Vape kits are offered by the majority of electronic cigarette companies as a way to allow their customers to obtain all of the hardware required for long term use as well as the cartridges and/or e-liquid required to really sink your teeth in and get started.

Vape kits, also called starter kits, typically come with at least one rechargeable battery, a charger, cartridges/tanks and e-liquid. Of course all things are not actually equal.

For all the similarities of these kits there are also differences. Those differences are worth your consideration especially when you consider the two key elements that concern you the most … namely quality and value. Finding the e-cigs that do it best takes some consideration and calculation.

which is the best vaping starter kit

When determining the best e-cigarette value, the majority of the weight has to lie in quality. You may find a very cheap e-cigarette somewhere but when it conks out after a couple of days or when it doesn’t offer any satisfaction, you may be turned off of vaping and fall back fully into tobacco. We don’t want that, you don’t want that.

Without quality, you will not be satisfied. Value may be secondary, but it is also important. It’s your money and you want to make it go as far as possible.

We have very good news. The best e-cig brands combine value and quality beautifully. The lower quality e-cig brands that you find in retail stores may seem to have a lower initial price but their overall quality and value score excludes them from this list. Cheap e-cigs don’t offer value. Let’s look at an example right off the bat.

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Calculating Vape Kit Value

You are in 7 11 and see the Vuse ecig behind the counter. It costs $10. Not bad right? Well wait; first, you will be getting a 4.8 mg nicotine product, that’s your only option. Unless you smoke multiple packs per day 4.8 mg of nicotine is way too much. If quality and options are related then you are already losing value.

By the way, 4.8 mg of nicotine is way too high for the vast majority of smokers. Anyway, back to value, Vuse refill cartridges cost $3.00 each and don’t last as long as the better ecig brands. Plus you will have only 1 battery. Bottom line, even with the Vuse coupons that are floating around out there, you will be spending $90 or more per month.

By the way, on those same convenience store shelves you may also see Altria’s MarkTen e-cigarette. The overall costs are very similar to Vuse Vapor and, likewise, you have only two flavor options and one nicotine level of 1.5 mg which may be a tad light for most smokers seeking an alternative.

If you wanna be considered for the best vape kit and e-cigarette, that ain’t gonna cut it. These brands are relying on you sticking to your habits and buying your e-cigs at the same place you would buy cigarettes.

Picking a vape kit should not be an impulse buy and you have a lot more options that those brands that big companies put on the shelves of retail stores across the nation. For quality and value, buying e-cigs online is the way to go.

The brands that you find in convenience stores all have similar price points and limited options. This is about the best vape kit with the best value for you so we are eliminating these brands. We will stick with the quality, durable brands that provide satisfying vaping with excellent flavor, throat hit and consistency.

The Best Vape Kit Value

When we look at the value of the best vape starter kits we will use a simple formula that will be a baseline for the monthly cost of use. The baseline will be one cartridge per day for cig-a-like kits, 1.5 ml of e-liquid per day for mods and 2 ml per day for advanced e-cigs. In general, an e-cig cartridge is about the same as a pack of cigarettes.

E-cigarette refill cartridges contain about 1 ml of e-liquid. The reason we will base the monthly cost for a mod on 1.5 ml is because a mod tends to burn e-liquid faster. You get more vapor and more throat hit, but you do go through e-juice a little quicker.

For advanced e-cigs, we will factor in 2 ml per day because the heat many of those e-cig models operate at burns through e-juice very quickly. You get clouds of vapor, though, if that’s what you are looking for.

For our purposes here today, we will base the value on the monthly cost over a one year period of use. The brands that we recommend will last longer than a year but we had to pick a number so one year was nice and easy.

So the formula is the cost of one cartridge per day, 1.5 ml of e-liquid per day for mods or 2 ml per day for advanced e-cigs plus the cost of the vape kit divided by 12, which will give us the monthly cost.

