If you have been thinking about picking up a variable voltage mod, you sure aren’t alone. Variable voltage and variable wattage vaporizers are in high demand and we’ll explain why in our Apollo Valiant review details how this ecig gives you the best of both worlds. The Valiant has a (VV) variable voltage setting but it is also a (VW) variable wattage mod.

The advantage of a variable voltage or variable wattage mod is the ability to fine-tune your vaping preferences. Basically, they allow you to take full advantage of ecig technology to enable each individual to customize his or her vaping experience.

If you are askingwhat is the difference between variable voltage and variable wattage mods’ it can best be summed up this way. With variable voltage mods you control and set the voltage based on the resistance of your atomizer. With a variable wattage mod, the atomizer resistance automatically adapts. Variable wattage mods are the automatic transmissions while variable voltage mods are like manual transmissions.

This handy chart will keep your vaping experience outside of the danger zone while still making it rain big clouds.

The Apollo Valiant features new technology that can help automate the entire voltage or wattage selection process adding an ‘ease of use’ factor the advanced vaping that is opening the door to casual vapers being able to experience the benefits of highly customized vaping without complexity.

One thing that really, really sticks out when talking about the Apollo Valiant is the price. You will be very hard pressed to find a value like this.

The Apollo Valiant vape kit sells for $49.95 which is an unreal value when you compare to the competition. At the end of this article we’ll give you a coupon code that will save you $10 so you will be able to get this kit for a steal of around $40. Lets take a look at what else you get with the Apollo Valiant vape kit:

  • 1 Valiant 1300 mAh ecig battery with VV / VW
  • 1 Pro Tank 2 Clearomizer
  • 1 – 10 ml bottle of Apollo eliquid
  • User’s manual
  • Vaping power chart to help you match voltage / wattage output to atomizer resistance

Apollo Valiant VV / VW Ecig Battery

The Apollo Valiant VV VW power mod battery is a slim, convenient power supply with all the functionality of a more complicated mod.

The Apollo Valiant VV / VW ecig battery is a powerful 1300 mAh unit that is complete with a ton of options and capabilities.

The Apollo Valiant battery features the latest and best ecig technology.

While you can fine-tune your vaping, if you don’t want to mess around with setting voltages and wattages, the Apollo Valiant will automatically set your ecig battery output to match recommended settings.

The Apollo Valiant also features an ohm meter so you can check the resistance of your atomizer.

The vape kit comes with a chart so you can identify the appropriate voltages and wattages for whichever 510 threaded ecig tank atomizer that you happen to be using.

The Apollo Valiant ecig battery can be set from 3.0 W all the way up to 15 W in 0.5 W increments. The variable voltage can be set from 3.0 V up to 6.0 V in 0.1 V increments. You can really fine-tune this battery to finite levels.

The upper limits of this battery are 15 W and 6.0 V. This are absolutely the highest ranges for normal, safer vaping. If you get over these power outputs you venture into an area where vaping becomes less safe. Beyond those outputs, you may run the risk of burning your eliquid and possibly even vaporizer the metal in the heating coil. The Valiant ensures the best possible vaping in safe ranges.

Some people want more heat and more vapor but the truth is that more heat does not always mean more vapor. Ecigs like the Apollo Valiant are capable of huge vapor in a safer, easy to use package.

The Valiant ecig battery has built in short circuit and low resistance level protection. You can monitor the level of charge available thanks to the digital display.

Normally, I am not a fan of digital displays. Why waste battery life on an unnecessary extra. In this case, however, the digital display is handy exactly because of the huge range of functions that you can control. Besides, this is a 1300 mAh battery, it has the power to go the distance for an entire day of heavy vaping and then some.

The Valiant is 510 threaded and compatible with a range of ecig tanks. You can use the popular Aspire Nautilus with the valiant but not the Aspire Atlantis. Valiant is not designed for sub ohm vaping.

Kanger ProTank 2 Clearomizer

The Kangertech Protank II vape mod reservoir tank is a streamlined, elegant addition to your vape experience.

The Apollo Valiant vape kit comes with a Kanger ProTank 2 clearomizer tank. The Pro Tank 2 is very popular in its own right. It features a bottom coil head, pyrex glass tank and a stainless steel body.

It is sturdy, versatile and a strong performer. Every 1 to 4 weeks, depending on how much you use it, you will need to replace the atomizer coil heads but that goes for any ecig tank. You can pick up a 5 pack of replacement for $10.95 from Apollo.

The ProTank 2 that comes with the Valiant vape kit will also have 2 additionla replacement coil heads. One is a 1.8 ohm resistance and the other is a 2.5 ohm resistance head.

This kit comes with everything you need to experiment and try out a number settings. Mix and match the coil heads and try different configurations if you like.

You can try different voltages with different resistances and see if you can find that perfect sweet spot. Or, you can keep changing and try something different all the time.

You can also keep it simple and just let the Valiant do all the work! The microprocessor in the Valiant ecig battery will read the resistance and set the voltage or wattage to a recommended setting that should give you all of the vapor and satisfaction that you need.

