RJ Reynolds has finally introduced their new product called Vuse Fob, something the industry has been waiting for. Back in November, the tobacco powerhouse gave us a peak at four new products that were in their pipeline, and the Vuse Fob was among them. The small box shaped power unit has some nifty features that RJ Reynolds hopes will propel the Vuse brand even further. Clearly RJ Reynolds isn’t banking on the fact that they have the lead in market share, which happened last summer when they passed Blu Cigs.

It’s good to see a company not rest on their laurels and actually try to push ecig technology forward, in their own way. Far too often we have seen brands that got used to their cushy positioning and were simply tossed aside eventually. This industry needs to constantly see progress and change, and RJ Reynolds appears to understand that. The question is if what they view as progress is enough and if it is in the right direction. With the Vuse Fob unit, they are attempting to address some particular issues that have come up, but exclusively within the cigalike sphere of vapor products.

The Vuse Fob is a rechargeable vapor device with a digital readout of power and e-juice.

What you appear to get with the Vuse Fob, aside from being a power unit, are some functional features that are aimed at the mainstream. The Vuse Fob device adds a Bluetooth element to the Vuse ecig experience, enabling it to pair with the Vuse app that has already been available. This lets Vuse fans track all their vaping data, such as battery life and cartridge level, but it also allows them to actually lock the Vuse ecig into the Vuse Fob. This is a nifty safety feature with a mind toward children in the house who might be tempted to try something that clearly isn’t for them.

Vuse Looks Ahead To Tanks

The Vuse Fob power unit has RJ Reynolds Vapor President Carlos Lindo enthused. He has been quoted  saying, “We are excited about bringing this truly innovative device to adult tobacco consumers, and we believe it will get a lot of attention because nothing else like it exists in the market today.”

Mr. Lindo summed it up by saying, “Vuse Fob has state-of-the-art technology built in, and the design is sleek and sophisticated.” But this isn’t the only piece of new technology Vuse has up its sleeve.

The Vuse Fob power unit is so small, the digital vape technology fits in the palm of your hand.

Part of the November announcement regarding Vuse products were the Vuse Port and the Vuse Pro. These new systems are clearly aimed at the burgeoning ecig tank market, which has been growing even faster than the cigalike sector. With the Vuse Pro, the idea is to add a closed cartridge system to the Vuse lineup, enabling better performance but maintaining the cartridge format that allows more control. This appears to be a direct competitor of the Blu Pro and could allow Vuse to encroach on even more of the Blu market share.

The Vuse Connect electronic cigarette has bluetooth smart technology built into it.

What is possibly more intriguing is the addition of the Vuse Port System. From what RJ Reynolds has released about this product, it would actually allow for a refillable system to enter the mainstream market. The concept is “dock and lock” type system, which would apparently let the user refill a tank but within a strict environment. Both the bottle and the Vuse Port would have to be locked together for any refilling to occur. This could allow for Vuse fans to make use of the potential of refillable systems, but with more safeguards in place for both RJ Reynolds and the end user.

All of this is in line with where the industry appears to be headed, although there is still great potential for smokers to make the switch with the top cigalikes as well. This eye toward higher performance from Vuse is welcomed regardless; we’ll just have to see what the final product looks like and, more importantly, how it performs.