Vaping has officially reached new heights, as UK Prime Minister David Cameron has now given the thumbs up to ecigs as a smoking alternative. The British leader has been the leader of the Conservative party since 2005 and took over as Prime Minister in 2010. He is also had his own fight with tobacco addiction, so he can personally weigh in on a topic that is so important to the millions of smokers he presides over. Until now someone of this stature hadn’t come out so forcefully in favor of vaping, but the times appear to be changing.

Cameron made a point of including ecigs as a way that helps many smokers make that switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. He was quoted in the Daily Caller saying, “Certainly as somebody who has been through this battle a number of times, eventually relatively successfully, lots of people find different ways of doing it and certainly for some people e-cigarettes are successful.” Unlike Obama smoking off and on throughout his presidency without a mere mention of what vaping can do for millions of Americans, Cameron is being rather up front about it.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has endorsed the using of e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

We do have to admit that Cameron is helped by own his own health officials where Obama hasn’t been, at least not in the same way. That’s why he can reliably say that politicians should be looking to experts for assistance in classifying vaping, and in England that doesn’t appear to be a problem. Cameron specifically pointed to the report by Public Health England that concluded vaping is 95% safer than smoking. “We should look at the report from Public Health England but it is promising to see that over all, one million people are estimated to have used e-cigarettes to help them quite or have replaced smoking with e-cigarettes completely,” said the Prime Minister.

Politicians Are People Too, Some Vaping

The problem on this side of the pond is that people like to get hung up with Obama smoking, or not, rather than talking about how vaping can help. The press loves trying to catch the president going out for a smoke and reports about it as if it were a national security issue.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Britain Nick Clegg has taken up vaping to try to quit smoking cigarettes.

But politicians are people too and they have just as difficult a time putting down their tobacco cigarettes as the rest of us, if not more. Imagine having the stress of the world on your shoulders and trying to make that switch cold turkey, without vaping.

It sounds like a recipe for failure. Which means it obviously doesn’t surprise us when people catch Obama smoking.

It also doesn’t surprise us that he doesn’t get behind electronic cigarettes as firmly as David Cameron has. He has his own politics to deal with and his own health agency, the FDA, hasn’t been nearly as forward thinking as the UK’s Public Health England. In the UK, you do have politicians who are outwardly vaping and aren’t ashamed of it. Nick Clegg is the former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK under David Cameron and he doesn’t have a problem admitting that he stopped using tobacco cigarettes and made the switch to vaping. In particular, Clegg likes blueberry-flavored vapor using a higher-powered electronic cigarette.

Leader of the Indpendence Party of the UK Nigel Farage uses an e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

In the UK we also have Nigel Farage who is a leader of the Independence Party. He also has openly declared that he has taken up vaping as a way to reduce his use of tobacco cigarettes. Is it that politicians in the UK are just more honest about their habits and how they deal with so-called vices?

That may be the case, or maybe we just aren’t being loud enough about our embrace of vaping here in America. Even though ecigs have thoroughly made their way into popular culture, take for example the Obama smoking an ecig skit on Saturday Night Live, it doesn’t seem to be enough. We need more politicians to come out and tell the public what electronic cigarettes are and how they can help many smokers. We’re sure some of them are already vaping at home or in their offices, but it’s time for them to do what David Cameron has done in the UK. Maybe we should all do our part in telling them that we want ecigs to be part of the solution and they should too.