In the last 3 years, smoking rates in England have dropped at a dramatic rate. In 2012 smoking rates were at 19.3 % and by 2015 the smoking rate in England dropped to 16.9 %. The numbers show that the majority of people that have quit appear to have done so because of the availability of the electronic cigarette. Some are still using patches, gums and other methods, but vaping is the number one alternative that is likely making the biggest dent in smoking rates.

You can almost hear the anti-vaping zealots screaming out in unison that it is the lobbying, awareness and regulatory reforms that they introduce that is to be credited. They will never want to acknowledge the fact that vaping is doing more to reduce smoking than they will ever admit. But tough, we got the numbers and they show definitively that vaping is making the biggest dent. Look, for the anti-smoking crowd, vaping is on your side! There is no reason to be an anti-vaping zealot, too. Join the vaping community, want the same things. Being so vehemently anti-vaping is a classic case of not seeing the forrest for the trees.

Public Health of England crest depicting a lion and unicorn surrounding a crowned crest.

By the way, by no means do I want to diminish the contributions of organizations that have fought to reduce smoking for the last 40 years. You have done the work of good, there is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, anti-tobacco officials like Stanton Glantz decided early on that vaping is an enemy to the cause of tobacco harm reduction. Dr. Glantz, please look at the data, look at the fates of millions of smokers and put the interests of public health first. Likewise the FDA needs to start taking notice and talking to vapers, not just lobbyists. Listening will only benefit understanding.

Smoking Rates In England Fall

Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians are the leading voices for public health in England. Both of these science based agencies analyzed endless streams of data and came to the same conclusion. That conclusion was that vaping represents a reduced risk. In fact they found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The position of both is that smokers should vape rather than smoke.

It is working. Tracking shows that smoking in England is dropping by about a full percentage point each year. As England continues to encourage smokers to explore every option to become smoke free, one can dare to imagine what progress can be made in coming years. Is a smoke free England possible?

Public Health England says e-cigs are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

Not everything was rosy, however. The PHE survey showed that out of 2.5 million people that tried to quit smoking, one in five was successful. When it comes to vaping, much of the prospects of success is heavily dependent upon the vaping product chosen. There is no one sized fits all ecig that will work for everyone.

Imagine if health officials actually consulted with the vaping community to help people understand the product options available and help people find the best electronic cigarettes for their particular circumstances. There is so much potential here! Hopefully, anti-vapers will look at the facts and evidence and begin to realize that vaping is an ally, not an enemy.