The Kanger ProTank 2 contains 2.5 ml of eliquid, much more than a standard 1.6 ml eGo style ecig tank. The bottom coil design ensures that the wicks are always saturated meaning that you can avoid the disappointment of a dry hit.

Apollo’s USA Made Eliquid

Apollo e-liquids are developed and produced in house in what they call the Art E-Juice Lab by professional chemists who vape.

You are also going to get a 10 ml bottle of Apollo eCig’s USA made eliquid. If you haven’t tried any of Apollo’s eliquid recipes you are missing out.

Apollo eCig is a true industry innovator and they have made the huge commitment to the futire of vaping by designing, building and staffing an in-house, state of the art eliquid lab. Apollo has established their own eliquid lab in Livermore, California creating USA jobs. The lab is staffed by professional chemists who also happen to be passionate about vaping.

Apollo eliquids meet the highest standards. All ingredients are USP grade and blended to meticulous standards that surpass the requirements imposed on food production facilities. They are a step ahead of most eliquid manufacturers and there is no doubt that Apollo will easily meet any standard that the FDA may choose to impose.

That’s an important fact to keep in mind. Right now there are a lot of boutique eliquid brands sold regionally in vape shops. The problem is that most of these are blended by vaping enthusiasts in non-lab settings rather than by professionals utilizing the necessary protocols to avoid contamination.

In fact, one Utah study showed that many vape shops were selling eliquids with the wrong nicotine levels! Once FDA regulations come down, many of these eliquid vendors will not meet any standards. You need to find quality eliquid vendors like Apollo eCig who is utilizing proper procedures to blend high quality ejuice.

No small point but Apollo ejuice is also yummy! hey, with an entire lab at their disposal these guys can go through a lot of trial and error to make sure that they get their eliquid recipes just right.

There are 40 flavors to choose from and 5 nicotine levels. You can buy 10 ml bottles for $6.95 each. Take 20% off of that price when you use coupon code Expert Vaping when you make any purchase from Apollo.

Ecig Comparison

The Valiant vape kit from Apollo comes with power mod, Protank II reservoir and Apollo e-liquid.

If you walk into a vape shop you will probably pay $100 plus dollars for a variable voltage ecig mod kit with the eliquid and tank sold separately. You will also pay premium prices for the ecig tank as well. Unfortunately, you seldom find the best American ecig brands, like Apollo, on the shelves of vape shops.

I checked around at a few stores in my area and I did find one shop that was selling a single iTaste variable voltage battery for $50 but it was only an 800 mAh unit.

By the time you bought a tank and some eliquid you would be closing in on $100 faster Usain Bolt heading for the finish line. The iTaste unit also had a digital display but with only 800 mAh the battery life is not going to be what you want.

The Apollo Valiant vape kit sells for less than $50. That’s just a phenomenal value for a VV / VW ecig kit complete with a top quality ecig tank like the ProTank 2. Plus eliquid! If you were to buy all of this retail you would easily be at $100 or more.

You are not going to find this quality for this price elsewhere. Even if you buy online from another great ecig company you are going to be paying a lot more for a VV VW mod with a 1300 mAh battery. At least 25% more.

Of course you will always get the best deals on ecigarettes when you buy online. Still, you have to exercise some discretion. You can find a variable voltage ecig battery for $20, it is possible, but it will be a low quality knock-off. It looks tempting but so does buying a “Rolex” from a street vendor in New York. Don’t do it.

The advantage of a vape shop is that you won’t get stuck with a piece of junk. But, that is also the advantage of relying on Expert Vaping to give you the goods on the ecigs and eliquids that deserve your attention. Apollo eCig deserves your attention.

The Apollo Endeavor currently tops our ecig rankings chart and for good reason. The Endeavor’s consistency showcases Apollo’s quality. The Apollo Valiant is cut from the same cloth.

The Apollo Endeavor starter kit comes with two vaping devices and two bottles of Apollo e-liquid made in the USA.

We want to help you make the best possible choice and when it comes to value, we had to tell you about the Apollo Valiant.

The Valiant is simply a tremendous value. It has industry leading technology and upper echelon quality. Apollo ecig products are a shining example of what an America ecig company can do. The value offered by Apollo is industry leading.

When you use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping you will save 20% off of any Apollo Ecig purchase. That includes eliquids, accessories and all of Apollo’s ecigarettes.

Factor in the savings from our Apollo coupon code and you can buy the Apollo Valiant vape kit for $39.96. That is less than 40 bucks for a complete variable voltage / variable wattage vape kit including a proven top quality ecig tank from Kanger and Apollo’s USA made eliquid. Not only is it a complete kit, it is a VV VW 1300 mAh powerhouse, high-tech Apollo ecig battery.

If you want to try a variable voltage mod with a variable wattage option, this is your chance. You can get a complete kit with a powerful battery, a top rated ecig tank and eliquid for just under $40. You can enjoy an amazing value with everything included.