A growing number of people have tried e-cigarettes, wondering what all the hype was about and pondering the question Should I Start Vaping? While some took a single drag and never gave it a second thought, a growing number of them have embraced e-cigs. This group of dedicated users, or vapers has invested in personalized devices and embraced the ever-evolving technology of what has become vape culture. Regardless of the reason for trying them, there are some basic things to first understand about e-cigs.

Start Vaping With Insight

It’s not Smoking, though unfounded assumptions have suggested that the two are linked. However, the data shows that they are very different. The most pronounced division between the two being the distinction of heating liquid versus burning solid material.

While certain aspects of e-cigarettes seem to share attributes with smoking, these are incidental. The two are as different as drinking bottled water compared to chugging gasoline (According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, cigarettes share a number of known chemicals with gas and pesticides including benzene).

Not all vape juices contain nicotine. While many e-liquids that create the vapor in e-cigarettes do contain varying amounts of nicotine, many are available without it. In fact, the most popular vape juices for producing large vapor clouds often do not contain nicotine.