Generally, there are two primary types of e cig tanks you will see offered with entry level devices. This will give you the basis of understanding the most widely used electronic cigarette tank systems as they become familiar to you.

Cartomizer Types Of E Cig Tanks

These tanks are e-liquid reservoirs encased in a polyfill, or polyester-fiber wick. To explain, the polyfill is wrapped around two heating coils and serves as the wick. Cartomizers are filled with vape juice by the manufacturer and are single-use units unless specified to be rechargeable.

Frequently, cartomizers are the coil counterpart to interchangeable entry-level devices that use cartridges or flavor pods. They are the flavor and heating components found in the majority of cig-a-likes and single-use e-cigs.


Narrow, clear tube style designs sometimes referred to as eGo tanks, are a high step above cartomizers and cartridge types of e cig tanks. These configurations typically have a clear outer cylinder that feeds directly into the drip-tip or mouthpiece. Additionally, their coils have a series of floating wicks that look like fabric fan blades or an octopus made of string. Consequently, these wicks feed the ejuice to the heating element to create vapor, kind of like sensations travel from your fingertips to your brain.

Clearomizer e cig tanks are available in customizable color options. The tank and power units are often separate on clearomizers. Some offer options to regulate the flow of juice, ohm resistance or power output. In addition, certain models of clearomizer are available with replaceable coils and wicks as well, making them fully customizable.