It’s not what you think. The best ecig kit for beginners is not a compromise in any way shape or form. I know what you are thinking. When you think of beginner products you think of training wheels, water wings, or a 6 foot basketball hoop. Anyone can dunk on that! Boo! The implication being that a beginner at something is not expected to be very good at it.

The implication being that hey, this is for beginners so you should have very low expectations. Forget that expletive! Well when it comes to vaping its not like that. With the right ecig starter kit, it does not have to be like that at all. I tell you what, you can be a hell of a vaper right out of the gate with the Green Smoke Pro starter kit.

The Green Smoke electric cigarette system, wants you to try their starter kit so much, they're offering a 15 percent off coupon for what they say is the best cigalike device available.

Recently, we created an extensive guide for vaping for beginners. The idea behind talking about the best ecig kit for beginners is not about patronizing with some mickey mouse product, no we want to talk about the absolute best products that are easy to use. Products that do not require extensive tinkering or manipulation to enjoy. That’s where the Green Smoke Pro kit comes in. It is easy to use but does not compromise an iota of quality, value and amazing vaping. We are talking about pleasurable vaping satisfaction. Adult vapers should not have to settle for less. So, we want to see someone new to vaping get started with the best quality because you are simply going to enjoy it more.

That brings us to the Green Smoke Pro starter kit, the best ecig kit for beginners. It is a complete ecig starter kit that comes with everything you need to experience brilliant vaping as soon as it is delivered, for free, to your doorstep. Or mailbox. Whichever. You get the idea. It is very simple to enjoy vaping with Green Smoke. Just attach a pre-filled FlavorMax cartridge to a Green Smoke battery and you’re done. You can enjoy the best quality cigalike period. The flavors are full and delightful and the vapor is better than you get from some mods. All the enjoyment of vaping with none of the hassles of refilling tanks or bulky batteries.

The Green Smoke E-Vapor starter kit comes with three e-cigarettes, two charges, two boxes of refill cartridges and a sleek carrying case.

This kit comes with three batteries, cartridges and a full compliment of accessories. Despite all you get and the tremendous quality, the Green Smoke Pro kit will cost under $70. This is affordable vaping without compromising a scintilla on quality. In fact, this is vaping at its best as in the best cigalike style ecig on the market. So get the best ecig kit for beginners and avoid settling for less. The kit itself sells for $74.05 but with our Green Smoke coupon it will come in at under $70. Accessing our Green Smoke coupon is easy, just click the link below, check out the Pro kit and if you decide to buy your discount will be automatically applied. Easy.

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The Best Ecig Kit For Beginners

We have reviewed Green Smoke extensively here at Expert Vaping. Our Green Smoke ecig reviews have been viewed 85 thousand times and counting on YouTube. There is no other cigalike that matches the quality of Green Smoke. If you are thinking about trying vaping don’t settle for less than the best. You might see an ad for an electronic cigarette on TV. Some promise the moon, free stuff, etc. They are selling a probably gimmick, not a quality vaping experience. Green Smoke was one of the first American ecig brands and they know what they are doing. They have sold almost 40 million products, that does not happen if you are not satisfying customers with enjoyable vaping. We would not recommend Green Smoke if it was not a company that cared about customers and providing top quality products.

Visual diagram shows the broken down inner parts and functions of each piece of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette along with the variety of starter kits the company offers.

This is not just our opinion. Our Green Smoke consumer ecigarette reviews reflect the experiences of Green Smoke customers and the aggregate score of the reviews leads all ecig brands. Vapers love Green Smoke. So I am not trying to say that this is the best ecig starter kit for beginners because I am trying to sell you something. Yes, if you buy the Green Smoke Pro kit we do get a small commission that helps us to keep the lights on here at Expert Vaping. But we could get commissions from any ecig company. Some offer us the moon and stars to promote their low quality brands. Not gonna happen.

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We do this because we are vapers ourselves and passionate about the industry and more importantly, passionate about helping you make a choice that you are going to be happy with. There are a lot of low quality ecigs out there and we will be here being all salesly sometimes hoping that you get something great and don’t end up disappointed with a low quality ecig with unsatisfying vapor. We really want to help adult vapers to get the best ecig starter kit for beginners and if you are new to vaping, it can be very confusing. That’s our driving purpose, to clear the field so you can make clearer choices.

The Green Smoke deluxe e-cigarette starter kit comes with three e-cigarettes, two chargers and ten refill cartridges.

Vape shops want to sell you complicated mods and so many other ecig brands are just in this business to turn a quick buck selling generic devices imported from one of the 600 ecig factories in China making ecigs as cheaply as humanly possible. We test a lot of ecigs, dozens and dozens, we recommend Green Smoke because it is the best quality and the vaping is satisfying and very enjoyable. That’s what counts.

Another reason that we appreciate Green Smoke is their customer service. They are helpful, attentive and responsible. Green Smoke takes extra measures to make sure that they never sell to anyone under age. They serve adult vapers with responsive service and offer some of the best ecig warranties in the business. That includes a 30 day money back guarantee and extended warranties on Green Smoke batteries.

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The Green Smoke Pro Kit

Green Smoke starter kits come in three different varieties. The Pro kit is the most complete kit with the best value. That why we think it is the best ecig kit for beginners. Adult vapers looking for something better but do not want a complex mod should try Green Smoke E-Vapor. The Pro kit comes with three Green Smoke batteries, three battery chargers, a carry case and two packs of FlavorMax cartridges.

The charging options and variety are almost as diverse as the Green Smoke e-cig products themselves.

Green Smoke FlavorMax cartridges are exceptional. The flavors are outstanding and the vapor is rich and fulfilling. You choose your flavor and strength. You can use Green Smoke coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save on future purchases of Green Smoke refill cartridges. You can also sign up for Green Smoke’s auto ship program which discounts the cartridge prices even more. Get the best quality at the best value. Win win.

A side-by-side comparison chart stacking the Green Smoke e-vapor pro kit against their express and essentials kit proves you get a whole lot more for your investment.

“I love it… Tastes good, doesn’t hurt my throat. It’s not huge like some of these other ones out there on the market that look like some medieval torture device.” – Della

“The batteries come with enough charge so that you can begin vaping right away. Let me say right from the start that green smoke has wonderful flavors!” – Dave

“I have tried many, many different brands of e-cig and Green Smoke is by far the best.” – James

“Green Smoke is, hands down, the best 2 piece ecig money can buy.” – Mark

The above quotes are snippets from Green Smoke reviews submitted to Expert Vaping. Green Smoke has earned an aggregate rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. That’s a 92% score and that is simply outstanding. If you want hassle free vaping and the easiest to use style of ecig, try the Green Smoke Pro kit. The best ecig kit for beginners.