Halo Cigs was founded in 2009 and quickly gained a positive reputation for making high quality smoke juices (eliquid/ejuice). Their secret? It's the quality ingredients that they use. Simply put, the Halo Cigs E-Liquid is proof that better ingredients make better smoke juice. It's been a Halo Cigs commitment from the beginning!

If you've been to Expert Vaping before, you probably already know that we're big fans of Halo Cigs products. This small New Jersey-based company has come out of nowhere to literally make a solid name for themselves in the electronic cigarette industry. We came across Halo Cigs electronic cigarettes last year when we reviewed the Halo G6 e-cigarette starter kit. Little did we know, as good as the Halo's smoke juices taste in the Halo G6 cartomizers and mini-tanks… it was about to get a whole lot better! Now we're here to give you our official review of the Halo Cigs Triton E-cigarette tank system.

the halo triton was designed with the idea of cool in mind and it really shows

This is one of the areas where Halo really shines. Everything from their carrying cases to their wall charger seems to be designed with the words “cool” and “cutting-edge” in mind. It's almost as if Halo Cigs has a serious aversion to making anything that looks like another company's electronic cigarette product.

That's cool with us. We love it!

Yes, looks are shallow, but it sure does add to the excitement of using the brand. In our minds, the Halo brand is one of the most exciting brands out there. If you don't believe us, just go check out their newly-designed Halo Cigs website. It's hot and easy to navigate! We also took some really sharp review photos of the product. Yeah, we got a little jiggy-wit-it on the photos… but this product is just so sexy, we had to! Major thumbs up for packaging and presentation.

Packaging and Presentation

Priced at $64.99, the Halo Triton Tank System Includes:

– Pick from 11 unique colors
– 2 Batteries – Manual – 400 mAh or 650 mAh
– 1 Wall Charger
– 1 USB Adapter
– 2x Crystal Clear Tanks (Clearomizers)
– 1x Cone (35mm)
– 1 Sleek Black Halo Carrying Case

Battery And Charging Performance

the tritons sleek battery lasts a strong 400 puffs but tends to weaken with the last 75

We ordered the Electric Lime Halo Cigs Triton Tank System for the e-cigarette review. It's one of 11 cool battery colors you can choose from. We chose the 400 mAh battery option so the unit would feel lighter when using it. The ecig batteries do come in a 650 mAh option (when it's in stock for any given kit color), so if you do want more battery life, it's there as an option.

We also want to mention that there are even more Triton battery options if you go to the Triton Batteries section of the website. If 650 mAh batteries aren't enough for you, there's an option to order a 900 mAh and 1300 mAh variation of the Triton battery (in any of the 11 colors on offer). Battery power? Halo's got you covered.

We were very impressed with the 400 mAh e-cig battery we received. We got some variations on puff counts but we went though enough battery cycles when testing and we'd have to say that it averages out to about 400 puffs per full charge on the 400 mAh battery. That's very good and will last most vapers all day and into the next day. The 400mah battery is very light and performs great. We do have to say though, that there is a bit of a drop off in power for those last 75 puffs or so.

Still, it's a great performer and it feels great in your hands just like the Halo Cigs G6 e-cig battery does. It's got the familiar light rubber coating on it that makes the Halo Cigs e-cig batteries a pleasure to hold.

One note of importance: The Halo Cigs Triton USB charger is NOT interchangeable with the Halo Cigs G6 USB charger. In other words, don't try to charge your G6 batteries on the Triton charger or vice-versa. It doesn't work and can damage the batteries. The Halo Cigs G6 USB charger has a G6 logo on it and the Triton charger has a simple Halo Cigs logo on it. If you own both, please be careful not to get them mixed up.

Battery charge times leveled out at about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Not too shabby for a 400 mAh battery. Especially when it will more than likely last you all day and into the next day.

Refill Cartridge Performance

the triton tanks are easily refilled and can hold 2.4ml of delicious e-liquid

The Halo Cigs Triton Tank System uses… you guessed it… tanks. Otherwise known as clearomizers or clearomizer tanks.

For those of you that may be looking for a pre-filled cartomizer-based product, fear not. This kit is super easy to use and super easy to refill.

The Triton tanks hold approximately 2.4 ml of smoke juice. Because the coil shaft protrudes above the top of the tank and into the mouthpiece, you can fill it up a bit more. We know there are vapers out there who may want bigger tanks, but in all honesty, it really doesn't matter. It's so quick and easy to refill, you can refill anywhere without a mess. If you've got a steady hand, you won't even have to take the tank off the battery. It's that simple.

We are sure that Halo Cigs will be adding new e-cig tanks and accessories as time moves on. They're already talking about bottom coil tanks (which we are big fans of) that will make it easier to vape. You won't have to tilt the battery up when puffing to saturate the wicks.

