South Beach Smoke eCigs is offering you a chance to save 25% off of any starter kit. This is not a case where they offer you 25% off of a couple starter kits that they are trying to clear out. Nope. This sale applies to 10 South Beach Smoke starter kits and almost limitless combinations.

Lets start off with the basic South Beach Smoke eCigs starter kits. These are the ideal ecigarettes to help you begin the transition from smoking to vaping. The basic South Beach ecig looks like a tobacco cigarette and is an easy to use two-piece design with a battery and pre-filled ecig cartridges.

South Beach Smoke cartridges come in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels. One of the great things about South Beach is the combination of quality and value. They have kits for every budget and the quality is there. You will be getting a far superior ecigarette than you are going to find in a retail store and get a much better value.

South Beach Smoke eCigs Deluxe Starter Kit

Expert Vaping has previously reviewed the South Beach Deluxe Starter Kit. The end result was an excellent rating. This is a very good product and we do like to recommend buying a kit that comes with a portable charger pack.

With the portable pack, you don’t have to worry about your batteries dying because you can charge them on the go.

deluxe starter kit from south beach smoke

Right now you can get a high quality ecig starter kit with a portable charger pack for big-time savings. It is a great chance to take the plunge and get the most bang for your buck.

You can get a very basic starter kit for about $15 if you want to dip your toe in the water. I can understand that. Maybe you have tried a Vuse or some other gas station ecig and were turned off. Well, give South Beach Smoke eCigs a try and you are going to see a big difference.

South Beach Smoke Thunder

If you want something more from your vaping then a larger variable voltage ecig may be what you are looking for. The variable voltage feature lets you customize the vapor output to suit your personal tastes.

The South Beach Smoke Thunder is an ultra-reliable ecig that gives you the ability to customize your vapor.

The South Beach Smoke Thunder is just an awesome electronic cigarette. It is a powerful 1300 mAh variable voltage battery that lasts and lasts.

south beach smoke thunder kit e cigarette

The Thunder tank also has an adjustable airflow function to give you an additional dimension of customization.

With five airflow setting and three voltage settings you can see that there are many possible output options to give you the vapor and flavor that you want. All of these functions are easy to change on the fly so you can change things up at will

The best things about the South Beach Smoke Thunder is the durability and reliability. It is also easy to use and totally appropriate even if you have never used an ecig before. For all the details, take a look at out South Beach Smoke Thunder ecigarette review.

South Beach Smoke Build Your Own eCig

Want to make your own ecigarette. No problem! Use the South Beach Smoke eCigs custom vaporizer builder to design your own electronic cigarette!

This is real easy. Using the South Beach Smoke eCigs online building tool, you can play around with a variety of designs to come up with your idea ecig. Match your style and taste.

south beach smoke how to build your own e cigarette

You can also choose the functions of your electronic cigarette with the South Beach custom builder.

The number of possibilities are vast. You can change colors and styles easily and view exactly what the finished product will look like.

South Beach Smoke Air

The South Beach Smoke eCigs Air is a very compact ecig that is about 4 inches long and easily fits in the palm of your hand. The stainless steel cap is also handy for when you are carrying your ecig in a pocket or purse.

The Air may not be an everyday ecig, but it is a great choice as a very affordable back-up ecig or as a super compact ecig that you can easily take with you anywhere.

South beach smoke air kit mod and tank

For more details about the South Beach Smoke eCigs “Air”, take a look at our ecig review and get all the finite details.

In all, there is just a wide selection of starter kits. South Beach Smoke eCigs is giving you a chance to get a high quality ecig and save some money.

South Beach is a top-five rated electronic cigarette brand so you know you will be getting very good quality and performance. So, if you like saving money just go to South Beach Smoke eCigs and check out the full range of starter kits that you have to choose from.