As we all know, there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of cigarettes on the market. The history of tobacco goes back even further than cigarettes, as it was a crop grown as far back as 600-900 A.D. according to some historians. But it wasn’t nearly as widespread as it became when James Bosnack invented the cigarette-making machine in 1881. What followed was mass growth in the tobacco industry, which of course resulted any many types of cigarettes being offered.

Now we appear to be in a period of retraction, with certain brands taking such a huge share of the market that it all but pushed out the smaller ones. Not only that, legislation as put a clamp down on different marketing angles for traditional tobacco cigarettes and that has naturally eliminated some along the way. There are even moves now and again from the FDA to eliminate specific types of cigarettes that are deemed too dangerous. That’s right, the FDA actually is telling us that some traditional tobacco cigarettes are too dangerous. Is it really that big of a difference? Isn’t an analogue cigarette and analogue cigarette after all?

Just one look behind the counter of your local corner store and it's clear cigarette brands and tobacco giants still control the market share, as well as the real estate where e-cigs and vape products could appear.

Apparently not, at least according to the FDA. Late last year they forced out four different types of cigarettes that have been assessed as too dangerous to be on the market. These would be Camel Crush Bold, Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter, Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter Menthol and Vantage Tech 13. Alright, so with those out of the game we can move on and just smoke the cigarettes that are plain bad for us instead of really really bad for us. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

Types Of Cigarettes Irrelevant

If it sounds silly to focus on the types of cigarettes out there instead of smoking as a whole, that’s because it is. At a certain point you are splitting hairs, because we all know just how terrible traditional cigarette smoke is for you. By lighting up an old fashioned tobacco cigarette, you are burning carbons and inhaling loads of gunk.

The truth is the variety of brands, potencies and various types including organize makes very little difference when it comes to the effects they have on their users.

That goes for any of the types of cigarettes out there, not just the four that were recently banned by the FDA. The problem isn’t which exact cigarette you are smoking, the problem is that you are smoking in the first place. If we lived in a world where there were no other choices then…

…well then maybe eliminating the most dangerous types of cigarettes would make sense. It would at least help a little, I assume.

Thankfully we do not live in that world. As of 2008 or so, smokers have had the chance to make a different choice. They have had the opportunity to learn about electronic cigarettes and all that they can do. Along the way, ecigarette brands have tried their best to perfect nicotine delivery so as to give smokers the best experience possible.

The Philip Morris dry herb vaporizer iQOS boasts the same satisfaction of smoking tobacco using heated vapor instead of burning tobacco.

One alternate step is the “heat not burn” movement within Big Tobacco. This is being pushed specifically by Philip Morris International as another way to get into the space of smoking alternatives. It remains to be seen how successful that type of technology is, both from a health perspective as well as appeal to smokers. Meanwhile vapor products have given millions a real choice that isn’t traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Where this all is headed is a question of which technology will win out in the end. Big companies are hedging their bets and working on advancing ecig technology in the hopes of capturing a smoking public that increasingly wants to quit. That is much more of a conversation starter than the types of cigarettes that might be more dangerous to you. It doesn’t really matter anymore, not with the vapor choices that are out there. At some point the FDA will have to start dealing in the future and not in the past, and maybe that is the day when we’ll see an even bigger jump in smokers abandoning tobacco.