I have been struggling with how to introduce our Smok Priv V8 Review. I’m torn between conveying the values of this device without sounding over the top. The Smok Priv V8 mod kit combines a lot of things. First, it combines the single 18650 Smok Priv V8 mod available in a range of colors. The Priv V8 is a sub ohm capable of up to 60 watts. The kit comes with a color matched TFV8 Baby tank with 3 ml capacity. The entire kit with mod and tank is only $36.95 with free shipping. Combine it all and this is a big-time vaping value.

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The Priv V8 kit is ideal for new vapers interested in sub ohm clouds or as a compact back-up for experienced vapers. There are a number of coil options that you can use. Each coil operates best at a different wattage but you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to adjust the power setting to account for atomizer coil resistance. That is done for you. Here is all you need to know. Five clicks to turn it on and five clicks to turn it off. That’s it.

available colors for the smok priv v8 mod and matching tfv8 tank colors

Along with ease of use you do get Smok innovation, reliability, and quality. We will get more into that later in our Priv V8 and TFV8 Bay review. But spoiler alert, this is a terrific mod kit. Another factor that makes this kit attractive is the portability. It slips easily into a shirt pocket and is very comfortable to operate and vape. One of the best kits for new vapers and one of the most hassle free back-ups for experienced vapers.

Who Is The Smok Priv V8 Kit For

I think that the Smok Priv V8 kit is a fantastic kit for beginners. But, there is a catch. Ok, I am assuming for a second that this is the first electronic cigarette post that you have ever read. There are basically two styles of inhaling vapor. There is MTL and DL. That is mouth to lung and direct lung. Mouth to lung is when you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. That’s the same way you smoke a cigarette.

DL is drawing the vapor directly into the lungs. Most beginner vapers prefer the familiar style of MTL. In general, standard vape mods are for MTL and sub ohm mods are for DL. Even though the Priv V8 is a sub ohm mod, you can vape it MTL style by setting the airflow to a minimal level. So even if you are new to vaping, you can use and enjoy the Priv V8 kit. You can easily adjust the airflow on the TFV8 Baby tank to find a draw tension to suit your preference.

new smok priv v8 mod with kit

Our Smok Priv V8 review determined it works best as a sub ohm mod. So for a vaper looking to try sub ohm vaping, this kit is ideal. You don’t need to know your sub ohm vape charts or intricacies, everything is done for you. If you are using an atomizer with a resistance of 0.15 ohms, the Priv V8 has the juice to deliver the 60-watt power output that will produce huge vapor. The versatility of this kit means that it will fill the niche for a number of vaper:

  • New, beginning vapers
  • Perfect for cheapskates!
  • People looking for an easy to use sub ohm e-cig mod
  • Vapers looking for a small, compact and portable kit
  • A backup mod for travel and/or work

Smok Priv V8 Review

Before we get into the specs, I want to tell you a few things to start off our Expert Vaping Smok Priv V8 review. This mod is constructed of a zinc alloy with an extremely durable anodized finish. You can choose from seven different color combinations. The TFV8 Bay that comes with your kit will be color matched. Now, the build quality is outstanding. There are absolutely no rattles. The lateral fire bar clicks perfectly and without fail. I could not help but be very impressed by the build quality especially given the low price. Let’s talk specs of both the mod and the Baby tank.

all the features of the new smok priv mod

The Priv V8 mod is much different than the Smok Stick V8. The Smok Stick V8 is a tube style mod. The Priv V8 is more of a box mod type, although very compact. And instead of a fire button, the Priv V8 has the very comfortable lateral fire bar. At just over 3 inches tall, an inch and a bit wide and under an inch thick, the Priv V8 is very comfortable even with smaller hands.

Another example of the excellent build quality is the battery door. I opened and closed the battery door at least 150 times to test it for my Smok Priv V8 mod kit review and it showed no signs of wear. It works beautifully with no battery rattle. Once shut, it stays shut.

Using The Priv V8 Mod

Easy, easy, easy. I can’t say it enough. There are no adjustments for you to make. The Priv V8 will respond accordingly to any of the atomizer coil selections you go with. The TFV8 Baby has a number of coil options available. By the way, you can also use the full sized Beast, yes the TFV8 Cloud Beast, on the Priv V8 with no overhang. I also think you will love the TVV8 Baby. If this will be your first sub ohm mod kit then don’t worry about other vapoe tanks right now, the TFV8 Baby is a great first vape tank for you to get rolling with.

The lateral fire bar is fantastic. The first time we saw the fire bar design was with the H-Priv and then other Smok mods like the Smok OSUB followed suit. The fire bar is a great feature. Instead of having to push a button, just give the Priv V8 a squeeze and when you hear that satisfying click the atomizer will be firing. The Priv V8 is very responsive and makes a surprising amount of vapor.

smok priv v8 gold color is also available

The five clicks to turn it on and off are standard and I do recommend turning the mod off when you are carrying it in a pocket or purse. You can also lock the device by clicking the fire bar three times. The light will flash three times indicating that you have successfully locked the mod. In locked mode, it will not fire. I like the locked mode feature but I always turn it off when carrying it anyway so I don’t really use lock features very often.

There is no LED screen on the Priv V8 mod. Instead, a light indicator serves as the communication mechanism between you and your mod. Here are the meanings of the Priv V8 blinking light.

smok priv v8 led light have different meaning

Smok Priv V8 Battery Recommendation

You can charge your 18650 battery with the Priv V8 mod. We do recommend that you have a separate battery charger. But, if you want to keep to a minimal budget it is good to know that you can charge your battery with the mod. The Priv V8 has all of the safety features of Smok’s advanced vape devices so I am comfortable suggesting that you can charge the battery with the mod. Just use the USB port for charging.

