig reviews

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