For example, if an e-cig kit costs $60 that breaks down to $5.00 per month. If cartridges cost $2.50 each, that’s $70 per month for a total of $75 per month. That’s a huge savings over cigarettes that’s for sure.

Next to be considered is what you get in the actual kit. You get better value in a kit that comes with at least two batteries. That way you always have a back up. The vape kit must also come with enough cartridges or e-liquid so that you can really get started and so that you can truly gauge whether or not it provides the experience that you are looking for.

Which vape kits combine quality and value the best? Let’s get into it.

Beginner Vape Kits

Beginner vape kits are typically cig-a-like starter kits. Cig-a-likes are electronic cigarettes that look like tobacco cigarettes. They are a great place to start and most closely resemble smoking.

That is not to say that cig-a-likes are only for beginners. In the early days of the e-cigarette industry, cig-a-likes were the only option. The technology had not reached the level of maturation that is has today and early cig-a-likes did not always provide the vapor, nicotine satisfaction and throat hit necessary to satisfy the smoking craving.

That has changed. Current cig-a-likes are much more efficient at maximizing the battery efficiency to adequately and consistently deliver a respectable amount of vapor. The difference has been in better battery technology, better microprocessors to regulate the battery, utilizing better conductive materials and far more efficient cartridges.

Current cig-a-likes are much more efficient at maximizing the battery efficiency to adequately and consistently deliver a respectable amount of vapor.

Think of it like this, the first cig-a-likes were like the big, clunky cell phones of the 80s. Today’s incarnation of the cig-a-like is more like a modern cell phone.

Another advantage of a cig-a-like is its overwhelming ease of use. All you do is attach a cartridge to a charged battery and begin puffing. That’s it. The batteries sense when you draw on the electronic cigarette and deliver the vapor just like a tobacco cigarette. It mimics smoking, the good ones satisfy your craving and they are the easiest to use.

If you are looking for an alternative and not a hobby, sticking with a cig-a-like may be your best option. Don’t be thrown off by the beginner label, which is simply used for easy classification purposes.

Bottom line, the main reason that cig-a-likes are often referred to as a beginner’s e-cig is because of the ease of use. Cig-a-likes are a great product for all vapers. In fact, most of our staff here at Expert Vaping may use a mod as their main e-cig but they still use cig-a-likes as well because they are so simple and convenient.

Now, let’s find your best value vape kits.

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Green Smoke

Green Smoke makes pretty much any list that factors in quality. In fact, Green Smoke was recognized as the best e-cig brand of 2014.

The reasons are many. The battery life is phenomenal and the Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges with FlavorShield will give you about 250 high quality, consistent puffs. The flavor and vapor last fully from the first puff to the last.

For in-depth results of our extensive testing please consult our Green Smoke review. Paul Rucci’s review video will also show you exactly how well Green Smoke works.

As Paul has said on several occasions, Green Smoke is a vapor monster!

Green smoke starter kit comes with batteries and four chargers

Altria currently owns Green Smoke but they began as an independent brand that was committed to quality. That quality remains.

The minimum initial investment that you should make should be a vape kit that includes two batteries. Green Smoke offers the Express Starter Kit that includes two batteries, two battery chargers a carry case and five cartridges.

The price of the Express kit is $46.72. You can use Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping15 to save 15% off of your starter kit purchase. That will make the price $39.72.

If you buy 10 packs of Green Smoke cartridges the price will break down to $2.13 each. Since the starter kit comes with five cartridges we will factor that in as well.

When you buy cartridges you can use Green smoke coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% off of FlavorMax cartridge purchases making the cost of each unit $2.01.

That brings the average monthly cost of Green Smoke to $63.61. That may not be the lowest overall price but given the longer lasting cartridges Green Smoke still tops the list.

With the exception of White Cloud, Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges will give you an average of 20% more puffs than the other leaders in this category. Basically, you will get a solid 20% more bang for your buck. These puff counts have been verified by extensive testing that was carried out for our e-cigarette reviews.

