If you aren’t looking directly into its glowing red eyes, this venomous serpent looks similar in overall design and construction to the. However, as our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review found, there are some small details and innovative additions to this compact box mod that make it stand out.

That said, our first question wasn’t about how it functions, but primarily how it looks. The Sigelei Sobra mod is made to appear like a hovering cobra waiting to take a venomous bite. However, we wanted to find out for ourselves whether there was anything hidden behind the sharp teeth of Sigelei brand technology we’ve come to expect and whether they’d packed this palm sized vaping serpent with any new innovations inside its performance to help restore the reputation of their name as well as their products.

In detail, Sigelei has been well known for their outstanding vape products including the Snow Wolf series of mod and their wildly popular Moonshot RTA vape tank which gained immense notoriety for its simplicity and performance when it was released. With that in mind, our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review included the newest version of this celebrated rebuildable tank as it comes standard with the Moonshot 120 sub ohm vape tank. You would think carrying the same name to a similar product would involve retain the design and functionality, but one of the highlights of this starter kit is the little twists in engineering and adaptations Sigelei has made in the next evolution of this tank.

While it doesn’t take a snake charmer to tame the Sigelei Sobra mod as it implements familiar functionality and menu navigation users who have used other devices by them utilizes, there are some intricacies we felt needed further exploration.

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No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Mod — Sigelei Sobra Vape Kit Review

Rarely do we feel it necessary to mention or discuss the outer finish or design of a mod from square one, but from the initial unboxing our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review started a discussion about animal rights, antique artifacts, taxidermy and eventually worked its way into a short-lived discussion about Indiana Jones movies and having to admit I liked Crystal Skull to the office. To explain, although this mod and vape tank combo comes in a variety of finishes ranging from fingerprint heavy to camouflaged buttons, there are three faux snakeskin options, two of which actually look like scales or animal print. I know it’s silly to mention this, but since it spurred a discussion in the office, those of you concerned whether this mod is vegan or has any residual venom can be assured, it’s just a print and in no way has real snake skin or even the texture of it on the mod.

While some of us thought that would actually be cool as we’ve had the chance to try out leather bound box mods like the Smoant Charon, Wismec Reuleaux RX300 and the Pioneer4You IPV8 really enjoyed how comfortable they were in our grip, the Sigelei Sobra may not have that textured outer material, but it sits wonderfully in your palm for hours of vaping. We’ve seen this configuration growing in fact with dual vape battery mods that carry the bulk of their build out towards the top and narrow at the battery door like the Smok I-Priv voice activated vape mod. Essentially, the top half rests easily on the edge of your clamped fingers with the weight of the device hanging below meaning you don’t need a death grip to keep from dropping it.

A couple of the fun aspects we enjoyed throughout our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review were the light up red LED “eyes” which glow when you fire this hissing serpent. It suddenly comes alive in your hand firing significant clouds of incredibly flavorful vapor in less than a second (the vaporization is unbelievably responsive). You’ll find all the expected variable wattage, temperature control and TCR suites you’d expect, along with a customizable layout of your real time settings and Sobra themed graphics which are pretty cool in my opinion.

The Moonshot 120 sub ohm vape tank is one of the true highlights in this kit, with little upgrades like an extra 510 pin which can be swapped if you want to use a Baby Beast vape coil instead of one of the Sigelei atomizers that come with it. In addition, they added a sealing gasket at the fill port which keeps your vape juice inside the tank if its tipped upside down even without the ultem mouthpiece attached, which means there is virtually no leaking from this tank (however, keep in mind, there is always the potential for a tank to leak when not press fit correctly). While it may not have made the charts of the best sub ohm vape mods, if you’re looking for a setup with a unique design and performance that doesn’t just slither along, the Sigelei Sobra 189w TC kit has some impressively sharp fangs when it comes to the potent vapor it pumps out.


  • Sigelei Sobra mod fires between 10w-189w from dual 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • On board variable wattage, temperature control with multiple options of SS, Ti, and Ni200 as well as TCR settings
  • Moonshot 120 sub ohm vape tank has color matching dual port airflow control ring, fill port sealing gasket, comes with two glass tanks including 5ml bubble glass and 2ml straight glass and proprietary ultem mouthpiece
  • Extra gold-plated 510 pin for sub ohm tank allows users to fit Baby Beast vape coils
  • Glowing LED “snake eyes” light up when the device is fired
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Sigelei Sobra Vape Kit Review Conclusion — More Than Snake Oil

Bottom line, take away all the frills, gimmicks and tweaks and you pretty much end up with the standard functionality you come to expect from Sigelei (aside from a strange wavering automatically shifting resistance issue we assume/hope will get solved by a future firmware update?). There isn’t a lot of new territory to cover here. That said, a great deal of the top performing box mods available on the market haven’t made that many significant improvements either and although they obviously put function above artistic tweeks and creative twists on what a vape mod is supposed to be, they do what they’re supposed to.

However, if you’re looking for something different, not your everyday vape mod with a unique design scheme that maybe matches a pair of boots or a vintage motorcycle, or just a device that’s almost as much a conversation piece than a functional vaping kit, I saw certain merit in some aspects of our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review.

Obviously, the extra gasket shield over the fill port is a triumph, one we can’t see taking long for plenty of the top vape brands to adopt and implement. The snake pattern design may be too much for some users, but it also comes in gold and rainbow if you just want to bling out or complete your Indiana Jones Halloween costume with an actual golden snake idol. I mean, there are plenty of reasons to want the Sigelei Sobra starter kit, in addition to the ability to swap out the stock coils for atomizers that fit the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast vape tank, which, if you’ve done any research you know there are a ton of options here, which is incredible.

In detail, it’s kind of like Sigelei suddenly threw up their hands and said, “look, we know you can get these atomizer coils anywhere, we just want to make it easier for you to keep vaping regardless if that money goes back in our pocket we’re just glad to see people vaping”, which honestly is an impressive development from Sigelei, assuming its not through some partnership with Smok. Did our Sigelei Sobra vape kit review have us saying “wow” every other puff like Owen Wilson looking at literally anything? No, but, while the Moonshot 120 isn’t the same tech as the RTA, is does deliver impressive flavor, an interesting twist on limited airflow with narrow dual ports and a Ultem drip tip that threads onto the aluminum tank (which is totally going to get cross threaded at some point and become obsolete as both a mouthpiece and a top cap, so offer some replacements Sigelei).

That said, it is different, it’s a new take on technology that quite honestly is starting to dry up as far as functionality, design, size and engineering. Did we need a snake shaped vape mod? I mean, I didn’t, but now I feel like I do? What’s next? A Tiger? A giant beetle? Both of those would be cool, I don’t know if I’d run out and buy one, but I’d be down to floss one for a bit. At any rate, there are some very interesting developments that Sigelei has implemented for the Sobra starter kit and I would have felt like I missed out if I didn’t at least try it. In fact, I’m almost hypnotized by those glowing red eyes, and any device that creates a further incentive to choose vapor over smoking is valuable in my opinion, regardless of if it looks like a bowling participation trophy or a taxidermy animal you find at a yard sale. Now we just need someone who speaks Parsel tongue to tell it to stop changing resistance every time I press the fire button.