Welcome to the Smok X Cube Ultra review! This 220 watt TC mod has a boat load of vaping capabilities and built in wifi to accept firmware upgrades so you always have the latest vaping technology at your fingertips. I have to tell you tight now that this will be a long vape mod review. There is a lot to talk about with the X Cube Ultra. I’ll try and have lots of category headings so that you can quickly find the information that is most important to you. That said, I think you are going to be impressed by the overall capability of this device.

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I mentioned the wifi firmware upgrades. Smoke calls in OTA upgrades, or over the air upgrades. We are not going to be seeing a lot of new devices coming to market for a while. The FDA has asserted its dominion over vaping technology and made it almost impossible for even progressive, responsible vape companies to move device technology forward. There is, however, an opening that will allow us as vapers to access new technology with our existing devices. That opening is firmware upgrades for vape mods.

The Smok X Cube Ultra mod power supply comes in 220 watts with a red glowing light strip along the side.

Give the strict regulatory environment we are recommending that people strongly consider buying mods with upgradeable firmware. The advantage is that when there is any new vaping technology available to enhance your vapor experience, you will be able to incorporate the new capabilities in your existing device. The Smok X Cube Ultra is a mod that makes accessing upgrades a hassle free experience. That is big plus for the X Cube Ultra before we even open the box!

Smok X Cube Ultra Review

Time for some specific numbers and data for the Smok X Cube Ultra review. The Smok mods that have been released this year have been absolutely stellar. We have seen some innovative designs such as a firing bar to replace a firing button and that is also a feature of the X Cube Ultra. The Smok firmware ranks among the very elite. Vape mods like the H Priv 220 watt mod have enjoyed a huge amount of success. Any discussion about the best vape mods invariably includes a Smok device somewhere high in the ratings.

With all of that said, the bar was set high for our Smok X Cube Ultra review. That’s how it should be. At Expert Vaping we must always be vigilant and demanding in what we expect to see before we publish any review. After all, if you buy something that we recommend and you don’t like it, we’re probably not making your Christmas card list! We take this very seriously and though expectations were high, we worked hard to evaluate based on the merits of this device without being overly influenced by past experience with other products from the Smok brand.

The Smok X Cube Ultra is an outstanding mod and a superb value with a price tag under $70. I won’t make any bones about that. This is going to be a positive review and believe me when I tell you that the X Cube Ultra has more than earned every word of praise. This is a vape device that is going to serve you well now and long into the future. Let’s get into the weeds and talk about why.

X Cube Ultra 220 Watt Mod Specs

One observation that is easy to make for the Smok X Cube Ultra review is that the design is not overstated, it is cubic. It is a classic box mod look and to me that is part of the charm. Like the H-Priv and the new Smok Alien mod, the X Cube Ultra uses a sidebar firing mechanism (labelled #4 in the image above). Just give the mod a light squeeze and presto vapo, you got vapor! By the way the fire bar is accented by colorful LED lighting. You can have the lights on or off its up to you. If you notice your battery running low you can turn it off but if you have plenty of battery life then you can light it up and enjoy the show.

The plus and minus buttons and the OLED screen are located on the top of the mod. The stainless steel 510 connection is flush with the top of the mod does have air channels to enhance the performance of some RDAs. The construction is comprised of zinc alloy and stainless steel. It comes with either a black or stainless steel finish. The construction quality is excellent and there are no shakes, rattles or rolls of any kind!

Smok X Cube Ultra diagram listing the specs and attributes of the stylish mod power supply including level buttons, USB charging and upgrading, RGB LED indicator light strip, fire key, 510 connector and OLED screen readout.

The original X Cube was a very popular mod but if there was one common complaint it was that the battery door tended to slide off a bit too easily. That is no longer the case. I specifically wanted to take a long look at this and do a lot of testing for the Smok X Cube Ultra review and I am happy to report that the new battery door design is vastly improved and highly effective. The new battery door is held firmly in place by two very strong magnets. To affix the battery door in place you insert the notched section at the base of the mod and then the batteries will lock the top into place.

X Cube Ultra Specs

Here are some additional specs for our Smok X Cube Ultra Review:

  • Intelligent OLED Display Screen
  • Output Mode: Temp Mode/Watt Mode/Memory Mode
  • Requires two 18650 Vape Batteries(Not Included)
  • Magnet-help battery cover
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Discharge protection
  • Construction is High-quality Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel
  • Wattage Memory Modes
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Spring loaded 510 connector
  • Customizable LED colour (up to 16 million colours)

New X3 Chip

The USB port and the battery venting are located on the bottom of the mod. You can charge with this device. The new X3 chip offers balanced charging and balanced discharge to enhance battery life. We do typically recommend charging your batteries on a separate charger but you can charge with the X Cube Ultra itself if you want.

