Understanding the various types of vape mods is useful. This information can aid users in selecting the best available vape mod for their preferences or desired use. Selecting the right mod that fits with a specific user’s desired effect and concentration of interest on flavor, vapor or both with help determine which style will suit them best. We will create an in-depth analysis of the positives, negatives, as well as the unique attributes each style of mod offers.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the most compact type vaping devices available. Frequently, these designs are called pen mods, cig-a-likes, eGo or stick mods. These are the most discreet portable vaporizers available and fit stealthily in a shirt or pants pocket. For the most part they are durable and you don’t need to worry about them bending or breaking.

Furthermore, they are far less modular than other devices. However, they remain one of the most affordable mods available. Vape pens are ideal for vapers who want their device to be concealable. In some cases, they’ll fit in the palm of your closed hand for total discretion. With that in mind, pen mods produce very little power, and by definition not much vapor. If users are simply looking for a flavor, nicotine or extract delivery system, pen mods will do the trick. There are a wide variety of vape pens available and not all are for eliquid. There’s vape pens for dabs and then there’s other  multifunctional vape pens for dry herb,  and then there’s the vape pens specifically for wax concentrates and lastly eliquid vape pens. See? Not all vape pens are equal. They all have their own purpose.

Mech mods

These are perfect for vapers who want to max out their vaping experience in one gear; fast. For users in search of a powerful experience of both flavor and vapor without any variables, options or functions a mech mod is ideal. If tube and box mods were a faucet you could adjust for temperature and volume, a mech mod would be a wild waterfall, pouring everything it’s got right over a cliff and into your vapor.

For the most direct flavor and max wattage output in every puff of vapor, the mech mods deliver the ultimate, at least until it runs out of power. Consequently, these devices run through batteries frequently due to their continuous blast of top out power.

Running the highest-possible electric current through a vape mod constantly depletes their charge rapidly. Mech mods wouldn’t suit vapers who aren’t interested in carrying spare batteries. That said, if you’re set on getting a mech, it’s important to understand the safety precautions associated with variable wattage, resistance and external batteries.

Tube mods

They take their name, shape, and design from those early adaptive tech innovations of turning tactical flashlights into mech decks. Though mech mods can be tube mods, they aren’t necessarily in the same category. Advanced features like variable wattage are available in tube mods. VW allows users to adjust the power output to their preference.

Tube mods with VW settings often come with a “bypass mode” which effectively turns the device into a mech mod. Options such as coil material, tank style, size and resistance level are available with tube mods. Frequently, the reason users upgrade from tube mods is due to their limited power output as a single-battery powered device.

Box mods

Truly the mod for all seasons, boxes are fully programmable, computer chip-controlled power plants. Box mods are capable of reaching outputs over 300 watts. Often, vaping connoisseurs follow the belief that more power equals more vapor. As a result, these are the chosen units for cloud chasers and flavor hounds alike.

While more power at low resistance produces more vapor, high power with higher resistance provides a robust flavor index. Swapping coils and understanding coefficients can make the vaping experience a challenge. However, users are continuously improving the science of vaping in order to simplify and optimize their experience. Moderating and modulating the performance of a box mods requires experience. The desire to achieve a vapor output that is as nebulous as it is flavorful is a large attraction to users looking for the best of both worlds.

Box mods are ideal for hobbyists, tinkerers and tech savvy novices who enjoy careful calculation and fine-tuning their equipment. Hot rod motors of the vaping world, box mods put high voltage vapor in the palm of user’s hands. As a result, they are the chosen upgrade for vapers who are looking to maximize their temperature and resistance levels. This allows for advanced, dialed-in settings to correspond with a given tank or coil pairing. Often, these mods have programmable slots that allow users to set them separately and save the information to its firmware.

These powerful mods come with options including up to five high drain batteries. This allows for longer periods of vaping at higher wattage. Additionally, box mods offer advanced features such as temperature control, variable wattage and TCR or temperature control/coefficient of resistance modes. These presets produce vapor at the perfect strength paired with the coil type mounted.