V2 eCig is always up to something! With the surge in ecig tank use and the consistency in demand for easy to use cigalikes, we decided to do a V2 Cigs Standard e-liquid Kit Review!

V2 Cigs is always busy! They are one of the charter companies that helped found the evapor business. They now have an expansive product line including the V2 Pro Series vaporizers that were released last fall. As one of the larger ecigarette companies, V2 has invested in R&D and has consistently remained on the leading edge of ecig technology.

The V2 Standard eLiquid Kit offers customers the convenience and portability of 2-piece cigalike personal vaporizers with the function, versatility and vapor of an open ecig tank system. In a nutshell, it is a cigalike battery with a mini-ecig tank.

v2 electronic cigarettes standard kit

While it is true that open system ecig tanks are currently the hot commodities in the eVapor business, you can not overlook the fact that many smokers are looking for something that is very easy to use. We are talking no fuss no muss. Vaping may be a hobby or even a passion for many of us but for a lot of smokers, they just want something that is easy, they can fit it in their pocket and something that works.

V2 has come up with hybrid ecigarettes that feature the benefits of an ecig tank in a package that looks and feels like a cigarette. Ecig tank systems, or mods, tend to be larger. They can be a bit unwieldy at times. The V2 Standard eLiquid kit hybrid ecigs are the size of a tobacco cigarettes. That means portable and you can use them just as you would a cigarette.

You can hold it between your two fingers, just like a cigarette, and carry out all of the habits and routines that you enjoyed when smoking a cigarette.

V2 Cigs Standard eLiquid Vape Kit

V2 eCig is offering the Standard eLiquid Kit for $79.95. The v2 e-Liquid Vapor Kit works with mini-tanks attached to a V2 standard ecig battery. The vapor kit comes with:

  • 2 classic v2 ecig batteries (1 automatic and 1 manual)
  • 3 V2 EX series tanks that can be filled with the eliquid of your choosing
  • 2  –  25 ml bottles of liquid
  • 2 Ecig battery chargers
  • 1 V2 eCig use manual

The EX series tanks are what makes this vape kit into hybrid ecigarettes.

The EX blanks contain 1 ml of elqiuid, which is the same amount that you will find in a typical ecig refill cartridge.

Overall, 1 ml of eliquid should give you in the range of 200 puffs. That is not a hard and fast rule and performance varies greatly by brand.

A pre-filled ecig refill cartridge from a quality ecigarette company has about 1 ml of eliquid in it. This kit comes with 50 ml of eliquid. Do the math and there is value here.

This is a complete starter kit with everything you need to vape for a long time before you have to buy any additional EX blanks or eliquid.

orange and green button

V2 Platinum Eliquid

The eye catching feature of this vape kit is the fact that you get a total of 50 ml of V2 Platinum eLiquid. That’s a lot of ejuice!

When you consider one millimeter is roughly the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes this is basically like buying 50 packs of cigarettes.

V2 eLiquid is blended to exacting standards in a state of the art laboratory. This is very important to consider. You want to stick with reputable ecigarette companies So many ejuice vendors operating today are selling eliquids that are not professionally blended.

An investigative report has shown that many vape shops are selling eliquid with the wrong nicotine levels. That is not because of any intent to deceive, it is just a case where many ejuice vendors and vape shops self-blend.

They may have the best of intentions but at the end of the day they are just not qualified to blend eliquids not do they have the proper facilities to do so. V2 Platinum eliquids are professionally blended by trained chemists in a high grade facility.

You can choose from 5 different nicotine levels including 0 mg of nicotine, 0.6 mg, 1.2 mg, 1.8 mg, and a nice bold 2.4 mg nicotine level. If you are unsure what level is right for you, a pack per day smoker should start at 1.8 mg or even 1.2 mg. Heavier smokers wil probably need the bold to feel satisfied. Click here for more on nicotine levels and nicotine in cigarettes.

V2 e-liquid flavors.

  • V2 Red eliquid flavor which is similar to a Marlboro cigarette
  • Sahara e-liquid flavor which is similar to Turkish cigarettes like Camel
  • Congress ecig liquid flavor is like a classic American tobacco flavor
  • Menthol ejuice tastes like a menthol cigarette
  • Peppermint e-liquid is like your menthol with a dash of frigid peppermint
  • v2  Green Tea Menthol ecig flavor which throws some green tea flavor
  • Grape ejuice flavor
  • Cherry eliquid
  • Chocolate ejuice
  • Coffee flavored ecig juice, always popular
  • Vanilla eliquid flavor
  • V2 Cola flavored eliquid, just in time for summer

V2 Ecig Batteries

The V2 Ecig batteries that come with the Standard eLiquid vape kit comes with standard batteries.