UPDATE: Green Smoke vape kits now have lower prices. The company has streamlined vape kit options and drastically reduced prices. The Express Kit is now under $40 and with the auto-ship cartridge program Green Smoke is a stronger value than ever. Also, the coupon code is no longer required. Use the link below to visit Green Smoke and the discount will be automatically applied.

One Line Summary:

Green Smoke Express Starter Kit monthly cost – $43.61

White Cloud Cigarettes

White Cloud Cigarettes performs at a very high level. The vape kit that really delivers is the White Cloud Cirrus 3X.

The Cirrus 3x may have the longest lasting battery that we have ever tested. For every brand that makes our top-ten e-cigarette list, five others don’t make the cut. So we have tested quite a few!

White Cloud e-cig refill cartridges are also top performers. The best of the best ecigs will be in the range of 200 puffs per cartridge, roughly the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Listen, if you are getting in the range of 200 puffs per cartridge, you are on to something good. Green Smoke and White Cloud give you that extra few puffs that make them contenders in any discussion of best vape kit values.

If you would like more details about the performance of the White Cloud Cirrus 3X read the e-cigarette review and check out the review video. Remember, if you choose White Cloud you want the Cirrus 3X starter kit.

The Cirrus 3X vape kit sells for $89.95 and comes with three powerful Cirrus 3X e-cig batteries as well as a pack of cartridges. White Cloud has a large selection of cartridge flavors and nicotine levels, which translates into more options for you.

White cloud e cigarette kit comes with charger and three batteries

Use White Cloud coupon code WCKIT15 to save 15% off the price of the starter kit. That saves you $13.49 right off the hop, which means you end up only paying $76.46.

White Cloud refill cartridges are completely made in the USA. If you want to factor in a brand that is committed to creating American manufacturing jobs, White Cloud delivers. The cartridges are also very reasonable priced and over the course of a year using one per day, cartridges will cost you about $1.98 each.

You can shave that price down a little by buying in bulk. There are currently no coupon offers that will help you save on a cartridge purchase but the price is low to begin with. White Cloud occasionally has a sale and they may offer a coupon code for cartridges in the future.

Here’s where we are at, at 1.98 per cartridge you will spend $59.40 per month on cartridges (this factors in the five refill cartridges that come with your initial Cirrus 3X starter kit purchase). Add in the cost of the vape kit and you will spend $65.77 a month with White Cloud.

There are lower priced options but the additional puffs that you will get from White Cloud refills has to be considered.

One Line Summary:

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit monthly cost – $65.77

NOTE: If you decide to become a White Cloud customer, make sure you visit Expert Vaping before making any future cartridge purchases. Check to see if we have added a new coupon code that can help you save and we will also make you aware of any White Cloud sales or special offers.


The other contenders for the best vape kit value are the usual suspects such as Atlantic, Halo, South Beach Smoke, Ever Smoke, Apollo, V2, Blu E-Cig and so forth.

I crunched the numbers for all of the top e-cigarettes that deserve your consideration.

All of the brands considered provide battery life and cartridge life that are about the same as a pack of tobacco cigarettes. That is in the range of 200 puffs.

I used the data from Expert Vaping’s extensive and meticulous electronic cigarette reviews and set the minimums at 150 puffs for ecig batteries and refill cartomizers.

smoke tip soft tip e cigarette starter kit

In addition, all of the brands considered had to have decent consistency, satisfaction and flavor.

So I had my expectations. South Beach Smoke is great. Atlantic is an up and comer. Apollo E-cig and Halo Cigs are among the best of the best. Basically, I fully expected that I would be discussing one of those brands at that point. Then came a surprise.

In calculating the best value e-cigarette a surprise came into the picture and stole the show. That surprise was SmokeTip.

If you read our SmokeTip e-cigarette review, you will see that these guys surprised everyone at Expert Vaping. One of those Cinderella story analogies would be appropriate here, let me think of one – Rocky Balboa! Fictional? Yes. Awesome? Double yes.