The X Cube Ultra weighs 208 grams without batteries and weighs 305 with 2 batteries installed. When you install the batteries you will notice a vibration. The vibration feature is one of the new functions that you get with the X Cube Ultra. It has a plated spring loaded center pin and overall the 510 connection is first rate. Compared to the original X Cube, the Ultra model is 10% smaller with 70 more watts of power at your disposal. Specifically it is 6 mm shorter, 5 mm thinner and 12% lighter.

Using The X Cube Ultra

Using this mod for the Smok X Cube Ultra review was surprisingly enjoyable. I often have a bit of apprehension when using a vape mod that has so many features and capabilities because I am not a technically inclined person. The X Cube Ultra certainly has a lot of features, far more than most. Despite all of the different features, I thoroughly enjoyed using this device. It vapes amazingly well and it’s a lot of fun to use.

For starters, like most mods, five clicks of the power bar turns on the X Cube Ultra. The screen displays the wattage or temperature, the draw effect setting, puff count,voltage, battery bar, and atomizer resistance. In variable power mode the Ultra operates anywhere from 6 watts up to 220 watts. You can adjust power from  6 watts to 100 watts in .1 increments and from 100 watts to 220 watts in 1 watt increments.

In temperature control mode you can use nickel, titanium or stainless steel as well as adjusting in TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance. Learn more with our sub ohm vape guide). The firmware of the Ultra mod is very accurate, beautiful in fact. This firmware is as responsive as it gets even in the ballpark of a DNA board. Some charts show that the X Cube Ultra is actually faster than a DNA. Incredibly stable temperature control.

X Cube Ultra Menu

You can access menu with three clicks of fire button. I did carefully read the manual before doing the Smok X Cube Ultra review but it still takes to trial and error to figure it all out because there is just so much that this puppy can do. In the menu the first option you see is blue tooth, second option is mode.  Press the fire bar to get into the modes, watt mode, temp cpntrol mode and memory mode. You can create different firing profiles and store them in memory.

You can scroll through the menu with the up and down buttons or quick, short clicks on the fire bar. Change drawing effects from the menu or by clicking the minus and power bar at the same time. Plus and fire bar at the same time is a way to quickly access the modes while bypassing the menu.

The Smok X Cube Ultra power supply mod communicates with the APP on your smart phone via bluetooth connectivity.

You will also see the “shake” icon on the menu. This lets you opt for vibration feedback. Turn it off or on. I can see why the vibration feature would be a benefit and I did use it during most of the testing for the Smok X Cube Ultra review. You can set it to vibrate to confirm a new atomizer, when you reach your puff count limit or when there is a warning such as low battery. Is it useful, yes. Can it be annoying, it might be for some. If you don’t want any vibrations it is easy to simply shut it off. You can also select the intensity of the vibration.

In the main menu, you can control the led display including the colors, intensity and more. Change screen orientation, time and date, too. Five clicks to lock or unlock. Enable or disable the Bluetooth to connect to your mobile device or home computer. Honestly, the list goes on!

X Cube Ultra Drawing Effects And Bluetooth

The X Cube Ultra has 5 different drawing effects. This will tell the mod what kind of pre-heat to deliver, if any. You can choose from minimum, soft, normal, hard and max. I like a nice, emphatic hit right off the bat so while tasting for the Smok X Cube Ultra review I chose the ‘hard’ setting. Max was a bit too much! I did test all of the settings and minimum was a bit too light but some may enjoy it. The beauty is that you can finely customize to suit you.

The soft selection was indeed soft and mellow. In normal mode, I would say that the initial response is still above average in relation to other vape mods. The X Cube Ultra is very responsive. Finding the drawing setting I believe will be a one time thing for most vapers. The exception could be you might choose the minimum setting in a work or public environment where you are not interested in drawing too much attention to your clouds. Overall the drawing effects settings are a plus because customization equates to versatility and that is always a net positive for anyone who enjoys a variety of vaping experiences.

Color-coded diagram of the various levels of drawing effects possible using the Smok X Cube Ultra power supply mod by connecting the bluetooth enabled smart APP to manage the vaping experience through WATT MODE and TEMP MODE.

The Bluetooth app available for the X Cube Ultra lets you accept new firmware upgrades anytime and anywhere. One cool thing is the X Cube Ultra vapers can share settings and interact socially. While I don’t see myself partaking in the social aspects you never know. Smoke could be on to something here and only time will tell.

The best part of the Bluetooth connectivity is the easy access to updates. Look, some of the firmware updates are pretty basic and often just for fun. Sometimes, however, a software upgrade can truly enhance your vaping enjoyment by increasing the capability of the device. The easy access upgrade is a major plus factor for the X Cube Ultra vape mod.

X Cube Ultra Bundle

Vaping bundle deals are often a chance to not only get a new device, but a new vape tank and batteries to boot. We often hear from readers who email and ask us which mod is best, which tank is best, what are the best batteries etc. Before answering, we ask what are you looking for? The good news is that there is a lot to choose from, better yet a lot of great quality choices. The X Cube Ultra is a fantastic mod and if you are in the market for some new hardware it should absolutely be on your list to consider.

