By taking on the upcoming European Union regulations regarding cigarettes and ecigs, Totally Wicked eLiqid has decided not to take things lying down.

Electronic cigarette brands across Europe are likely cheering them on, as the EU Tobacco Products Directive tosses ecigs in with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The directive would officially classify electronic cigarette products, including eliquid, as “tobacco-related products” and cause harm to the industry’s growth. Therefore it isn’t a surprise that ecig companies would hate it, but it is a little surprising that one of them would take the new rules on by themselves.

So why is Totally Wicked eLiquid, unlike Blu e cig, challenging the EU directive head on? Fraser Cropper, who serves as the managing director of the company, simply explained that they took the case to court because he believes the regulations are “fundamentally wrong.”

Totally Wicked e-liquid's director Fraser Cropper ensured the company was in compliance with EU regulations and achieved CHIP certification.

Well, that is easy enough, but we have to believe that his company, like other electronic cigarette companies, ran a calculation of how much they stand to lose if and when the new laws go into affect. They are slated to do so in 2016, meaning it will be much harder for Totally Wicked eLiquid to sell their very popular eliquid.

Cropper was sure to point out that that the company he runs isn’t against oversight in general, just how it was being conducted through this directive. He told the BBC, “We must not be seen as company that does not believe in regulations in the sector; we do – we are a firm believer in robust, relevant and proportionate regulations.”

As he explains it, the problem is that a lot of the regulations being formulated “aren’t supported by evidence.” Cropper warned that the result of these types of moves would “have a counter-productive effect which is reducing the prevalence of these products which many thousands of people are finding beneficial.”

Totally Wicked Stands Up To Mis-Information

Though they had to comply with stringent EU regulation Totally Wicked stood up and called out critics who spread misinformation about vaping.

The Totally Wicked executive hit the nail on the head and it is part of a larger battle that electronic cigarette companies and users are fighting everywhere, not just in Europe.

These are products that help so many people out there, yet the attempting persecution of the budding industry doesn’t seem to be related to any factual information.

Kudos to Cropper and Totally Wicked eLiquid for going after the EU directive headfirst to defend not only their sale of eliquid, but the sale of ecigarette products in as a whole.

The question that really does keep popping into our consciousness is this: where is Blu e cig in all of this?

The European Union has created a directive against vaping that some companies refuse to swallow.

They have the money and the power to go after this EU directive and other legislation. They also have the lobbying background of parent company Imperial Tobacco.

So why is it that the smaller and privately owned Totally Wicked is left to go it alone in a lawsuit that could help or hinder the sales numbers of Blu e cig? Do they view this directive as something that won’t hurt them directly or do they just prefer to face it further down the road?

None of these questions have answers of course, not unless we are able to sit down the Blu e cig CEO and maybe get some drinks in him to cough up the truth. They are part of a big conglomerate that plays their cards close to the vest, so it really is almost impossible to know what they truly think about this directive.

Totally Wicked challenged a ruling by the EU that e-cigarettes should be regulated as tobacco products.

It is equally difficult to figure out how they view the ecigarette market in Europe as a whole and where they would like to play a role.

We do know that the European market is a big one with a lot of smokers, meaning it is ripe with customers who could potentially make the switch over to ecigarettes. That is, of course, what this EU directive is about and why the stakes are so big. We hope to see some sense take hold in the future and current ecigarette policy within the European Union that allows for the benefits of electronic cigarettes to come to the fore.