The batteries averaged 140 to 160 puffs, nothing to write home about but not bad. The refill cartridges will give you 150 to 175 puffs, which is also pretty decent. Here’s the kicker, if you buy three packs of cartridges and use coupon code Expert Vaping10 you will pay only $1.62 each. That’s just an excellent value.

The SmokeTip vape kit comes with two batteries, two chargers and five cartridges with a price tag of $59.00. Pretty standard. Use coupon code Expert Vaping10 to save 10%. That brings the price down to $53.10. All in all the monthly cost of going with SmokeTip e-cigarettes comes out to $52.07.

Anyway, Smoke Tip continues to surprise. They offer the lowest cartridge prices of any quality e-cigarette brand. Smoke Tip now also offer a soft-tip e-cig cartridge option that feels more like a real cigarette when you are vaping.

They now have an ecig tank system as well. The only reason I mention that is to indicate that SmokeTip is a progressive company that is expanding its line of options for vapers and smokers.

The overall monthly cost of $52.07 is exceptional. On top of that, every time you order three packs of cartridges, 30 total, you get a free smoke tip e-cigarette battery. You will never have to worry about replacing batteries that’s for sure! The value is here and that is absolute. There are only a couple of caveats that you should be aware of.

The first is the fact that Smoke tip cartridges offer nicotine levels of 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 16 mg. If you are transitioning from tobacco, or if you are buying this for a smoker in your life, a pack per day or more smoker should probably start with a higher nicotine level (18 mg or 24 mg for pack per day).

A 16 mg nicotine option might work for a pack per day smoker but then again the satisfaction might not be there. It varies. Ideally, we would like to see Smoke Tip add a bold, 24 mg option.

For lighter smokers, SmokeTip can fit the bill nicely.

The second caveat is based on SmokeTip ecig reviews submitted by our readers. There seem to be a number of concerns about customer service and below average scores for ease of draw.

Overall, there is value here.

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One Line Summary:

SmokeTip Vape Kit monthly cost – $52.07

Here are how some of the other brand’s vape kit values stacked up:

Halo E-Cig G6 starter kit – $59.42 per month.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe starter kit – $64.29 per month.

Apollo E-cig Extreme  starter kit – $67.19 per month (this total would be greatly reduced by using Apollo blank cartomizers).

Mod Vape Kits

Mod Vape Kits work differently than cig-a-likes. The e-cig batteries are larger, longer lasting and more powerful. The cartridges are actually refillable tanks that you manually fill with the e-liquid of your choice. You may also hear them referred to as eGo e-cigarettes.

These e-cig tanks are most often referred to as clearomizers, because they are clear tanks that allow you to see inside. Seeing inside the tank is actually quite important. First, you can keep an eye on how much e-juice you have in the tank. Second, you can keep an eye on your coils and wicks. They will burn out after a while and you will need to replace either the tank or the coil.

When looking at mods, you have to factor in the cost of replacement tanks or parts when determining overall vape kit value. Our e-cigarette reviews have found that on a decent tank you can get about 20 refills, especially if you keep it topped up.

You’re looking at about 2 tanks a month minimally, assuming no other factors enter the picture. That does not always happen for to keep it as real world as possible, we will factor in 3 tanks a month. Heavier vapers will require more.

Sometimes you will just want to have different tanks with different flavors so you can switch up from time to time.

It is a bit more work but this style of electronic cigarette is actually growing very quickly in popularity.

When I settled in to apply our value factors to determine which mod vape kit would rank as top dog for long-term cost savings, there were three that stood above the crowd and one that was basically a runaway winner.

The three ecig brands that stood out were Apollo E-cig, Atlantic Cigs and Halo E-cig. I looked at the Apollo Endeavor vape kit, the Halo Triton starter kit and the Atlantic Nautilus kit. All of the vape kits considered come with two batteries, two tanks, chargers and e-liquid.

