If you’re at all familiar with the “Priv” line of Smok vape mods you may already know that they have been steadily building an arsenal of compact devices that seem to grow ever more tactile as their application of technology improves. Our Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition review found this pocket sized vaping command center to be no different and while many have been harsh critics of the single 18650 battery design, we saw great merit in offering an ideal starter vape kit that packed everything they have learned about what the vaping community wants into a small package.

Let’s take a step back and go through the genealogy of what Smok has accomplished thus far with their “alphabet of Privs”. It started simple enough, with compact tube mod setups like the Priv V8 kit, then on to box mods with the T-Priv, E-Priv and H-Priv, evolving into the G-Priv and X-Priv, finally to their first voice-controlled mod the I-Priv, but it wasn’t enough for them to simply offer something for everyone in similar size and functionality. Like any vape company leaving an indelible mark on the industry, there is always the ultimate goal to make that functionality smaller, more travel sized, convenient and easier to use for beginners.

As a result, we’ve seen these immensely popular vape mods shrunken down, not in functionality as one may assume from first glance, but simply in size. With miniature versions of their best-selling devices popping up regularly like the X-Priv Baby kit and the H-Priv Mini hot on the heels of the Mig Vapor Target Mini WTF vape starter pack and similar handheld vape mods which have become wildly popular among beginners looking for better functionality, we should have seen this coming. However, our Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition review took us by surprise in terms of both performance and stature.

We found it crucial to let this miniature vape mod make a lasting impression on our testing team to determine whether its compact design was worth the price. One area where much of technology falters, not simply vaping related products, is in the batteries. As a result, it was important to us to make a closer inspection of the Smok G-Priv Baby kit before making any judgements about whether it was worthwhile.

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You’ve Come A Long Way Baby Beast — Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Review

First off, I think everyone is well versed in the incredibly performance of the TFV12 Baby Prince vape tank, but if you’re not, this system has created such a high standard for vaping that even other manufacturers like Sigelei are equipping their products with spare parts to use their coils as we saw with the Moonshot 120 sub ohm tank that comes with the Sobra vape starter kit. That said, walk into any vape shop near you, browse the atomizers on any website and you’re likely to find at least a couple different options for this tank. It’s become a design that most of the top vape brands are conforming to, if not just outright copying.

With dual bottom draw adjustable airflow ports, a swiveling top cap to reveal the fill port and that incredible bubble glass tank option that lets you jump from a 2ml to a 4.5ml vape juice capacity, there are few sub ohm tanks to compare it to without studying a blatant rip off. Otherwise, let’s talk about the mod that we gave an intensive trial for our Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition review. Now, it’s small, not the tiniest setup we’ve tested, but it’s palm-sized and with that extra top cap for the battery chamber like we’ve seen in plenty of low-profile Eleaf mods, it’s unbelievably small.

The Smok G-Priv Baby packs all the modes advanced vapers look for; variable wattage, temperature control, TCR settings, menu color changes, etc., but for this version they have packed a touchscreen menu function into one of the smallest travel vape mods available with that option. It’s incredibly easy to use and navigate, making it not only appropriate for new vapers, but possibly one of the best advanced vape mods for starting your vaping journey. Of course, you can run it just like any of the customizable box mods, but with a cap of 85 watts and a single 18650 battery it has its limitations, but they weren’t necessarily anything to scare us away from the affordable price tag on this kit.


  • 2” Touchscreen Smok G-Priv Baby mod fires between 1w-85w with on board variable wattage, temperature control and TCR settings that suppor Ni200, Ti, and SS atomizer coils
  • TFV12 Baby Prince vape tank comes with 2ml straight glass and 4.5ml bubble glass pieces, dual port adjustable airflow control and top filling swivel top cap
  • Powered by a single 18650 vape battery (not included)
  • Kit comes with two Smok TFV12 Baby Prince coils 0.2ohm Q2 Dual and 0.4ohm Q4 Quad
  • Available in matching mod and tank in purple, black and red, green, red, prism, prism gold, prism chrome, prism gunmetal, and prism blue

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Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Kit Coupon

10% Off The Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Kit! Deal Expires Soon! Happy Vaping! More Less
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Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition Review Conclusion

Obviously, with so many of the top vape starter mods moving towards accommodating not simply larger 21-700 and 20700 vape batteries, it strange to see a big brand like Smok decide to engineer a device meant to run at lower wattage with a lower drain battery and you definitely notice how fast the power drains even at 60 watts while some of the hottest vape starter kits like the I-Priv comes standard with a sleeve adapter allowing users to employ a range of power sources in the same battery compartment. That said, if you’re a new user, too much functionality, too many options can be overwhelming, which is frankly why I believe nic salt devices like the Juul pen have maintained their prominent position even though their nicotine dosage range is limited to one, (in my opinion) irresponsibly high option.

Sure, everyone enjoys choices, exercising their free will to decide for themselves what they want from their vaping in terms of power, vapor, flavor, etc., but too much information right off the bat can simply flood the brain with aspects they have to juggle while our Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe Edition review found this to simplify all that information. Even though it has a full touchscreen suite of wattage, temperature and a seemingly endless selection of coil options for the TFV12 Baby Prince tank, it still comes pretty much ready to vape once you get a battery and some vape juice. If I remember back to the first ecigarette I ever owned, it was an auto draw disposable, it doesn’t get much simpler than that and here I am, almost ten years later.

If your goal is to take up vaping and leave tobacco behind forever, but you’re wary of the overall performance and vapor production of even the best ecig starter kits for new vapers, the Smok G-Priv Baby Luxe kit is a solid starting point for what may be a burgeoning love affair with vapor that could free you from the hold of tobacco. It’s not the best introductory kit we’ve used for sure, but its fulfilling function based on some of our favorite Smok brand vape mods makes it an amazing candidate for one of the best box mods for former smokers looking for something to help them make the switch to vaping. In fact, pretty much the only place it underwhelms is in its vape battery life, everything else about it fires up quickly, and pumps out satisfying, tasty clouds indicative of Smok engineering.

You can spend more money, you can get bigger mods, more battery life, higher wattage, all those options are readily available, but like the Vaporesso Armour kit, there is beauty in simplicity and many experienced vapers like myself will tell you unless you’re planning on running an RDA, your sweet spot is likely in the 60 watt range and having one of the best dual battery box mods that fire over 200 watts isn’t really what you want or need. Plus, once your wattage goes up, of course your battery life drains twice as fast, it’s just math. We hope this Smok G-Priv Baby Lux Edition review was valuable to your pursuit of a smoke-free (not necessarily Smok-free) life and that you take everything with a grain of nic salt. Remember, any device that fulfills your needs and helps you remain a non-smoker is infinitely more valuable than your initial investment.