The V2 Cigs standard electronic cigarette vaporizer batteries are a solid product. Refer to our v2 e cig review for exact performance details. To briefly sum up the results of our extensive testing on the V2 standard ecig batteries I can report that each fully charged ecig battery gives you in the range of 150 puffs.

That may not be the best in the industry but it is still solid and certainly much better than anything you’re going to find in a retail store is sitting behind the counter at the local 7-Eleven.

You’re going to want  to keep a fully charged battery on hand at all times. You do get two batteries with the kit and you will need them both to get through a typical day of vaping.

v2 e cigarettes batteries different colors

Just a quick note, if you are worried about the power output of a smaller battery and are wondering if the V2 standard battery can produce as much power as a 650 mAh mod battery the answer is … yes it can. It will give you the outpuf but not the same battery life, that’s the only compromise. The V2 standard ecig battery has a 4.2 Volt output which matches the majority of 650 mAh mod batteries.

You are going to get one manual and one automatic battery. If you have never use the manual battery before, you simply press a small button located on the body of the ecig battery to activate. As long as you are holding the button down, your atomizer will be vaporizing eliquid. The longer you hold it, the more vapor.

The battery does have a built in safety feature that will cut off the charge before your battery gets too hot.

The automatic battery operates just like a typical cigalike. You puff, you get vapor! You simply pick it up and start puffing just like you would on a cigarette.

We think you’re going to like the operation of the automatic battery more so than the manual, but there might be some folks out there who like the manual just having a bit more control.

The V2 standard ecig batteries come in five different colors. You can choose from black, blue, stainless, white, or pink.

V2 EX Blanks

The V2 EX blanks are the heart of the Standard Eliquid vape kit. These are what makes this vaporizer unique and in the category of hybrid ecigarettes.

Typically, the V2 standard batteries work with pre-filled ecig refill cartridges. In fact, the batteries that come with this kit will work with any of V2’s prefilled cartridges.

The V2 EX blanks work very well with the standard ecig batteries. The engineering is precise and you won’t have any issues threading the EX blank onto the battery.

The atomizer in the EX tank is designed to function perfectly with the 4.2 V output of the battery. It is always best to keep your EX tank topped up and the overall life span of an EX blank is about 10 refills.

v2 cigarettes has refillable tanks and replaceable coils

That means one EX blank replaces 10 ecig refill cartridges.

The advantage of a mini tank over an ecig refill cartridge is the fact that rather than the e-liquid being soaked in an absorbent foam, such as in an ecig refill cartridge, the V2 EX blank is a mini ecig tank where the liquid saturates wicks which are directly attached the atomizer. That is more eliquid exposed to heat which gives you more vapor and more flavor.

You’re probably going to go through the eliquid a little a little quicker that you would in a cartridge but the payoff is the additional flavor and vapor.

The other advanatge is the money you will save. Each EX blank can be refilled 10 times before you have to replace it. That means each EX blank is like 10 refill cartridges. You can buy a package of 3 EX blanks for $14.95. Factor in the cost of eliquid and you are getting the equivalent of 30 ecig cartridges for less that $20.

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V2 Standard Kit Wrap Up

The V2 Standard eLiquid kit is a cross between ecig tank and cigalike. This hybrid ecigarette style will fill a void for people who want a bit more from their vaping but are not interested in lugging a bulky mod around with them.

It is a very interesting idea and just may well carve out a niche among vapers. It is great for experiences vapers looking for a back up ecig as well.

With V2 you are going to get a solid product. V2 Cigs understands vaping and vapers. They have an excellent track record in customer service as well.

v2 e cigarettes standard plus starter kit comes with charger and refills

Read first hand about the experiences of V2 eCig customers in our consumer ecigarette review section and see their assessments of V2 products. Consumer reviews are never edited, you will get an unfiltered view through the eyes of consumers.

Right now V2 Cigs is sitting at a 4.4 out of 5 stars on our consumer ecig charts. That is enough to secure them a spot in the top 5 ecigarette brands. As we said v2 may not be the creme de la creme but it is a very solid product that offers you a great value for your dollar.