You may not find these brands in your local vape shops. Generally, vape shops order from manufacturers in China so they are prone to carrying e-cig brands like KangerTech, Innokin, smokTech etc. There is nothing wrong with these brands, they are quality. The downside is that they are missing out on American designed mods offered by leading companies like Halo, Apollo and Atlantic. In many ways, the innovation that these American companies have added to standard e-cig technology makes all of the difference.

Vape shops are usually sticklers for dealing only in USA made e-juice but they are missing out on American designed electronic cigarettes which is too bad. In either case, you can still get the best products from these American innovators by buying online, which always saves you the most money anyway.

These are the top mods that you will find. You can buy them online for phenomenal prices and enjoy long-term value that you will not get anywhere else.

Let’s start with the star of this show.

Apollo E-Cig Endeavor Vape Kit

When our reviewers talk about consistency, they are looking for each puff on an e-cig to be the same as the last. If you have ever tried a cheap e-cig you know that basically no two puffs are alike. The brands that we recommend are all consistent performers that you can rely on.

The bar that determines consistency has just changed and it has changed because of the Apollo Endeavor e-cig. This is Apollo’s new offering and it is a stand-out in every way. The consistency is remarkable, the best that Expert Vaping has ever tested. The durability and reliability are outstanding.

This is perhaps the best mod out there right now. You would think that being the best must mean that it is also the most expensive. It is not. Astonishingly enough, the best mod that we have ever tested is also the best value.

Apollo endeavor starter kit with juice for sale

This one is not that close folks, this is actually the best value in a runaway. In sporting terms, it’s a blow out.

The Apollo Endeavor vape kit sells for $59.95. Factor in Apollo E-cig coupon code Expert Vaping the vape kit cost is discounted to $47.96, that’s a whopping 20% off.

If you recall a moment ago I was talking about how vape stores overlook American e-cigarette brands. As mentioned, Apollo is one of those American brands. In fact, not only do they design phenomenal e-cigarettes, they have actually created skilled manufacturing jobs for Americans thanks to operating their very own in house e-liquid lab where they make some of the best USA made e-liquid recipes that you will find.

You can buy a 30 ml bottle of this e-liquid for $12.95. A months supply, or 45 ml, is under $20. Calculating the number exactly and factoring in the 20% discount you receive by using coupon code Expert Vaping you will spend $15.07 per month for 45 ml of e-liquid. Your choice of 45 flavors and five nicotine strengths.

With our exclusive Apollo E-cig coupon code, you will save 20% off of any Apollo purchase including replacement tanks for the Endeavor e-cig, which, by the way, works with a number of different tanks that you may want to try. Replacement tanks cost $6.65 each but after the discount you end up spending only $5.32 for each tank.

All in, vaping with the Apollo Endeavor vape kit over the course of a year will cost you $34.61 per month. If you were to replace coils rather than tanks, it would cost even less but for the sake of comparison and simplicity we’ll go with $34.61. It’s just an awesome value.

One Line Summary:

The Apollo Endeavor vape kit monthly cost – $34.61.

Halo Triton Starter Kit

Halo E-cig is world famous for their USA made Halo Premium E-Liquid. The flavors are brilliant, the vapor is awesome, the quality control sets the industry standard and the throat hit is second to none.

You will have a very, very difficult time finding someone to say something bad about Halo E-liquid.

Halo gets so much attention for its e-liquid that their e-cigarettes are often lost in the shuffle.

That is very unfortunate because both the Halo G6 and the Halo Triton deserve a spot with the best e-cigarettes in the business.

Halo triton starter kit review

The Halo Triton e-cigarette review gives you exact performance metrics that are undeniable. The ecig video review show you everything you need to see to make your own judgment.

The Halo Triton vape kit also comes in 11 different color options just in case you want to do some stylin! It is very easy to use and oh so reliable.