I am also going to make my battery recommendation with budget considerations first and foremost in mind.  Samsung 25R 18650 batteries are no the sexiest out there. They max out at 20 amps so you wouldn’t want these batteries for a 200 watt mod like the Smok Alien vape mod or the amazing X-Cube Ultra. But for a mod that maxes out at 60 watts the Samsung 25R batteries are plenty good. Not to mention reliable, sturdy and at 2500 mAh you will get a very good battery life.

A two pack of Samsung 25R batteries is only $14.95 with free shipping. Use the link below and if you decide to buy you will get the free shipping deal. These are very good and affordable, basic e-cigarette batteries. You should have two batteries and try to keep one fully charged battery on standby.

Smok TFV8 Baby Vape Tank

The Smok TFV8 series and the TFV12 may be the best vape tanks in the industry. We are going to do a quick Smok TFV8 Baby review. This is a 22 mm diameter tank with a top-fill design. The Baby is 53 mm or 2 inches tall with a gold plated 510 connection. With the kit, you get the wide bore Delrin 510 drip tip, an extra glass tube, extra O-rings and top-fill gasket. In other words, everything you need to ensure that this tank lasts you for a very long time.

gold tfv8 baby tank can be used for the smok priv mod

The adjustable airflow is spot on. You can control the draw to suit your taste. From a tight draw to a wide open, airy draw. Easy tpo adjust on the fly.

Smok has led the way in vape tanks for a number of years now. The TFV8 Baby is no exception. It is yet another very well made and constructed tank. The top-fill design makes it clean and quick to add new e-juice. Simply follow these steps:

how to refill tfv8 baby tank with e juice

TFV8 Baby Coils

When you get your Priv V8 and TFV8 Baby mod kit in the mail, you will find that you also get two M2 0.25 ohm coils. These coils are specifically designed for the TFV8 Baby. There is also a Smok vape tank called the Baby Beast which is a bit bigger than the Baby.  The Baby Beast Coils will work in the TFV8 Baby tank. You can get Baby Beast coils as low as 0.15 ohm which will then draw the full 60 watts out of the Priv V8. My suggestion, at least for the beginning, don’t worry about that. Stick with the M2 0.25 ohm coils at first.

available coils for the tfv8 baby, tfv8 big baby, and tfv8 tank

The M2 o.25 ohm coils work beautifully. They make a lot of vapor and the flavor is excellent. Use an e-liquid that is at least 70% VG for optimal performance. You will only need a nicotine level of 3 mg or at most 6 mg with this kit.

This is very important. If this will be your first sub ohm kit, you will need to prime your coils before vaping. If you don’t, you could burn your cotton and end up with a burnt tasting vape. Nobody wants that! So how do you prime your coils? It’s easy.

Installing New TFV8 Baby Coils

When you insert a new coil, you do not need to overtighten. Just thread the coil in place until you feel resistance and that will do the trick. Then, what you do is place a few drops of e-liquid directly into the cotton that you will be able to see through three juice ports on the side of the coil. After you prime the juice ports, place a few more drops in the cotton at the top of the coil.

tfv8, tfv8 big baby, and tfv8 baby tanks available for the smok priv mod

After you have primed the coils, assemble the tank. Use the top-fill port to fill the tank with e-liquid. Wait at least five minutes for the coil to be fully saturated. After priming, filling and waiting for five minutes, vape on!

By the way, a five-pack of M2 coils sells for only $13.95. That is well under $3 per coil, which is an excellent value. Plus you get free shipping. And if you sign up for an auto-ship program, you can save even more.

Smok Priv V8 Review Pros And Cons

smok priv in rainbow, red, black, and gold with matching tfv8 tank


  • Would like to see Smok create a version with built in internal battery


  • Very well built and designed mod
  • Including a TFV8 Baby tank in the kit for under $40 is an amazing value
  • Can charge batteries with the mod
  • Easy to use, no user inputs required
  • No shakes, rattles, or rolls
  • Very solid construction
  • Lateral fire bar durable, clicky, and comfortable
  • Compact, ultra-portable
  • The coils last for a long time, 10 days to three weeks
  • Replacement coils are very affordable at well under $3 each
  • Direct Vapor auto-ship will save you even more on coils

 Smok Priv V8 And TFV8 Baby Kit Review Wrap-Up

Okay, this is it for our Smok Priv V8 and TFV8 Baby review. This is a fantastic kit. One caution, make sure you get an authentic version! There will be a lot of counterfeits out there probably being sold for $30 or less. There is a good chance that these cheaper prices are because someone is selling fakes. Fake and clone mods and tanks will not perform like the real thing. Buy yours from an authenticated vendor like Direct Vapor. At Direct Vapor they are the no-clone zone. They are a verified Smok dealer. You get a low price guarantee and free shipping. Even on future coil purchases that may only be for $13 you will still get free shipping.

spare glass and matching tfv8 tank comes with the smok priv mod

Our assessment from this Smok Priv V8 review is that this mod is an outstanding vape device. For the price, the performance and durability are amazing. The TFV8 Baby is a very good vapor maker and you will love the rich flavors that come through. This kit is one of the best vaping values that we have seen to date. Here’s what you get and a link to where to get an authentic model for cheap. Enjoy.