Speaking of wicks, we really haven't been big fans of any clearo tank with wicks. The Halo Cigs Triton changed our mind a bit though and proved you can make a quality tank using long wicks. We were afraid upon successive puffs it would burn the wicks or coil, but it didn't. As long as you refill when there's about .6ml of eliquid in the tank, you should be able to refill up to 20 times before you would have to replace the e-cig tank.

With the .6ml refill point in mind, we've found that you will get approximately 220 puffs from full to .6 milliliters. If you run the tank down lower than that, you'll get more puffs, but you may also run a risk of drying out the wicks and burning them or even burning out the coil. We wouldn't risk it. It's so easy to refill and you'll save money by not having to replace the tanks so often.

But there is a better way. Halo has provided new coils (in different ohm/resistance configurations) on the website so that you can save money. Why replace a perfectly good electronic cigarette tank every time when it's so darn easy to just replace the coils?

Overall, the Triton tanks simply work.

If you've been using the Halo G6 cartomizers or mini-tanks with Halo ejuices, you are going to literally freak at how good Halo's smoke juices are in the Triton Tank System. Seriously. It's that good. Using the G6 and then going to the Triton is like having your nose stuffed up and not being able to fully taste something… then having your nose clear up and all the flavors come to life. From the mad vapor production to the great throat kick, Halo's Triton Tank System was made to showcase just how good their premium eliquid's taste.

Halo Cigs E-liquid

halo currently has three very strong and tasty flavors with a nice throat hit from each

As stated above, the real star of the show is their Halo Cigs e-liquid. When we say yummy, we mean yummy. They've done a great job creating some unique flavors and the vapor is just spot on.

The three favorites around the Expert Vaping office (for the Triton specifically) are Tribeca, Subzero and Torque56. The Torque56 is a bold tobacco flavor that produces some of the best vapor and throat kick satisfaction that can be found. It's quickly becoming the “everyday vape” flavor for the Triton at Expert Vaping. If you love mad warm vapor with a great throat kick that provides top-notch nicotine satisfaction, you owe it to yourself to try the Torque56 flavor. Subzero…is for the serious menthol smokers.

Seriously, we cannot state enough just how much we liked Halo's e-liquid. The high quality ingredients along with the high grade nicotine they use really do make a difference. The satisfaction level is high and we feel this is the most important factor for any e-cigarette. Inhalation provides a full feeling and exhalation is pleasurable.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

halo ships very quickly and offers a tracking number to see just where your package is

Halo Cigs uses USPS priority shipping so you'll be sure to get your new Halo Cigs starter kit in 2-3 days. Overseas customers will get their kit within a week to 10 days.

There are options to speed up delivery as well if you're just so excited that you need to get the kit into your hands faster. We placed our order and almost immediately received an email with a tracking number. Tracking numbers are a real bonus as it takes the guesswork out when you're itching to get your hands on the product. You will find that Halo Cigs customer service is excellent. They are responsive and knowledgeable. They will not leave you hanging.

You might also want to sign up for Halo Points. It is a rewards program that allows you to pick up free stuff once you accumulate enough points. If you do the math, Halo Points allows you to save 10% in the long-run. Not bad at all.

Review Wrap-Up

if you are open to refilling your ecig with delicious e-juice then the halo triton is a great choice

Overall, Halo Cigs has manged to pleasantly surprise us yet again. There are so many mediocre ecigarette companies and products out there… and only so much time to wade through all of them. When we hit upon a high quality product such as this one, we tend to rave a bit. The Halo Triton was simply an absolute pleasure to test and review. Yes, even WITH all of the clicking we had to do while vaping on it. It's a solid product that is going to further Halo's reputation as not only a top-notch ejuice supplier, but also a top-notch e-cigarette company with top notch e-cig products.

If you aren't put off by an e-cigarette product that doesn't match the form of a real cigarette, and are open to refilling and choosing your own eliquids, this is the product for you. We highly recommend the Halo Triton Tank System and we just know it's going to put a huge satisfaction-induced smile on your face….

Please take a look at our in-depth video review for a good look at the product contents, live commentary, and a demo of the vapor production. We have also star-rated the qualities of the product with an overall rating as well. Also, be sure to check the Halo Cigs E-Cig Consumer Reviews page to get an idea of what other customers are saying about the company and their product! Oh and feel free to leave your own e-cigarette review as well.

Halo Cigs eCig Coupons

UPDATE: Editors Note – The coupon code “Expert Vaping5” may, or may not work for you. Halo says it has something to do with their coupon system, we have no control over this. Hopefully it works, if not, again – we have no control over it. Please e-mail Halo Cigs and inform them.

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