The cost of the Triton kit is $64.99. You can use Halo E-Cig coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% which will save you a few bucks and knock the price down to $61.74.

Triton tanks are priced at $6.99 each so a year’s supply tanks totals out at $237.66. Use our Halo e-cig coupon to save 5% and the total drops down to $225.78. For you information, you could actually save more by replacing coils instead of tanks but once again for the sake of simplicity we’ll factor in the cost of replacement tanks.

Next, Halo e-liquid. Using the Halo coupon, a 30 ml bottle of ejuice will cost $18.99. The cost for a one-month 45 ml supply will cost $28.49.

All in, over the course of a 365 day period, sometimes called a year by laypersons, the Halo Triton vape kit represents a long-term value of $52.46 per month.

One Line Summary:

Halo Triton monthly cost – $52.46.

Nautilus Vape Kit

The Atlantic Cigs Nautilus has to be part of any conversation about the best value mod e-cigarette. The Nautilus is so lightweight and so easy to use it is a great option for someone who wants a larger e-cig but not the hassle that comes with most mods.

The difference in weight is attributable to Atlantic’s innovative design of using food grade plastic parts.

Once again, vape shops that are ordering standard products from China are totally missing out on the exciting originality that we are seeing happening with USA designed electronic cigarettes.

The Nautilus not only is made of food grade parts making it ultra lightweight, it also uses a twist and click technology to connect the clearomizer tank to the e-cig battery.

Atlantic e liquid nautilus starter kit for beginners

The twist and click function is very durable and stands up against wear and tear.

The e-cig tank is very easy to fill. Just keep the tip of the e-liquid bottle tilted so that the liquid does not run directly into the atomizer (heating element in the tank). That’s it. The first puff will give you plenty of vapor and the long lasting 650 mAh battery will keep the vapor coming all day.

You can also pick up a 1300 mAh battery if you like.

As for the e-liquid, Atlantic e-liquid is very well blended with high quality ingredients. The flavors are awesome and the throat hit has some punch. in fact, if you have been vaping for a while and are using a 24 mg, the Atlantic 18 mg will probably give you the same punch.

The Atlantic Nautilus vape kit sells for $59.99. Atlantic coupon code ACEXPERTVAPING10 will save you 10% so the total price will be $53.99.

Now, Nautilus tanks are a little more expensive than most other e-cig tanks but there is a reason why. Most tanks have standard threading but the Nautilus is uniquely designed with plastic connections. The production process and materials are more expensive. The tanks cost $9.33 each. After the 10% discount you get with the e-cig coupon code we offer the price comes down to $8.40. Not bad!

Atlantic offers four 10 ml bottles for the price of three with a price tag of $26.97. We do some math and the total cost for 45 ml of e-liquid comes out to $27.32. The e-cig coupon code ACEXPERTVAPING10 works for e-liquid purchases as well.

All in, the total monthly cost for the Nautilus starter kit is $55.61. That is also a very good value for a high quality mod that produces excellent flavor, vapor and satisfaction.

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Advanced Vape Kits

UPDATE: Much has changed since we first published this article. Advanced vaping has changed a lot! For all of the best advanced vape kits and guranteed low prices we recommend Direct vapor.

Advanced Vape kits tend to involve much more complicated electronic cigarette products. For example a mech mod.

A mechanical mod (mech mod) is an e-cig that contains a battery connected to an atomizer with no regulation whatsoever. It is mechanical. The battery will heat the atomizer as long as it is activated by the user. When dripping, e-liquids can overheat and give you a burnt taste. Lots of vapor though.

That’s waht advanced e-cigs are all about! Lots of vapor. Many call it “cloud chasing”.

Many advanced e-cigs actually have to use an e-liquid that contains more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol, the base of most e-lqiuid blends. So, if you do use a high voltage dripping set-up, you will want to use a high VG e-liquid.

The heat sources can be very high with mech mods, box mods and other variable voltage / wattage e-cigs.