Smok X Cube Ultra bundle kit comes with multiple batteries, multiple reservoir tanks and the power supply mod with glowing rainbow stripe.

We found a very good bundle deal that will not only give you the X Cube Ultra but also a whole new set up including one of the best tanks on the market and batteries along with a new battery charger. If you are looking for your first advanced vape mod, a bundle deal is a great way to get everything at once saving you the hassle of making a bunch of different purchases. Bundles are a great way to get a discount and to get everything at once.

Choose Your Ideal Vape Tank

The X Cube Ultra bundle deal comes with the mod and your choice of four different vape tanks. You can pick the TFV8, the Joyetech Ultimo, the Uwell Crown 2 or the Sense Heracles Pro Tank. All of which are terrific. Out of these 4 choices I do have two favorites. The Smok TFV8 and the Joyetech Ultimo. The Ultimo features huge coils with a ceramic option that many vapers love for the clean flavor.

The Smok TFV8 vape tank is known as the Cloud Beast. We did a full Smok TFV8 review and it is indeed a Cloud Beast!  Massive coils including an eight head octuple coil. The TFV8 will let you take your mod to the edge of its’ capabilities and push your vaping experience to new places. The Ultimo and TFV8 would be my recommendations if you decide to go for the bundle deal.

You can also pick your choice of vape batteries. The battery options are the LG HE2, the LG HG2 or the Samsung Q30. I’d go with the LG HE2 but once again these are all excellent batteries. You will also get a EFEST Luc 2 battery charger.

Smok X Cube Ultra Upgrades

To upgrade the firmware in your Smok X Cube Ultra start here.

You will need to download the upgrades to your computer or mobile device and you can do so by accessing the link above. Install the NuMicro ISP software tool. You will have the Nuvoton software visible on your screen. Once the upgrade is on your computer or device you then have to remove the batteries from your X Cube Ultra. Once you do that click and hold the fire bar. While holding the fire bar, attach your device to the mod the the USB port. They click “Connect” and once you see things turn green you can release the fire bar. If it doesn’t turn green, just click connect again and you will ultimately see the green.

Smok X Cube Ultra firmware upgrade for power supply mod is easily downloadable through Nuvoton Numicro ISP programming tool.

Once you see the green click the APROM button and find the software upgrade that you just downloaded. Now, if you have noticed a few bugs or anything in the performance of your X Cube Ultra, you can always erase and upload from scratch. You will lose your pre-sets but sometimes cleaning out the old pre-sets can address some glitches that might come up over time.

That’s about it! When you put the batteries in and fire it up you will see the new version of software displayed on the screen.

Upgrading X Cube Ultra With Bluetooth

Bluetooth Support Info Here

You can manage upgrades / features from your mobile device and the Bluetooth antenna in the X Cube Ultra will pick up the commands over the air without attaching any wires between your mod and your mobile device, iPhone or Android.

To upgrade OTA, over the air, with the Bluetooth search for Smok Technology in the app store. The app is called Vaping Tour – interactive and sharing community. Download and open the app while making sure that your Bluetooth function is turned on the the X Cube Ultra. You will see all of the social features and chats and you can partake if you wish. Go into the menu and pick “My Vaporizers”. You will see your X Cube Ultra detected by the app.

OTA Technology's detailed progression of steps listed with examples from WiFi APP connection to Smok X Cube Ultra via bluetooth to upgrade your power supply mod in 3 minutes.

Once you click on your device you will be asked to enter the password. The default password is 000000, six zeroes. If there is an upgrade available you will see a notice. When testing for the Smok X Cube Ultra review, there was an upgrade available I and easily incorporated it OTA. You can click upgrade to accept or cancel to deny. Click OTA upgrade and hit confirm when done. Just like that you have the OTA upgrade!

Wrap Up Of Smok X Cube Ultra Review

This is one of the most anticipated mods of 2016. People have been waiting for this for a long time and it does not disappoint. This device is very well made and comfortable to handle. The variety of functions and features offer something for everyone. I very much like the fact that you can pick and choose which features you want to access. If you like lights and vibrations, you got it. If you don’t turn them off and just enjoy the vapor.

By the way, the vaping is amazing. The X Cube Ultra performs exceptionally. It is remarkably responsive and surgically accurate. The temperature control vaping is impeccably stable and reliable. It can be complex to use but if you enjoy all of the technical capabilities you will enjoy the process of experimenting with all of the possibilities. During the course of the Smok X Cube Ultra review I thoroughly enjoyed the process of accessing and trying all of the functions and I am not a techie by any means.

There are a lot of vapers out there who are going to love the X Cube Ultra. It may have taken a while but the wait has been worth it. We give this vape mod two enthusiastic thumbs up and a shout out to Smok for continuing to set new standards for vaping. Priced at $67.95 you will be getting a high performance device at an awesome value.