With so many designs and capabilities of all the different types of vapes available it can be confusing to discern the specific properties of each one.

We put together a short list of the different types of vapes available to better understand each one so when you check out our vape reviews you at least have an idea of what you’re getting.

Tube Mods

Tube Mods is a vaporizer that looks like a futuristic flashlight. Battery mods run at a higher voltage than cig-a-likes and pen mods, creating more vapor at a higher output. These mods are also able to power more complicated tanks and variable coils. Some of these median mods have adjustable power output and removable batteries, allowing them to charge much faster than USB units.

Mech Mods

Mech mods are mechanical-type power units with more powerful batteries that generate a higher voltage, typically meant to generate more vapor. Drip decks, also known as dripper mods fall into the mech mod category of ecigs.

Box Mods

Box mods are the futuristic-looking power supply units you see vapers gripping. They are available with integrated e-liquid reservoirs and interchangeable atomizer tanks. There are many different kinds of box mods but the most common one you will hear about are TC mods which are power sources that have programmable preferences for the temperature at which the heating element vaporizes e-liquid.

Being able to recognize the different types of vape mods available will help you find the best vape mods that appeals to your needs and preferences. So now that you know of the different types, check out our vape reviews and see which one might suit you best.