A single mech mod may operate with a multitude of batteries. It is very difficult to nail down consistent performance statistics for these types of e-cigarettes. The variety of tanks and smoke juice that can be applied to one electronic cigarette is almost limitless. this makes it very difficult to apply tangible numbers to determine value.

Strategy 2, consult the court of public opinion.

I looked through hundreds of forum posts, along with posing question in various forums, looking for what the trends in advanced e-cigs are and what is generating a buzz and making vapers happy.

I read hundreds of posts on Reddit hoping for a eureka moment, the one moment where my prowess as a researcher would shine through like a beacon that would inspire the entire vaping community to react with awe.

No such moment is in the cards. After all of that work looking for the big thing in high powered e-cigs, I found out the there are almost as many answers as there are questions. There is no majority, no brand or model that is causing a stir or driving the conversation. There are just so many to choose from and so many people looking for something unique to their own wishes.

This overall is a good thing. To think that vaping can be so customized to suit so many individual wants and wished is pretty impressive.

I made a list of all of the e-cig models listed in various posts and of the very few models that were mentioned more than twice were the iTaste MVP, the iTaste VTR, the Stingray and the SmokTech Magneto. None of these were mentioned nearly enough to be considered a trend but I bring them up now so that we can can touch on a couple that seem to be making their owners very happy.

iTaste VTR Kit

The first is the iTaste VTR. Currently, Panda E-Cig is offering the iTaste VTR for $79.95, pretty much the best price I can find. Panda E-Cig also has the iTaste MVP V2.0 for only $49.95. Panda sells e-cig tanks for very reasonable prices for example CE4 tanks are only $4.50 each. You can get the popular Aspire Nautilus tank Mini for $29.95. We don’t have a coupon code at this time but these are pretty much rock bottom prices as is.

Both of these are a box mod style electronic cigarette that will go through a lot of e-juice. Panda deals in Apollo e-liquids which is an excellent choice. You can, however, use any e-juice that suits your fancy.

itaste vtr starter kit

If you are casually vaping, plan on going through at least 2 ml a day, though if you are interested in these types of e-cigs you will probably use more than that. We will use to 2 ml benchmark for comparison.

If you use Apollo e-liquid and buy from Apollo with our coupon, you will spend about $20 per month. At 3 tanks per month and a couple of batteries the monthly cost of using the VTR is about $42 per month. The cost of the MVP 2.0 would be about $39.50 per month. These are general minimums with the understanding that is you are using one of these you are probably a serious vaper who will be going through more juice.

Panda Is Now Apollo eCigs

If you are shopping panda Ecigs and looking at mech mods, you will see the Stingray Copper Black Clone selling for $42.99. The battery sells separately and you will probably spend another $12 for an 18650 battery. That will come out to $54.99.

When you want to pick up some e-liquid for the Stingray mech mod and are using a drip set-up, you will want MaxVG e-liquid. The popular dripTonic brand is made by Apollo’s ejuice lab. When you are dripping, you will be going through a lot of juice. What you use in a month for a mod you yill probably use in a week dripping.

stingray copper and black color mech mod

Buying from Apollo and using our Apollo Coupon code Expert Vaping you will spend $77.50 a month, give or take of course. Overall, dripping will be about $100 a month.

One Line Summaries:

iTaste VTR monthly cost – $42.00.

iTaste MVP monthly cost – $39.50.

Stingray Clone monthly cost – $100.

Panda E-cig is an excellent source for all types of advanced vape kits. If you shop around, you will see tha Panda probably has the best prices out there.

If you use a advanced vaping set up and have your own monthly cost assessments to share, leave your comments below. Maybe you can help someone else decide if they want to go the same route.

That’s it for our look at vape kits that give you premium long-term value. You have a lot of great options. If you are looking at finding an alternative for yourself or giving a vape kit as a gift, this list can really help you decide on the best option. Thanks for spending some time with Expert Vaping today and we always enjoy your comments.